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Last week, I didn't open my game, but I did do a little bit more writing in the weekend. We're at around 30 slides written in the next Bookacy chapter now, so slowly but surely. I'm still hugely distracted by Zelda - it's a huge game - but if I get a slide written here and another one written there, I'll still eventually come at a full chapter. Or so I tell myself. :P

I kind of feel like I even know what I want to write, for the most part anyway. The challenge there is finding the concentration. And of course the structure I have in mind is pretty vague, so I'm setting the details as I write them. In any case, another week down, and a little bit of progress too. Hopefully I can keep it up at least.
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This week, I was on the road during the weekend, and that's actually where I got most of my progress too. I took the next Bookacy chapter with me and did some writing and arranging. I have all the pictures I have all pre-arranged, so that's nice, plus I've written some too. It's not a huge amount, but it feels like it was surprisingly painless. Clearly, I should sit in vehicles more if that gets me to sit down and type instead of being distracted.

Another positive thing is that with all the pictures I have from the main house, the chapter sits in the 120s, rather than 150+ slides which has been usual for me lately. And it'd cover until the end of Dirk's second year in college too, so that's not too bad. I may have to shoot and add some plotty scenes yet, but on the other hand I'll probably cut some daily life pictures out yet.

So yeah. Nowhere near finished yet, but at least I feel pretty good about having worked on the chapter some and not feeling totally stuck on it.
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Last week was quite busy in real life, but I did manage to set up the rest of the picspam I had. I should be all set with that for the next month or so, so that's nice.

Oh, and my first heir poll didn't go exactly as planned: despite my efforts, it closed with a three-way tie. When I asked for more votes to break the tie, I just went from 3, 3 and 2 votes to 3, 3 and 3 votes, and the second time from that to 4, 4, and 4 votes. :D I'm not sure what I'll do yet. I could cast the deciding vote myself, but I wouldn't want to, because I suppose the point of a poll is I don't get to pick. Maybe I'll randomize the heiress or something. Oh well, I have time to think about that.

Not sure about this week, but I hope to get a little bit of progress somewhere.
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Well, most of last week was still simming-less, but in the weekend, I got the cousins household in college played until the end of the half-rotation, so that's something. I also started setting up picspam, and that's something I intend to continue yet tonight.

There's some real life stuff going on this week, but I hope to at least set up some more picspam. If I have time and feel like simming, I could do some more building for the rebuild, and it wouldn't hurt to work on the chapter either. We'll see how that turns out.
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Very little simming last week. I did play a tiny bit of the cousins household in Alphabetia plus write like three sentences or so in the next update yesterday. Had trouble concentrating again. Mind you, three sentences is three sentences more than I've written for the chapter for the past half a year or something, so it counts for something.

Zelda is still a heavy distraction, as the immersion is so... immersive. Plus work, plus I'm working on proofreading another thesis. I'll see if I might concentrate a bit better this week. I can't make promises, but maybe.
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This week was pretty busy in real life, during the week I was somewhere almost every night, so while fun, that didn't leave much time for stuff like simming. Plus, you know, Zelda took its share of the weekend. But, I did get something done!

I didn't actually play the game this week, but I managed to post the Curious OWBC update and the associated heir poll. So now that's out there, which is nice. Just today, I re-posted another old Lakewood update, so the fixing pictures thing isn't at a complete standstill. I'm a couple of updates into week 3 now, so only a week or so behind, or that's how I like to think.

I think I'll try to concentrate on the Bookacies a bit now, we'll see. I'd really like to get an update out there, it's been more than a year, but it's not really close to completion. I have a bit of trouble getting onward from the point where I'm now, tying things together and mixing the legacy stuff with the plottiness and all that. Plus concentrating on simming or writing can be surprisingly hard.

Well, eventually. Not sure about next week, but I think it should be less busy on the real life side. I predict Zelda will get in the way, but hopefully I'll get something done.

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Even with all the distractions (yes, still playing Zelda a lot), I managed to get some progress last week.

