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The next update seems to be taking pretty long, and I'm at times a little uninspired with the writing, so I figured I'd do this thing in between. This time it's time to introduce 12 sims, the six siblings of generation A and their respective spouses. I had a little bit of trouble finding solo pictures of everyone, so some pics have others in them, too.

So, without further ado:

Adrian Bookacy. Generation A heir.

Personality: 2/8/5/5/7 (Libra)
Aspiration: Grilled Cheese/Fortune (was Romance)
Turn ons: makeup, logical
Turn off: stink

Adrian is the firstborn of Author and Count Curtis Bookacy. He initially aspired romance and wanted to top the Athletic career. However, in college his aspiration was re-rolled, and as Creator did not particularly want him to be a family sim either, he got cheesed. Adrian married the cash register girl, his high school sweetheart. He became an Idol and completed his lifetime want of eating 200 grilled cheese sandwiches. He also had three children - two with his wife Nicole, and one of the extraterrestial kind. He is an elder at the time of the writing, and has five grandchildren.

Nicole Bookacy (previously Thompson). Generation A spouse. The Cash Register Girl

Personality: 6/6/5/8/0 (Gemini)
Aspiration: Fortune
Turn ons: facial hair, great cook
Turn off: hats

Nicole, originally the cash register girl Downtown, is the generation A spouse. She went to college with her high school sweetheart Adrian, and eventually married him. They have two children together. She also topped the Business and Athletic careers, achieving two lifelong dreams. She also runs a business of her own and helps with the family business - and pretty much any business in the family. Her intelligence has played an important role in keeping the family safe with the villain runing loose. Nicole is currently an elder and has four grandchildren.

Adson Bookacy. Generation A spare.

Personality: 7/8/2/10/3 (Taurus)
Aspiration: Romance
Turn ons: makeup, black hair
Turn off: cologne

Adson is the secondborn of Author and Count Curtis Bookacy. He went to college with his siblings and lived together with his half brother Aadam, with whom he was the closest. He fell for Aadam's high school sweetheart Rebecca, who, like him, is a romance sim. They moved together after college and had one child together. When Rebecca fell victim to the plottings of the legacy villain, Adson did everything he could to get her back. He finally succeeded, but not before completing his lifetime want of 20 woohoos. He had begun the quest in college, and while his half official girlfriend was dead, he seeked for comfort elsewhere, never really being happy before Rebecca was (kind of) successfully resurrected. After the resurrection the couple got engaged. Adson has topped the Slacker career and currently works in Paranormal. Adson is an adult, and unlike the rest of his siblings, immortal, because he has a zombie spouse. Adson currently has 3 grandchildren in the neighborhood.

Rebecca Custer. Generation A spare spouse. Downtownie.

Personality: 0/4/2/1/0 (was 2/8/2/6/7)
Aspiration: Romance
Turn ons: underwear, red hair
Turn off: makeup

In high school, Rebecca was Aadam's girlfriend, but in college the two grew apart. Nevertheless, the two are still in friendly terms to this day. Rebecca fell for Aadam's half brother, Adson. After college she moved in together with Adson, and they had one child together. Rebecca topped the Culinary career and so achieved her lifelong dream. Rebecca died in an accident involving the family enemy, and later Adson and Abraham managed to resurrect her, unfortunately as a zombie. Rebecca is enagaged to Adson, and the forever young couple has 3 grandchildren.

Abraham Patch (previously Bookacy). Generation A spare.

Personality: 4/8/5/5/3 (Aries)
Aspiration: Knowledge/Family
Turn ons: glasses, blonde hair
Turn off: stink

Abraham is the third child of Author and Count Curtis Bookacy, and twin of Arthur. Abraham first dated one of the professors in college, but that never developed beyond a crush. Instead, the love of his life was a dormie, whom he later married. Just as he wished, he became a Mad Scientist, and that enabled him to help Adson with the resurrection of his girlfriend. Late in life Abraham also topped the Medical career, achieving his second lifetime want. Abraham is currently an elder and has one child and one grandchild.

Kendra Patch. Generation A spare spouse. Dormie.

Personality: 4/4/4/7/6 (Aquarius)
Aspiration: Family
Turn ons: glasses, brown hair
Turn off: fatness

Kendra met Abraham when she was in college. The two fell in love and after college they got married. Kendra became Captain Hero, fullfilling a lifelong dream. She also had one child with Abraham, and took care of Abraham's brother Adson and his son when they faced the loss of Rebecca. She also contributed to the investigations of said sad occurence via her job. Kendra is currently an elder and has one grandchild.

Arthur Thayer (previously Bookacy). Generation A spare.

