Apr. 16th, 2017

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Well, in the end, it seems that I missed last week's weekly simming update, seeing that the life rebuild made me quite busy, even unexpectedly so. So, here's a weekly simming to cover both the end of last week and this week.

The end of last week wasn't really productive after all. I was just so preoccupied with the life rebuild, unpacking and stuff, that I didn't really have time for sims as I'd hoped. And towards the very end, the thing with LJ happened and I decided to make the move. So in the very end, I was actually waiting for the importer to finish and didn't want to mess things up.

As for this week, real life went on. I started in my new job (so far I'm really liking it) and continued unpacking. Just today, I think I can say I'm officially all unpacked, so that's all good. And I also dropped my change of address cards in the mailbox, so that's taken care of too. Now there's one more thing to arrange before I'm all set, and that's finding a tenant for my old apartment. Considering that it's a small apartment with a good location, that shouldn't hopefully be too hard, but fingers crossed!

Simming-wise, I've been mostly setting up this journal this week. It was slightly complicated, because as it happened, the username katrisims was already taken in Dreamwidth: taken by me, for my Bookacy chapter index, and that made me do a bit of headscratching. In the end, I decided that the easiest course of action would be to rename that journal, then quickly re-register this username (before someone else did) and then import the old LJ here. The other option would have been to set up a new, empty journal, then manually transfer each and every entry from the chapter archive to that journal and delete them from this username, then import the LJ, but that would have been way more work. Even this way, I had to do some manual work the fix the various links.

So in case anyone is confused: this journal is my main simming journal, the one that used to be on LJ. [personal profile] bookacy_legacy is the Bookacy legacy's chapter archive (also contains the download archive of sims and Villains or Heroes chapter archive, used to have this url) and [personal profile] lakewood_bacc  is the chapter archive for Lakewood, just as before. I've manually fixed the links on the various indexes on these blogs, plus old update posts here, but the older entries here may still point back to LJ.

Now that I'm pretty much settled in (both in the journal and in the apartment), my next step is to  catch up on story updates that were published while I was  busy, and then I'll have a look at where I was with my own stuff. Tomorrow's yet a day off, and maybe next week in general is already a bit less busy. We'll see how things go!


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