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It's been a while since I've done one of these picspam gathering posts, but now that I'm about a quarter of the way through with the main 'hood rotation in Alphabetia, I figured it was about time.

If you follow my Tumblr, you've probably aready seen them, and if you start from the top of the blog, you'll get them in the reverse order (because I post them in the order they happen). In any case, here they are, family by family.

Phillips: 1 2 3
Riley: 1 2 3
Thayer: 1 2 3 4
Bruenig: 1 2 3 4

And finally, here are some college makeovers! Glad to have some progress in Alphabetia. :)

Still thinking hard about the rebuild, but since I seem to have sorted a couple of the issues that first looked like neighborhood corruption, I might yet wait and see. The 'hood probably has some corruption (after all, it's from 2007), but perhaps we can manage some time yet. In any case, it doesn't mean I can't plan for the rebuild, even start building the new 'hood on the side if I want. Maybe that'd be a good idea.
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Time for the weekly report!

Weekly simming this way )

Picspam links this way )

Next week I have some pre-agreed things to do, so slightly on the busier side again. Plus I foresee continuing distraction of the game kind. But, whatever progress I have (and I do intend to have some), I'll report next week!
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No, your eyes are not deceiving you: it's really picspam! I finally got to finish the main 'hood rotation that has been going for... never mind, let's not think about that. But anyway, at my Tumblr as usual, and if you strart from the top, you'll get the entries in the reverse order.

Entry by entry:

Mendoza/GilsGarbo: 1 2
Hamilton: 1 2 3
Thayer/Fuchs: 1 2

Finally, two more sims were ready to go to college.

Now it's time for a backup. After that, it'll be a tough choice between the first college rotation of generation D and some of Sal's apocalypse. It's been ages since I've played that and I think I'll run out of pictures for the next chapter. Though I'm also a bit scared always to play it, since every time I do, there's a chance I screw it up... Well, in any case, now for a backup!
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Everything is still nice in here, except for the fact that someone washed their laundry on my turn. I thought I got out of that world when I left student housing. :P

Anyway, I'm done with another quarter-rotation, and it's time to collect picspam. It's on my Tumblr as usual, be warned that as I post the entries as I go, starting from the top will get you them in the reverse order. Entry by entry:

Patch: 1 2 3
Lillard: 1 2
Ruben: 1 2 3
Mendoza: 1 2

And finally, four more sims went to college and got makeovers. I've got only three houses left in the main 'hood rotation and then it's time for the first college rotation of generation D. And I should also do some writing as usual and that latest BTS is still undone and I should continue the cc redownload project and... Lots to do!
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I should probably post a little bit of BTS on the last chapter some time, but in the meanwhile, you can have some rotational picspam. On my Tumblr as usual, and if you start from the top of that page, you'll get them in the reverse order they were posted.

Entry by entry:

Custer: 1 2 3 4
Jalowitz: 1 2
An interruption to admire some pretty hair
Cameron: 1 2 3

And finally, five more college makeovers. No more teens this time, but instead, we get young adults. :)

I already realize now that this year my gameplay resolution (have at least one sim graduate) will be nowhere near reachable, even if I don't take into account the fact that I may be away from my simming computer for the majority of the autumn. Oh well, at least there's progress, and this kind of progress where sims reach new life stages, feels especially rewarding.
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It's that time again. I've played a few households forward, so I'll give you some picspam links. Over at my Tumblr again, and as usual, if you start from the top of the page, you'll get the entries in the reverse order.

Entry by entry:

Bruenig 1 2 3
Chun 1 2
Mellon 1 2 3
Fairchild 1 2 3

We had 3 new teens, making a total of 31 who are teens or older. Whee! :)

Other than playing the rotation forward, I've been slowly writing the recap chapter, and I'm currently on 65 slides. The hardest part seems to be remembering what happened in which order. So I suppose a recap is really in order! And I'm still working on that new, shiny Downloads folder for when I'm ready to rebuild. I think I'm just about done with hairs, and I'm downloading clothes currently. It's a longish project, but I think the well-ordered shinies will be worth it.
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So, about time to have some picspam and BTS for chapter 39, don't you think? I don't have all that much actually, now that we're back to a more observational style, I'm using most gameplay pictures. But I'll babble on for a bit.