First of all, the next Lakewood update is now written, and as of today, I also have a cover for it. Only the actual posting to do, but as that's an operation that takes at least an hour, it was too late to start on that anymore. I hope to find the time to post the update and the heir poll this week.

Also, I played Alphabetia a little bit. Still working on the cousins household, but we're getting there. My playing is erratic these days, and often I have difficulties to concentrate for very long. But hey, every little bit counts. I even had a look at the next chapter for the first time in ages. I wrote a loose scenes list for it, too. I'm looking forward to the upcoming plot, it's actually the daily legacy life and filler parts that I kind of struggle with.

And yes, I did post the legaversary silliness on Saturday. It's still hard to believe it's been 10 years. But it was fun!
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Last week was actually surprisingly productive simming-wise. I didn't do much in the beginning of the week, though. Towards the weekend I got some kind of a mild flu (I'm still sniffling), and while I took some time to just recover, in the actual weekend it was good excuse to do something sitting down in one place and drinking tea.

So I got some sims stuff done. I finished playing the second half-rotation in the college main house; Dirk is now officially halfway through college. I also started a little bit of the rotation in the only cousins household left, though not very much. But I have the beginnings of a picspam queue waiting to be queued now.

I also did some writing for the Lakewood update I've been sitting on. It's way long but it's getting there little by little. In the end of it, it's time for me to do the first heir poll of the OWBC. I'm not sure how I'll do it, but I'll figure something out.

Last but not least, I worked on this silly thing for the legaversary on Saturday. I might yet fine tune it, but I think I have it pretty much set. It's a silly idea that's been bouncing in my head and I'm pleased that I got it done. For several years I've forgotten about the legaversary, but 10 years is just too big to let pass completely unnoticed.
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I'll confess that there's been no progress this week. Mostly I've just been adjusting to being back to work, and playing Zelda in the evening. A bit of real life under the cut.

Not sure what to call this )

So with those things, I haven't been simming. I kind of miss it again already, we'll see if I can get myself back in gear sometime soon.
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I kind of forgot again, so here goes, just quickly before bed.

It's been a quiet week for sims, what with Zelda, traveling and returning to work. I've been heavily distracted and not feeling like concentrating. I think the only progress that happened the past week was that I did a little bit of writing for the next Lakewood update while on the road. My Alphabetia queue ran out, but I don't have anything to queue so far. Might take a while.

In short, I haven't been in the mood. Hopefully I will soon again.
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Again I'm a bit late with this, but here comes the progress report. Being on vacation, keeping track of days is kinda harder. Which is a good thing, means the vacation is as it should be.

Anyway, there's been some progress. I've been writing the next Lakewood update, I'd say I'm more than halfway done. And I've been playing the main college house in Alphabetia, Dirk's second year is a day or so from completion. Fairly uneventful I'd say, I think mostly because the kids are so far apart in age this time. I mean Dirk's halfway done with college and Dorian is STILL a teen. Well, maybe I'll gloss over some of it in the chapter, I guess not having a billion college chapters this time is just a good thing. Plus, the upcoming Komei plot will hopefully keep things interesting. It's become fairly clear that I can't do long without plot.

Oh and I also started working on a silly little thing to celebrate the 10th legaversary. We'll see if I can get anything out of it, just for fun.

This is the last week of my vacation, and I continue to be distracted by Zelda (I just got my neck all tense by fighting and beating my first Lynel, ow) plus other activities. But I hope to get a little simming progress in too.
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Whoops, I forgot to write Weekly simming yesterday, or when I remembered it was already kinda late. Well, here it comes.

Still heavily distracted by Zelda, as predicted. I just closed the game so that it wouldn't affect my night's sleep - I wouldn't call it scary exactly, but it seems that there's enough adrenalin involved that I shouldn't play late in the evening.

