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Hello, and welcome to my simming blog! I'm Katri, a thirtysomething Finnish simmer, and this is my place to share my stories, general babbles, pictures and whatever else might cross my mind. So far, this has been a Sims 2 blog exclusively, but who knows about the future.

Below you can find an index of sorts about what you can find on this blog. It'll likely be updated and improved on occasion.

I currently have two ongoing stories, The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures and its spin-off, Villains or Heroes. Both are challenge-based, the former is an Alphabet Legacy and the latter an Apocalypse challenge. Both are also at least partially plot-driven these days. In addition, I play something which is not a story, an observational Build a City challenge called Lakewood: Just a BaCC.

Be warned: I started the alphabetacy in 2007 when I was much younger and had more time than today. Then I was hit by adulthood and responsibilities, a truckload of plot, the brilliant idea to play the whole neighborhood, and the desire to play and write other things. So these days, story updates are a pretty rare occurrence, but I do intend to keep going, however slow my progress might be.

The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures

This story started out as documenting my attempt at the Alphabet Legacy challenge, but fairly early on, it started turning into something more plotty. Author Bookacy moves into Alphabetia to have a new life and a family, but before her children are teenagers, she's gotten the family in trouble...

Chapter index
Family tree at Family Echo
Download archive of sims appearing in the legacy (both main and extended family)
Bookacy Legacy score card
Picspams on tumblr (mostly on the extended family that I play rotation-style)

Drabbles relating to the story:

Myshuno 2014:
Not just the look
It has its perks
What a wedding

Poker face 2013:
I can't
The dark future
Good old times

Myshuno 2012:
Do you ever feel sorry for him?
Mystery newspapers
You're one to talk
Four letter word
All kinds of families

Myshuno 2011:
Deep thoughts
This is the last time
The life and careers of Komei Tellerman

Villains or Heroes?

Villains or Heroes is a spin-off to the alphabetacy, but can be read independently if you wish. Salahuddin Chamcha, the founder, is the multi-generational antagonist of the Bookacy family, and he finds himself in jail. While there, he has a curious, lifelike dream where he is in a place called Strangetown. He finds some friends, the love of his dream-life... And then disaster strikes. Can Salahuddin and his family be the heroes of Strangetown, or will the villains win the day?

Guest appearances by Marielle Hutchins ([livejournal.com profile] dicreasy), Cypress Vetinari ([livejournal.com profile] docnerd), Seth Jaypalan and Rodney Jalowitz ([livejournal.com profile] mzyra).

Chapter index

Drabbles relating to the story:

Myshuno 2014:
Groundhog day
What else could I possibly want for?
False information

Poker face 2013:
Diary in a diary
On a Tuesday

Lakewood: Just a BaCC

Lakewood: Just a BaCC is a non-plotty distraction from the two above stories. It's not intended as a story, but rather just observational gameplay documentation and a fun distraction.

Chapter index
My interview on Boolprop (featured story in August 2015)

I'm by no means a custom content creator and it's unlikely I'll become one. But there are a couple of small things I've shared in the past, so here are the links.

The Sim Randomizer (at MTS) an electronic die for randomizing some sims
Ace shirts for ace sims t-shirts with logos

Oh, right. I suppose I better say the legal bit:

This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. and its licensors. All Rights Reserved.

If you happen to be interested in what cc I use in my game, or if you're just browsing around for cc creators, I have a resource list. Mostly pretty basic stuff that people will already know about, but you never know right? I'll try to keep it up to date if I download more, though no absolute promises there.

Welcome again, I hope you enjoy your stay!


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