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katrisims ([personal profile] katrisims) wrote2017-09-10 09:49 pm
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Weekly simming 36/2017

This week was pretty busy in real life, during the week I was somewhere almost every night, so while fun, that didn't leave much time for stuff like simming. Plus, you know, Zelda took its share of the weekend. But, I did get something done!

I didn't actually play the game this week, but I managed to post the Curious OWBC update and the associated heir poll. So now that's out there, which is nice. Just today, I re-posted another old Lakewood update, so the fixing pictures thing isn't at a complete standstill. I'm a couple of updates into week 3 now, so only a week or so behind, or that's how I like to think.

I think I'll try to concentrate on the Bookacies a bit now, we'll see. I'd really like to get an update out there, it's been more than a year, but it's not really close to completion. I have a bit of trouble getting onward from the point where I'm now, tying things together and mixing the legacy stuff with the plottiness and all that. Plus concentrating on simming or writing can be surprisingly hard.

Well, eventually. Not sure about next week, but I think it should be less busy on the real life side. I predict Zelda will get in the way, but hopefully I'll get something done.

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