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So, it's again time to check out the simming of the past week. It was still rather heavily TS4-centric, as I played the legacy attempt forward and did some documentation too. Still fun, so still all good.

I did write a little bit for the Capps along the week, so that's moving forward, if a bit slowly. And just today, I played a bit over a day of the next Alphabetia household, the Hamiltons.

Glitches galore )

So such was this week's weekly simming. A little bit happening here and there, we'll see how things go next week!
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Again, this week's simming mostly consisted of TS4. The legacy attempt is still fun and relaxing, so I'm sticking to it, for now anyway. The family has one kid currently, a toddler, and they're expecting their second now. I'm having fun exploring the toddler features. The little ones are such a handful! But fun, for me anyway. :) To be honest, this is the most excited that I've been about a challenge in a while. Feels nice.

I did play a bit of TS2 in the weekend, too, and finally finished the Capps in the Lakewood rotation and posted picspam on them. I also wrote a little bit of them (as well as the TS4 legacy), but I'm still behind there. Well, I'll get there, and simming has been fun, so all's good.

Not sure how next week turns out, but hopefully there's some time for sims there too.
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Last week's simming, let's see. Well, I didn't actually open TS2 once during last week. Real life has been sort of tiring, but I have played some TS4 to relax. I've been having fun with that second legacy attempt, and I think it's going pretty well too, so it's all good.

Real life may continue to be tiring this week, so no big promises there. I know I'm behind on commenting on some fun updates posted in the past week or so, I hope to get to those some time this week. We'll see, that bugger called real life takes priority, and it's a demanding thing sometimes.
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There was a little bit of simming this week, actually in two games.

During the week, I felt like playing just for relaxing, and TS4 felt like the game for that. I sort of messed up my previous legacy attempt and got bored, so I started a new one. I confess that I was partially tempted into it by the addition of toddlers: I'm curious. Again, I'm documenting for myself, but don't know if I'll publish it. Maybe if it looks like I'll stick to it. For now, I'm enjoying not thinking about having a new chapter to finish and all that.

Today, after first playing some more of that legacy, I even felt like playing TS2. I actually had a longish play session with the Capps, although I still didn't finish their week. I played some business, plus there was a birthday and a subsequent makeover.

So, a bit of progress there. Oh, and I also did a bit of writing, so that counts too. Winter is slow, but I think this week has been more productive than the few before it.
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Almost forgot to do weekly simming! Well, still not much to report. I did manage to post that picspam I've been sitting on, and on Saturday, I even played the Capps for a tiny bit. Probably a half a day or something such. They're quite close to the end of the rotation. So close... Mustering the energy and concentration is kind of hard at the moment. Buuut... Well, bit by bit. No promises, but maybe we're moving towards a more productive time. I hope so anyway.
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Quickly before bed. Again, not a huge amount of progress this week, but a little bit in the weekend. I played the Capps forward, they're at Saturday evening currently. It's a busy and fun week I find. :) I also wrote them a little bit, but as almost always, I'm behind there. Shamefully, that Alphabetia picspam is still unposted.

I'm guessing it's this time of the year. It's kaamos time, so just dragging oneself to work and back is enough of a task. Well, in that respect things are getting better little by little, there's a little bit more of light every day. Well, we'll see how next week goes.
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As I suspected, last week was a bit quiet in the simming department. I had a pretty rough week at work and needed to just get my head to relax in the evenings.

But I made it through, and simmed a little bit in the weekend; the Capp family are now at Thursday morning I think, and there was a teen birthday too. I wrote a little bit of them, but admittedly not that much. The previous set of picspam from Alphabetia is still unposted.

This week should be a bit more on the normal side with work, so maybe I'll have a bit more energy this time. But I suppose that remains to be seen.
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Welcome to the first weekly simming of the year!

The first week of 2017 was pretty good for simming matters. I managed to do the things on my to-do from last week: post picspam on the Mendozas as well as write some simming goals for the year.

It was a long weekend, so just in the end of the week I also got some actual playing done. I managed to finish the next Alphabetia household, though the picspam is still unposted. Now this evening I played a little bit of the Capp household in Lakewood, they're at Wednesday morning currently.

So not a bad first week of simming this year I'd say. Next week is supposed to be pretty busy at least work-wise, but maybe in the weekend I could have some time. We'll see.
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And here we are again. Happy 2017, folks!

Perhaps a bit surprisingly, I did manage some progress even in the last week of 2016. I wasn't doing anything in particular on New Year's Eve, so I did some sim stuff and managed to finish the final update of the year, the first part of the fourth week in Lakewood. That was a long time coming, I had been slacking off with writing the update, but now it's done and I'm content with that.

Then today, I got a bit of progress too. I started playing the next household in Alphabetia and managed about a day and a half, while also doing other stuff today. So not bad. It's the third-to-last household of the main 'hood rotation, too, so slowly I'm getting close to playing my heir in college. Yay!

I'm still due to post that picspam from the previous household, plus I should do my year in review post too. I'll put those on my to-do for the coming week and see how that goes. I'm not sure yet what goals or such I want to have for my simming this year, but one thing I know I want to do: these progress reports. Even if there isn't always much/anything to report, it keeps me more active.

So, progress or no, see you next week with the first weekly simming of the year!
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This entry is a day later than usual, which was to be expected of course. Happy Boxing Day! Being Christmas week, there wasn't a huge amount of progress last week, though I did play and write a bit early in the week.

Now, since today has been Boxing Day, I got some progress. I wrote a little bit for the Davidsons (so... close!), but most of all, I played. I finished the Mendoza rotation, and sent four new students to college. I should yet post picspam on that all, but that's a task for another day.