Anyway, there's been some progress on the simming front, too. I finally finished the Curious family's week in Lakewood and posted some picspam on it. Plus, after that I took a full back up. I've been writing a little bit for the update on them, but posting it is still ways off. That'll be my next immediate goal, alongside with playing the rest of Alphabetia's college rotation. To think of it, after that I'd think I have enough gameplay pictures for the next Bookacy update. Whenever that may be.

Speaking of the Bookacies, I should probably start on something for the 10 year anniversary if I want to post something special that day. It's only a month away, after all. We'll see if I can get something done.

I predict that the Zelda distraction will continue again this week, plus I have a friend coming over too. So we'll see but I'll try to get at least something done!
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It's probably not very surprising that I didn't get much progress last week. It was my last week at work before my vacation, and that took some energy. I was also a bit preoccupied with real life in the evenings, plus the huge distraction that is my new Zelda game. What can I say? I <3 it.

I did get like one Lakewood update or maybe two re-posted last week, so that's now done up until the first part of week 3 I think. I did play a little bit too, like for one date or so. I did plan to play a bit last night, but my computer wouldn't agree on that. After a couple of software crashes, I found out it was kinda late already and gave up. Hopefully that was just a random occurrence and not something more serious.

So yeah, I've got three weeks off starting this week, and I don't have any particular plans, other than relaxing and doing something fun. I predict that it'll contain a lot of Zelda, but I'll try to get some simming stuff done too. As a matter of fact, I'm currently waiting for my game to boot up so I can play some Lakewood. Fingers crossed for some nice progress!
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I've been pretty distracted through last week. That may or may not have something to do with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which I may or may not have just got for myself... *ahem* That one is a HUGE distraction from simming, as it's just so fun and exciting to play. The best immersion I've experienced in years. Great for having fun, not so great for my other hobbies, seeing that I still have work and all.

I did get a little bit of progress. I re-posted a couple more Lakewood updates to fix the pictures, and played Lakewood a little bit. We're currently at Saturday morning with the Curiouses, so little by little...

I've got yet this week of works, and then I'll be off for three weeks. I'd predict great simming progress except for this other distraction. Well, one day and one week at a time. I'll try to get a little something done this week.
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Last week at least I didn't have a stiff neck for three days straight, so in that sense it was better than the previous week definitely.

The bad news is I suppose that Photobucket did decide to play its trick on me too, so a lot of time that I could have spent simming in the weekend was spent fixing my old entries. I got the first six updates of Lakewood fixed, plus my various banners. I thanked my lucky stars that I've been writing the updates in an OO file, so I can essentially just re-post them, as looking for the correct picture to replace in the html would be way, way more painful. I'm not looking forward to going through some ancient picspams, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Other than that, I have been playing Lakewood forward, as a matter of fact my game is open as I type this. The Curious family are currently at Friday morning, so we're slowly closing in on the end of the rotation there. I'll try to alternate that plus fixing the old updates plus writing the new one somehow so that each one progresses at some pace.

So, yeah, working on it!
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A bit of a quiet simming week this one, mostly because I had a stiff neck and a headache for three days straight. That was pretty painful, but thankfully I finally got rid of it.

So towards the end of the working week I didn't really do much anything at all, but I did manage a little bit of progress here and there. In the early week, I finished replicating the main house as far as I could and packaged it into a file. I just updated that into the rebuild todo, and while I was at it, remembered several other lots missing from there, so I added those too. The rebuild is going to be quite a lot of work.

Just today, I also played a little bit of the Curious household and wrote a little bit too. They're currently at Wednesday morning.

It also doesn't seem to be enough what happened with LJ, but it seems that Photobucket is doing nasty tricks as well. I haven't had issues yet but I suppose I will sooner or later. Probably the biggest problem expected is that Lakewood is hosted on there. I've been looking into an alternative image host but haven't made any decisions yet. I think if the situation stays as it is, I'll try out a new host when I post the next Lakewood update, and if it works nicely, then I'll continue using that and migrate the old chapters and stuff bit by bit. If it looks like my pictures go missing en masse, I may have to do the migration sooner.