Picspam! )

I think that just about covers my BTS for this chapter. As a progress update otherwise, I'm sort of alternating between several things according to what I feel like at each moment. I'm writing the recap chapter, and I'm on 46 slides written currently, and storywise in generation A college years. I'm playing the winter rotation in Alphabetia (and noticing how much faster small households are to play than big ones). I'm also slowly building a new downloads folder, for when it's time to rebuild Alphabetia.

I'm noticing that I'm sort of running out of unique stuff for all new sims, especially hairstyles, but wouldn't want to download terribly much for the old 'hood anymore. And I'm noticing that it's going to take a long time to completely rebuild a downloads folder. But, it's going to be better organized, have less useless stuff, and I'll get to have lots of pretty things. So I think it'll be worth it.

It's a good thing I'm not in a hurry.
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Alright, here comes some picspam that has been posted along a rather long stretch of time. Slooowwly I'm making my way through the winter rotation.

Here it is, on my Tumblr. If you start from the top and go towards the bottom, you'll get the entries in a backwards order, as they were posted in the order I played them.

Entry by entry:

Phillips: 1 2
Riley: 1 2
Thayer 1 2

Finally, here are the college makeovers for the first sims to go to college: Dirk, Camilla and Donovan. Yay!

Alright, that's it for now. Back to working on my CreMo goal (it's so close but still so far...), and then to backing up everything, just to be safe.
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*runs by*

I should already get going, but just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! May it be great in all ways.

And also: I made it. I'm pretty proud.

Have fun, and watch out for the rockets. See you next year!
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First of all:

Happy whichever holiday you may be celebrating, and if none, have a good time regardless! I'm going to be silent for a bit myself, spending time with my parents. But after that, I'll have a bit time off, perhaps for simming.

Picspams this way )
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I've been playing the rotation forward, meaning that there's some picspam at my Tumblr again.

Entry by entry:

Custer: 1 2
Jalowitz: 1 2
Cameron: 1 2
Patch: 1 2
Lillard: 1 2

(And an older Villains or Heroes picspam here if you missed it.)

I've also updated the teen crew post with four new teens, meaning we're currently at 26 teens. That's quite a few, and there's more to come.

Five more houses left in the autumn rotation, after that we're back at the main house again. And at that point, I should stop for a bit and make a list: the list of who's going to college when, since after/during the winter rotation the first batch of gen. Ds should be ready to go. Yay!

Depending on real life, that may or may not happen during what's left of this year, we'll see. I'd kind of want to get there since I did make it a simming resolution to send at least one sim to college this year, but well, if not, I blame real life. It hasn't exactly been the best ever this year, but hopefully it'll be better next year. As for chapters, I'm arranging the Bookacy chapter 39 at the moment. With those, I'm going to fail to meet my goals quite clearly (I resolved to get four chapters out and am currently at two), but well, that happens. (More often than I'd care to admit. :P )
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So maybe I should show some outtakes and babble on about the first actual chapter of the apocalypse. Alright, here goes. Obviously, spoilery if you haven't read chapter 1.

Pictures and babble under the cut )
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I suppose it's time to gather together some picspam again. On my Tumblr as usual. Entry by entry:

Bruenig: 1 2
Chun: 1 2
Mellon: 1 2
Fairchild: 1 2

So three new teens, added to the teen crew post here. The current total of teens is 22.

In other news, I'm trying to alternate between my procastrination project and writing. Progress is slow on the latter, but I'm starting to get irritated by my own lazy bum. Katri, I want some serious progress this weekend, no buts!
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*peeks in* So I haven't posted for the past... over two months? Oops. Let me ramble about that a bit, but first, let's have some picspam. On my Tumblr as usual. Entry by entry:

Main house: Just one picture
Phillips: 1 2
Riley: 1 2
Thayer: 1 2

Oh, and I've again updated the teen crew post. We have four new teens, and the total is now 19.

So what's up? )
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Time for the traditional outtakes and BTS post! Not terribly much to talk about, as this chapter has been more towards observational, but I figured we could still have some fun outtakes and babble a bit.

About 30 pictures )

Alright, I think that's about it for today's BTS. Now it's back to playing the main house and arranging the first actual apocalypse chapter. Happy simming!
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Yes, I'm still alive. It's been over a month, whoops. There are kind of several reasons.

