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katrisims ([personal profile] katrisims) wrote2017-06-18 10:26 pm
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Weekly simming 24/2017

This was a nice, productive simming week, I'm quite happy with the progress.

I finished playing the GilsCarbo-London house's semester, and backed up my game data on the desktop (my light version of backing up). There was some glitching, which made me think the 'hood quite possibly has limited mileage left. Or at least some sims in it - good thing I just made the rotation shorter. I just hope the 'hood can make it until the end of college.

Prompted by the glitching, I officially started the building portion of the rebuild. I made a building 'hood and started working on replicating the legacy main house. It seems that the reference picture strategy is working nicely, especially with the building grid showing in the pictures. So I spent several hours this weekend counting tiles, checking how I'd placed the windows and comparing wallpapers. Oddly satisfactory work, that.

And even more satisfactory is that it's starting to look very familiar, with the basic structure and things like exterior wallpapers, windows and doors in place. The reference picture set is surprisingly good: there may be a couple of blind angles where I couldn't tell where a couple of windows were, but I know my own building style well enough to guess where I'd put the remaining ones.

Just today, when I wanted a break from building, I started on the next house in Lakewood, the Curious family. They are at Tuesday afternoon, so not a huge amount of time, but on the other hand there was already a birthday and a trip to a business in it. I did also start writing that a little bit, and in suitable spots, added some more Alphabetia picspam to the queue. I've got a nice buffer, and there's still more pictures left to queue.

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