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Weekly simming 8/2017

So, it's again time to check out the simming of the past week. It was still rather heavily TS4-centric, as I played the legacy attempt forward and did some documentation too. Still fun, so still all good.

I did write a little bit for the Capps along the week, so that's moving forward, if a bit slowly. And just today, I played a bit over a day of the next Alphabetia household, the Hamiltons.

There I faced a glitch that's likely a sign of neighborhood corruption (which we all know is there, the 'hood turns 10 in the autumn if it makes it there): the family's teenage daughter had somehow partially become a child again. I started wondering when I saw her walking like this:

When she sat down at the computer to play a game, I realized that her voice was higher-pitched than it should be, and having a look at her stats, I realized the game thought she was a child, despite looking like a teen (and having aged up last rotation). Well, I started googling and eventually found out that there's a name for this glitch: it's the "boddler glitch", and my Danya Hamilton was a "Cheen". The more you know, huh? Well anyway, I did as the latter link suggests and re-aged Danya with the tombstone, and she does seem to act like a normal teen now, so no disasters so far.

I haven't to my knowledge done any of the things listed as possible causes for the issue, but I suppose it's a sign of the inevitable corruption. Not too worried really, as I do take regular backups and was planning to do a rebuild anyway. I've had some suspicious stuff happen already a few years back, but no explosion so far *knocks on wood* . Anyway, I suppose this works as a reminder to keep backing up and start thinking about the rebuild a bit more seriously.

So such was this week's weekly simming. A little bit happening here and there, we'll see how things go next week!

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