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katrisims ([personal profile] katrisims) wrote2017-05-22 09:56 pm
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Weekly simming 20/2017

Last week was alright simming-wise I would say. I managed to finish the main 'hood rotation in Alphabetia, so now the final old-form rotation is finally done and I'll officially be moving to the new system next. Pretty exciting! I also posted the picspams on those families, so for the next picspams I'll probably try queuing. And, I took a full backup of the simming machine files, so if 'hood corruption or such gets in the way, I'll be properly backed up.

As for Lakewood, I'll admit I'm dragging my feet a bit when it comes to writing, but I did get some progress there too. If I can get a couple pictures captioned most nights, then that will eventually mean there'll be an update. It would be nice to get this one done, so I could get forward with also playing Lakewood again.

Not sure how this week will go, but I guess I'll know in a week.