Well, not sure how next week will be, but here's hoping that it'll be painless at least!

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Last week was less productive than the week before, pretty unsurprisingly as it was midsummer week. So I spent a good portion of the weekend with relatives, in any case I had a nice time.

In the beginning of the week, I queued more picspam, so all the queuing has been done for the time being. After that, I mostly played my TS4 legacy to relax. Both the kids of generation 2 are now children, so there was some progress there.

In the very end of the week I did a tiny bit of building, though I didn't have much of concentration. It's slow going, I'm still working on replicating the main house. But hey, I think I've now done the actual building stuff and can move on to buy mode, so I suppose that's something.

So I think that's that. On I go with the building and hopefully some Lakewood this week, we'll see how stuff goes. Oh, and since I'm officially working on the rebuild, I suppose I should post the to-do for that some time. I have it somewhere on the other machine.
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This was a nice, productive simming week, I'm quite happy with the progress.

I finished playing the GilsCarbo-London house's semester, and backed up my game data on the desktop (my light version of backing up). There was some glitching, which made me think the 'hood quite possibly has limited mileage left. Or at least some sims in it - good thing I just made the rotation shorter. I just hope the 'hood can make it until the end of college.

Prompted by the glitching, I officially started the building portion of the rebuild. I made a building 'hood and started working on replicating the legacy main house. It seems that the reference picture strategy is working nicely, especially with the building grid showing in the pictures. So I spent several hours this weekend counting tiles, checking how I'd placed the windows and comparing wallpapers. Oddly satisfactory work, that.

And even more satisfactory is that it's starting to look very familiar, with the basic structure and things like exterior wallpapers, windows and doors in place. The reference picture set is surprisingly good: there may be a couple of blind angles where I couldn't tell where a couple of windows were, but I know my own building style well enough to guess where I'd put the remaining ones.

Just today, when I wanted a break from building, I started on the next house in Lakewood, the Curious family. They are at Tuesday afternoon, so not a huge amount of time, but on the other hand there was already a birthday and a trip to a business in it. I did also start writing that a little bit, and in suitable spots, added some more Alphabetia picspam to the queue. I've got a nice buffer, and there's still more pictures left to queue.
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Last week was a bit quieter simming-wise than the previous few have been. I did play maybe half a semester of the third college household and queue part of the picspam. I'm thinking of doing a Lakewood household when the semester is over.

I did also continue documenting the TS4 legacy for a bit, slowly getting closer to caught up. On the other hand, just tonight, I played forward on that a bit, so that makes me less close to caught up. But hey, progress is progress.

I seem to have a bit of trouble concentrating on sims (or anything) again, and I'm admittedly a bit distracted by other games. But any and all progress counts. I'm still liking the queuing approach to picspam. It feels like it gives me a little bit of a deadline, while still giving me the feeling that there's a nice amount of time. I can't make a promise that there'll always be a queue, but this way, I can at least try to stay ahead a bit.

This week there shouldn't be any big plans or so. With the concentration thing I'm not sure I'll get a lot of progress, but maybe a little bit at least.
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Again, last week was pretty productive simming-wise. I played another household for a semester (the Jalowitz-Riley college household) and set up a queue on the picspam.

I'm liking the queuing thing so far: it's admittedly a bit more work than the burst picspams I was doing earlier, but now that I've done it, I'm set up for a month with one post per day. So I should have ample time to play more. And it gives me the possibilty to talk a little bit more about each household, too. Actually, I'm tossing around the idea that if I decide to publish the TS4 legacy, maybe I should make a side blog and post it a picture per day.

Speaking of the TS4 legacy, while I was mostly busy in the weekend, I did manage to catch up on the writing a bit while on the road. It's not so terribly behind anymore, which is nice. So maybe I'll play that one for a bit one of these times too.

Some real life stuff is happening this week too, but I don't think I'll be overly busy. But as always, we'll see how things go.


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