Personality: 7/10/8/6/3 (Aries)
Aspiration: Family
Turn ons: grey hair, creative
Turn off: cologne

Arthur is the third child of Author and Count Curtis Bookacy, and twin of Abraham. He met the girl of his dreams, Meadow Thayer, in high school, and the two have been together ever since. After going to college, Arthur married Meadow, and got a job in the Law Enforcement career, which he later topped. This was his first lifelong dream, and the second he achieved together with Meadow, when the couple celebrated their golden anniversary. Arthur is currently an elder, and has three children (two with Meadow and one alien child), and four grandchildren.

Meadow Thayer. Generation A spare spouse. Townie.

Personality: 4/4/4/7/6 (Aquarius)
Aspiration: Family
Turn ons: grey hair, hard worker
Turn off: black hair

Meadow married her high school sweetheart, Arthur, and the couple had two children together. She also helped raise Arthur's alien son. With her college education, Meadow topped the Artist career. She achieved her lifelong dream when she and Arthur celebrated their golden anniversary. Meadow is currently an elder and has two grandchildren.

Aurora Phillips (previously Boookacy). Generation A spare.

Personality: 7/4/9/5/3 (Scorpio)
Aspiration: Pleasure/Popularity
Turn ons: glasses, fitness
Turn off: grey hair

Aurora is the fifth and yongest child of Author and Count Curtis Bookacy. She met her spouse, Andrew, via the matchmaker when they were teenagers. After college Aurora took it as her goal to become a Professional Party Guest, and succeeded, gaining permanent platinum status. Late in life Aurora and Andrew got married, and they have one child, a kind of an evening star. Aurora became an elder recently, and is currently dating a lot with Andrew, to achieve her second lifetime want of 50 dream dates.

Andrew Phillips. Generation A spare spouse. Downtownie.

Personality: 9/2/6/3/5 (Virgo)
Aspiration: Pleasure/Knowledge
Turn ons: formalwear, glasses
Turn off: stink

Andrew got dropped as Aurora's date when they were teenagers, and the two have been inseparable since then. After college Andrew first pursued the Criminal career and then the Slacker career. He topped both, gaining two lifetime wants. Andrew married his Aurora quite late, and the couple has one child, who is still living at home while the parents have turned elders.

Aadam Bookacy. Generation A spare.

Personality: 6/9/6/3/4 (Aries)
Aspiration: Knowledge (was Pleasure)
Turn ons: hats, blonde hair
Turn off: custom hair

Aadam is the final spare of the generation A, and the illegitimate only child of Author Bookacy and Salahuddin Chamcha. After a troubled youth, Aadam ended up as an associate of his father's - a choice that later turned out to be less than wise. In high school Aadam dated Rebecca Custer, but the two parted in college in good terms. Rebecca later pursued Aadam's half brother, Adson. Aadam met the love of his life, Joy, in college, where he also changed his aspiration from pleasure to knowledge, which suited him much better. Unfortunately being the love of Aadam's life has brought dangers and shadow into Joy's life as well, but she has handled Aadam's troubled father relationship admirably well and managed to stay out of harm's way. Aadam has topped the Science career, and is currently very close to achieving his lifetime want of maximizing all skills. He is a somewhat younger than the rest of the siblings, and therefore he and Joy are still adults. Also Salahuddin's great storages of elixir may contribute to their continuing youth. Aadam and Joy are engaged and are proud parents to two children, twins.

Joy Mendoza. Generation A spare spouse. Dormie.

Personality: 5/3/7/3/7 (Pisces)
Aspiration: Knowledge
Turn ons: swimwear, hats
Turn off: full face makeup

Joy met her spouse to be, Aadam, in college. Little did she know that his father would cause a lot of worry and sorrow in her life as well. However, Joy has managed the situation quite well, and even taken care of Aadam when things have been grim. Joy is currently engaged to Aadam, and the couple have two children, with whom Joy is living, having managed to hide from Salahuddin. Joy is currently working on her lifelong dream of becoming Criminal Mastermind.

So phew, that's it. That was quite some picture searching and some typing! But, it was worth it. Now I think I will go on and pass out.

Date: Jan. 22nd, 2009 02:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] leaths.livejournal.com
You know, surprisingly enough, I seemed to have most of these sims straight in my head. I am pleased with myself. Don't ask me about gen. B, though.

Date: Jan. 22nd, 2009 02:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] katrisims.livejournal.com
I have to say, that is quite impressive. I've been wondering whether it is at all possible to keep track of the sims in generation A. Seems it is, then. =) I don't think I could keep track of all the gen. As if they were someone else's sims.

As for generation B... I suspect you may not even have seen all my gen. Bs. According to my family tree, there are 18 gen. B sims at the moment, including spouses. I'm already dreading the typing and picture searching. I may have to start splitting the who's whos into parts somehow, we'll see.


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