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Checking in again. I was right about Easter week, I was pretty busy so progress didn't happen. I had my pre-arranging work with me on the road, but in the end I didn't do anything about it. I've also needed some distraction lately (worrying about something irl that's not my business to share), and I suppose Zelda has been working best for that.

I dunno about this week, I see some distraction ahead and stuff I should do. We'll see if I might come around to simming on the side.
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To finally break that streak of non-simming, I had a bit of progress just today! To continue my set-building, I started making over a premade lot. I hope I'll be able to use that both for plot and for playing later on. Actually, I should do some more of the same kind for playing purposes, to have a nicer uni for my students in the upcoming new version of Alphabetia. I'm still ways off from finishing the lot, but the exterior is shaping up I think.

I'm still kind of distracted, on a Zelda kick that just won't end. I... may have started a new game almost immediately after completing the last, it's just so addictive. I may need an intervention. :P This time, I'm dreaming of doing *everything*. We'll see if that holds, and if I might get bored. But if so, I have the permission to get bored and do something else.

As for real life, it seems I have the therapy thing settled now, getting into a routine with it next. I just hope everything goes well with the paperwork side, I think this'll be good for me.

I don't expect big progress next week, as it's Easter week, but maybe I'll get a little bit in. We'll see.
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I know this is getting repetitive, but no progress this week. I've been busy and distracted, so I haven't done any simming. But, I did the paperwork, so next I'll be contacting my therapist to get started. I still need to make sure everything's good with the paperwork though. I'm also on the final stretch with Zelda again, so maybe once I've gotten this therapy thing into my routine and finished Zelda, I could look into simming matters again.
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Still late, still on my ex tempore break, or well, just being distracted. I suppose I prefer "taking a break". ;) Anyway, real life has been kind of busy, so that has come first. I should be able to complete the therapy paperwork this week, tomorrow hopefully, so that's nice. Then I can hopefully get started with that.

Anyway, I'm still hooked on Zelda and relaxing my head with that. But maybe, just maybe, I may get the spark to get back to my sims sometime soon.
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Whoops, late again, but checking in. Still on my ex tempore break, currently sims are taking the back seat as I handle real life stuff and relax my head with Zelda. I've got a therapist now, so now there's some starting paperwork to do and then we can get started. Things are looking positive there, so that's nice.

So yeah, nothing much to report in simming at the moment, but we'll see how stuff goes. I'll check back in about a week.
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It turns out there's nothing to report this week, either. I've been running errands in the evening, and in the weekend I was on the road by surprise. When I've had the time, I've been playing Zelda. Still enjoying that, so that's all good.

On the real life side of things, my doctor and I concluded that the meds are working, so I'll go on with those as before. I'm now also looking for a therapist, a little nervous about that, but I think overall this'll be good for me.

We'll see how busy next week ends up being. I might also still be hooked on Zelda, so no promises about progress. I'm sure I'll get back to things sooner or later.
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This week, there hasn't been any progress to report. It seems I've gotten myself hooked on Zelda again, so I'm taking it as a break from simming. It feels positive to be able to get immersed into something like that, so I'm taking it as a good sign and going along with it.

Another regular week coming up next, we'll see if I continue to be hooked on Zelda or if I might sim a bit too. I do have some errands to run in the evenings, so the weekend's probably my best bet for simming. We'll see.
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Whoops, I meant to do Weekly simming yesterday, but then forgot.

Well, there was some progress during my vacation. I've been pre-arranging my pictures for the next full Bookacy chapter, I've got most of the pictures I have so far arranged. Granted, that's the chapter after the next one, but it's nice to have that work done ahead of time.

Other than that, I also completed set number five, which is nice. I think I'll need yet one or two more, but I'm not sure what to do about those yet. I suppose soonish I could start setting things up in my photoshoot 'hood. It's been ages since I've shot any plot!

As for real life, it seems the meds suit me ok, I can apparently avoid the slight dizziness/drowsiness effect by taking care not to take them into an empty stomach. I do think I've been feeling better now, although at this point, it could still be mostly placebo effect. Whatever it is, I'll take it. Hopefully things keep developing in a positive way.

This week should be the usual, probably my best shot for simming is during the weekend. We'll see how stuff goes.
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Well, so, another week over. This week, there's been a real life development, I'll babble some under the cut.

Real life stuff )

On the simming side of things, I did manage a bit of progress today. I continued with the building, and managed to complete set number... four? I think. I moved onto number five(?), and I think I've got the structure down pretty much. This one's not a big one, either, so maybe a session or two to finish it, depending on concentration and so.

So a little bit of progress again, which is nice. This coming week I'm on vacation and have no particular plans, I'm hoping to take it easy and maybe sim a bit if concentration allows. We'll see how that goes.
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Despite concentration being scarce, I managed a bit of progress this week. I sent a couple of comments that I owed, and today, I got started on set number 4 (I think) for the interlude. It's substantially smaller than the ones I've made so far, and I think I'm maybe halfway done with it. That's pretty good for a week in February.

Next week is probably more of the same, but after next week, I have a week of vacation planned. So maybe, in the weekend, I might get something done. Maybe.
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Well, this week was kind of bound to have no progress. I didn't have the energy during the week, and in the weekend I was on the road. I did take my Bookacy pictures with me, in case I'd feel like pre-arranging them, but in the end, I didn't do anything with them.

Oh well. At this time of the year, this was to be expected, as my energy and concentration are pretty much at their lowest point. And so, I'm not going to stress about a hobby. I'll have a new chance next week, we'll see how that goes. And then another the week after that, and so on.