Real life ramblings and picspam pointers under the cut )
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Okay, first of all, as a reference to my latest post, so far nothing has exploded, and I've seen no signs of impending doom. *knocks on wood* That doesn't necessarily mean it won't happen, but at least I'm on my guard now.

Other than that, I've played forward again, and have more pics for you. Four new teens have been added to the teen crew post, and otherwise there is picspam on my Tumblr, here.

Entry by entry:

Jalowitz 1
Cameron 1 2
Patch 1
Lillard 1
Ruben 1

And with that, I'm completely caught up with my playing! *throws confetti* Now, time for a backup, and then, four more houses until the end of the rotation. The chapter is slowly getting into shape as well, I'm now past 50 slides. I'm a sloooow and lazy writer, but it'll get there eventually.
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Another collective picspams post!

The teen crew post has been updated again, with three new teens (Carl's pseudo-triplets grew up).

Other picspam on my tumblr again. Entry by entry:

Chun 1
Mellon 1
Fairchild 1
Custer 1

That means I'm allllmost caught up with my playing here. Not bad, I know that would have taken way longer with my traditional picspam approach.

In other news, I'm also writing the next Bookacy chapter, and seem to be at exactly 30 slides written currently. Slow progress is slow, but we'll get there eventually. My plan is to write one chapter for the Bookacies, then one for the apocalypse (I think I just about have the pictures for that too, except few staged ones), then probably the Bookacies again. The one I'm writing now is chapter 38, and I think either 39 or 40 will be a recap chapter, depending on how a certain event occurs game-wise. I think it's about time.

Anyway, it's good to have a road map. Of course, knowing me, traveling according to that road map will take quite a while, but hey, one needs to have goals.
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I've been trying out this Tumblr thing for my picspams, and well, so far I like it. I've posted picspam on four families now, and instead of the usual 2-3 hours, it has taken me, like, 30 minutes in total, tops. So, there's picspam for you here.

Or, entry by entry:

Phillips 1 2
Riley 1
Thayer 1
Bruenig 1

It's not as much as I used to post, but that's probably for the best. Also, it's substantially more than I have been posting lately. I haven't yet caught up with my playing, but at this rate, I should be able to, and in a reasonable time too. I hope having picspams elsewhere is not terribly inconvienient for you; for me it seems pretty nice so far. The experiment continues.

Also, I've updated the teen crew post with a whopping two teens! Progress, we have some.
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Okay, so, here's the deal. I was talking in my new year's simming resolutions how I should find a way to post picspam without having to tear my hair out. Quite frankly, I have so many families at this point (I just counted and there are 18 houses in my rotation) that these huge picspam posts of the past aren't really feasible anymore. The whole picking out the pictures I want to show, resizing them, posting them on photobucket, copying codes to LJ, writing captions, moving captions when I accidentally place them between the wrong pictures, etc. can easily take me several hours, which is not really very nice, and I've been in picspam-avoidance mode for a while because of that. Sure, I can do it if it's a big behind the scenes post or meta or something that I await almost as eagerly as posting a new chapter. But for posting random pictures, mostly of those families that are no longer featured in the story? Not so much.

So, I needed an alternative way to do it. I've been hearing people say that Tumblr would be a much simpler way to post few pictures here and there than LJ is, so after a bit of pondering, I decided to try it out. I made an account a couple of days ago; here it is if you'd like to see. I just tried posting for the first time, and apparently, since you can just directly select the pictures from your hard drive and skip the whole resize-upload-and-paste-links-around phase, it does feel a lot simpler, and quicker. I suppose it also helps that there's a limit of 10 pictures per post: I have to pick and choose the most interesting ones and really be strict with it, instead of posting 50+ pictures per family (and then wondering why my picspam posts take forever to write...).

I think I'm gonna try this out. Rather than compose huge posts of general day to day picspam here, I may try to post a few pictures per family on there, whenever I feel like it. Hopefully that'd get me into the habit of picspamming again. *crosses fingers* I'll try to post reminders to say "hey, there's picspam for you here" occasionally here too, since I don't suppose my f-list has Tumblrs necessarily. (Feel free to shout if you do, I've likely missed it, then. :) )

Here's hoping that this works! If not, I'll then have to figure out something else. Now, back to my regularly scheduled simming.


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