Jul. 31st, 2016

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Well, I'll say this was quite the productive week. In the beginning of the week, my relative visits continued. Fortunately I was prepared for all the sitting in vehicles: I had my unfinished chapters with me on the laptop, so I was able to write quite a satisfactory amount while on the road. I should do something like that more often. Not having other things (like *cough* my game...) to distract me is good for writing productivity. Anyway, as a result, I was able to update not once but twice this week! First, I finished the Broke update of Lakewood, and a bit later, chapter 42 of the Bookacies! (Hey, I managed under a year this time! Barely, but still...)

Towards the end of the week I also got to play. I finished the Jalowitzes and the Camerons, the latter of whom admittedly only got one day because all the kids are in college. After that, I've been playing a new household in Lakewood. It looks like the new challenge's founder is going to have to extend spouse hunting to my new tropical vacation location, so I figured that'd be a little easier if there were, you know, some actual lots to visit in said location. So now in the weekend, I've been on a bit of a building kick. I'll probably share some pictures at some point.

This week concludes my summer vacation, so it's back to work tomorrow morning. That means that progress is for the most part going to be slower again, but hey, that's life. All in all, I'm quite happy with the progress that I managed in these past weeks. We'll see what I can get done next week!


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