Oh, and I also owe some comments. I'll try to tackle those soon too, but that could be a little slow too.
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Well, even though the winter absolutely sucks, it's the worst time of the year for me, I have some progress. The progress can be summarized as follows: Lakewood update! I finally managed to finish typing it and do the copy paste operation required to publish it. So, at this time of the year, it's definitely progress to be proud of. Without further ado, here it is.

I hope you enjoy the update, and if you feel inclined to comment, that's welcome anywhere it's the most convenient for you.
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Again, I can report some progress from the weekend. Which is good. The Goth update is getting there, around 20 pictures to go through yet, so that's not a lot. Then I'll of course need a cover and to actually post the update. But that shouldn't be far away anymore. Maybe next week if I'm lucky.

As for the Bookacy side of things, I think I finished making the third set today, so that's quite nice. I still need at least two more, but those should be at least smaller in size, so I'm hoping they might be less work. We'll see. In any case, that's definitely progress!

Next week should be a pretty regular one I think. No huge plans, but work (and excercise, if all goes to plan) might suck out the energy in me during the week, maybe more luck in the weekend. Fingers crossed.
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Another week finished, I had pretty good progress in the weekend.

I wrote a little bit for the Goths, and I'm not terribly far away from finishing writing their week. Gathering the concentration for writing is a bit of a task, so every little bit counts.

On the Bookacy side of things, I set to work building a third set for the planned interlude. It's coming along pretty nicely, I've built the structure and partly decorated it too. It might take a couple sessions to finish it, but it's quite good progress especially as I only I got started yesterday.

So yeah, pretty good this week. I won't make any promises about next week, but hopefully I'll have a bit of time here and there.
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It's the second Weekly simming of the year, and I'm happy to report some progress. I was kind of busy or at least tired most of the week (had neck issues again on Friday, too), but today has been a surprisingly productive day for simming purposes.

I finally managed to update the TS4 randomizer. Digging out the icons was a bit of a pain again, but I did find them in the end yesterday. Today I made the code changes and did some cleaning on a couple of the icons. Plus tested. Seems to work okay, I hope I didn't mess anything up.

Since there was still time, I got back to Lakewood and found the Goths where I left them: a day away from completing their week. I just finished that day, so that's pretty nice too. Now there's only the rest of the writing to do before I can get that update out. I think I'm about halfway through with the text.

So, I think it's pretty good progress, especially seeing that it's in the middle of the winter, with kaamos and everything. Next week I have some errands to run in the evening, but I don't think I've got anything special for the weekend. We'll see if we might see more progress then.
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Well, it seems I'm stil a bit off schedule with things. Getting re-accustomed to work took all my energy last week, and I spent the weekend doing absolutely nothing productive. I think I was simply in the need of that.

Now I've been slowly catching up with some comments, and there's more of that yet to come. After that, I should really look into updating the TS4 randomizer. It's way overdue by now. I have another weekend with no plans coming up, I hope I can find the concentration to at least get that one out there. If I have the energy, the next thing would be to get back to Lakewood. I guess we'll see how that goes.
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First of all, Happy 2019! May it be a good year for us all. I'm combining my last uneventful weekly simmings with my traditional Year in Review, so here goes.

I was right a couple weeks ago when I estimated that I might not have much, if any, progress during the last couple of weeks of the year. I traveled with the family for Christmas and spent a couple weeks in the warm. I also managed to get sick (because of course I did), as did all of the family at some point during the vacation. So yeah, I didn't even open the writing I had with me, or the TS4 randomizer. We got back yesterday afternoon and today was my first day back at work. At the moment I'm still recovering from jetlag. Probably not huge progress during the week (I keep forgetting it's already Wednesday, too), but on the other hand, I have a free weekend coming up with no plans, so maybe I'll get some simming time in then.

Alright, that just about covers the last couple of weeks of 2018. But how about the goals for last year, did I make them?

2018 )

Alright, so not bad. What about 2019?

2019 )

Alright, it seems like ambition is creeping back into these goals, and maybe that's a good thing, but I'll stop here so maybe I won't completely overdo it. Anyway, Happy New Year once again, I'll get back to you in less than a week for the first weekly simming of the year!

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Well, the year is pretty much wrapping up here. I did manage to play a little bit in the weekend, the Goths have about a day left in their rotation, and that'll be where they'll be at the end of the year. I'll have my writing with me as I travel for the holidays, plus the TS4 randomizer that needs updating, but whether I'll get anything done is an open question. I'll try to check in yet once next weekend or so, but no absolute promises.

Just in case, I wish you a happy festive season, whether you celebrate or not. Take care, I'll be back at the latest next year!
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Just quickly before bed. As I predicted, last week was pretty busy. I was on the road again in the weekend, to see another friend defend, which was pretty nice. I did write some Lakewood captions on the bus, but that's it for simming progress.

Actually, the rest of the year looks busy enough that there probably won't be much, if any, progress. Possibly I might have a bit of time next weekend, but no promises. Well, if nothing else, I suppose I'll get started again in the new year.
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Again during the week I've been kind of distracted, mostly reading. Well, that's nice too. Plus there's been a little bit of X-mas stuff going on, but I did get to play a bit in the weekend. The Goths are now at Saturday evening, and they have a business lined up for them for as soon as they have the money to buy it. So hey, we're getting somewhere.

Next week I predict not much progress, as I'll be on the road some. On the other hand, I'm planning to take my laptop, so maybe I can do some writing. Maybe?


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