One more week to go this year. No idea how that'll turn out, 'cause admittedly I'm still distracted by other games and stuff, plus it's New Year's next weekend. But we'll see, maybe I'll get a little something done.
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Well, there was some progress this week. I've played the Mendozas forward, and they now have about a day and a half left in the rotation. Plus I've been writing the next Lakewood update too, that's not too far away from complete anymore. Seeing that the holidays are coming up, it's a question whether I can make it yet this year, but I might.

I'll confess I've been distracted by this game that a real life friend lured me into trying. I suppose that'll continue being a distraction, but I hope to still get something done simming-wise too.

Next week is already X-mas week, so I don't expect a huge amount of progress. But maybe I'll have time during the week, we'll see.
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This week I managed a bit of progress here and there. I managed to finish the Davidson household yesterday, and posted picspam on that. I also managed some progress on writing that, now I'm maybe halfway through the week there. Plus today, I played a day of the net household in Alphabetia, the Mendozas. Sal's great granddaughter grew into a teenager. :) So all in all, not a bad simming week.

Next week shouldn't be terribly busy, my X-mas preparations are in a good phase. (Made gingerbread this weekend, yummy!) But we'll see how things go there!
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As expected, I was quite busy this week. A couple of day-trips to the capital on business were enough to wipe me out, and on Friday, I went to see a really nice concert. Popular music on classical instruments, always a treat for me.

Anyway, in the weekend I had some progress, a little bit yesterday and a nice, long play session today. I didn't actually cover that much game time, as I mostly played a business to get a position open in a career, and I managed that. Still, the Davidsons are now at Saturday morning, so a little bit left to finish the rotation. I might let it run until Monday evening, to give William a chance of topping the Business career in the end of the rotation. I'm still behind in writing, but I have done some more during the weekend.

Next week should probably be less hectic, although X-mas preparations may come in the way of simming. Tuesday is a day off, as it's Independence Day around here, but I think the X-mas card show may need to take place then. Well, we'll see how things go.
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This week, I've been playing the Davidsons, that is, the first family in the fourth week of Lakewood. I just quit the game for tonight, and it was Wednesday evening then. It's going pretty nicely, today I built the next business lot for them to buy, and they almost have the money for it too. I did manage to goof and break a handicap yesterday, but oh well, I bet that was bound to happen at some point.

I'm somewhat behind in writing there, though not catastrophically. Maybe I'll yet caption a picture or two before bed today.

Next week will likely be busy in real life, so no promises on huge progress then. If I manage any, then that's already great.
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Not a huge amount of progress last week still, but a little bit. I was pretty tired most evenings during the week, but in the weekend, I got a bit of playing in. I managed to finish the Ruben household, though picspam on them isn't yet posted. Next I should do that, then I think it'd be nice to send some teens to college before I take the next backup.

I was actually feeling pretty content about Alphabetia: even though the progress has been slow, we're now only four households away from the end of the main 'hood rotation. So hey, even if it doesn't look like much, things are still moving along. :)
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Well, more accurately weekly non-simming I suppose. Last week was quite busy in real life, so I didn't as much as open my simming computer. There was some beer, some theater, some visiting the folks etc., which was all pretty nice. Some work stuff going on too. Plus it's the dark time of the year, so I get less done I think. Oh well, there's always next week. Or well first, this week. Shouldn't be quite as busy I think but that remains to be seen.
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Well, some progress last week as well. I finished playing the Lillard household and posted picspam on that. I also started playing the Ruben household in Alphabetia, and managed two days there, so three more left. After that it's probably time for a backup and then maybe Lakewood again. We'll see.

I may have also written a slide or so for the next Bookacy chapter, but right now I'm too lazy to check. Still, writing hasn't been progressing hugely, but... I'm thinking about it?
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I was still in recovery mode for most of last week with the stomach bug, but in the weekend I got some progress. I managed to finish typing the next Lakewood update and posted it.

On top of that, I started playing the next household in the Alphabetia rotation, the Lillards. I managed a couple of days of them, plus I had a look at both the next Bookacy chapter and the next Villains chapter, even wrote the tiniest bit for the latter. I'm itching for plot and want to advance the writing, get forward with both stories, but it can easily become overwhelming. And with the apocalypse, there's both the fact that I'm still not sure how exactly to go with the plot, plus the fact that actually playing it can be really intimidating, because I don't want to mess up the challenge.

Anyway, I just checked, and the apocalypse chapter is currently on 36 slides, and the Bookacy chapter on 7, forgetting the fact that a couple of the apocalypse slides only have placeholder text, and a couple of the Bookacy slides are missing pictures.

So anyway. Still here, still thinking about stuff, still trying and still occasionally managing progress.
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Only quite briefly this time. There was no progress last week, mostly due to real life business. Basically, the only day that I would have had time to sim would have been Sunday, and on Sunday morning I promptly got sick with a stomach bug. The stomach part is pretty decent at the moment, though apparently I still get temperature in the evening.

Anyway, so no progress last week. I hope this week would be at least a little bit better, but we'll see how long recovery takes.
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Real life has been a bit of a distraction this week, as has Civ V. At least my neck's been in a pretty decent shape now. *knocks on wood*

I did play my TS4 legacy onwards a bit today, and I've been writing the latest Lakewood household. Not quite there yet, but not very far anymore either. So with luck, I should get the update out soonish.

Next week may involve some real life distractions as well, I'm not sure about how things will go. I suppose I'll have to wait and see.


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