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I should probably post a little bit of BTS on the last chapter some time, but in the meanwhile, you can have some rotational picspam. On my Tumblr as usual, and if you start from the top of that page, you'll get them in the reverse order they were posted.

Entry by entry:

Custer: 1 2 3 4
Jalowitz: 1 2
An interruption to admire some pretty hair
Cameron: 1 2 3

And finally, five more college makeovers. No more teens this time, but instead, we get young adults. :)

I already realize now that this year my gameplay resolution (have at least one sim graduate) will be nowhere near reachable, even if I don't take into account the fact that I may be away from my simming computer for the majority of the autumn. Oh well, at least there's progress, and this kind of progress where sims reach new life stages, feels especially rewarding.
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I've been playing the rotation forward, meaning that there's some picspam at my Tumblr again.

Entry by entry:

Custer: 1 2
Jalowitz: 1 2
Cameron: 1 2
Patch: 1 2
Lillard: 1 2

(And an older Villains or Heroes picspam here if you missed it.)

I've also updated the teen crew post with four new teens, meaning we're currently at 26 teens. That's quite a few, and there's more to come.

Five more houses left in the autumn rotation, after that we're back at the main house again. And at that point, I should stop for a bit and make a list: the list of who's going to college when, since after/during the winter rotation the first batch of gen. Ds should be ready to go. Yay!

Depending on real life, that may or may not happen during what's left of this year, we'll see. I'd kind of want to get there since I did make it a simming resolution to send at least one sim to college this year, but well, if not, I blame real life. It hasn't exactly been the best ever this year, but hopefully it'll be better next year. As for chapters, I'm arranging the Bookacy chapter 39 at the moment. With those, I'm going to fail to meet my goals quite clearly (I resolved to get four chapters out and am currently at two), but well, that happens. (More often than I'd care to admit. :P )
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Okay, first of all, as a reference to my latest post, so far nothing has exploded, and I've seen no signs of impending doom. *knocks on wood* That doesn't necessarily mean it won't happen, but at least I'm on my guard now.

Other than that, I've played forward again, and have more pics for you. Four new teens have been added to the teen crew post, and otherwise there is picspam on my Tumblr, here.

Entry by entry:

Jalowitz 1
Cameron 1 2
Patch 1
Lillard 1
Ruben 1

And with that, I'm completely caught up with my playing! *throws confetti* Now, time for a backup, and then, four more houses until the end of the rotation. The chapter is slowly getting into shape as well, I'm now past 50 slides. I'm a sloooow and lazy writer, but it'll get there eventually.
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Okay, so. Thought I'd again try to catch up on the picspam a bit, since I have yet some backlog. So, three more houses, and kinda exciting houses too. For me at least. :)

Exciting? How so? 160+ pics )
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Okay, so now that I'm finally done with that huge double update I've been working on for ages, I thought I should maybe do some BTS/meta/outtakes picspam on the double update. There's some stuff I've been sitting on for... I don't even know how long and I'm anxious to get to talk about it. :) The following is veeeeery spoilery for chapters 35 & 36, so clicky on the cut at your own risk if you've not read the double update yet!

BTS/meta this way! )
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Alright, despite excuses such as having gone back to work and other such things that come in the way of simming, it's time for another part of my autumn picspam. Two houses again, because that's apparently just about what I can manage at one time. I'm a bit behind with these but oh well, when aren't I?

Onwards! 90+ pictures )

So such this time. Again I'll post more rotation picspam when I find the time. :)
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Alright, long time no post. So it's about time I showed some picspam - especially now that I'm done with the spring rotation, yay! Next I got to figure out what to do with the college rotation system, before I start either playing Cyrus and Bobby more, or adding new students to houses. And I suppose I should also slowly start putting the beginning of the next chapter together.

But anyway, here's some picspam from the past spring rotation. There's been some sadness when the elders have passed on, and there's been some main house stuff, and those I'm mainly skipping.

Spring picspam, lots of it! (Pixellated nekkidness inside, plus questionable behaviour) )

Phew. I think that's about it for what's going on in Alphabetia currently. So yeah, I've been playing some. :) Note to self: next time post picspam earlier to avoid a typing marathon... Anyway, next time I think it's time for some college makeovers!
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I've been meaning to post some behind the scenes material and other picspam for a while, but haven't felt up for it. Now, rather than start up my game, I felt like I could type up some behind the scenes. I finally get to talk about some of these things. (In the end find some regular picspam, too.) So here we go, be forewarned, this picspam is going to be huge!

Let's start with the spoilery stuff - if you haven't read 25 and 26, spoiler alarms will sound! )

So, I think that's about it for today's behind the scenes & picspam. I'm sorry if the order of things was a little confusing, my train of thought seems to be difficult to follow right now, even for me. =D Must be the tiredness.
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So, I thought it would be about time for some picspam. I've been playing a lot these past few days, as I'm having some time off from work and all. So I've been able to finish the autumn rotation and start the winter one. So I've got some stuff from the various Bookacies to show. But first...

Let's have a small behind the scenes for chapter 24 (maybe minor spoilage if you haven't read ch. 24) )
Miscellaneous picspam (including a few ackward situations and pixellated nekkidness) )

That's it for the picspam for now. The kids are closing in on college, or most of them anyway, and I'm having a blast playing.
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It was kinda long ago when I promised you some kiddy pictures from my hood. Finally I've come around to uploading pictures - now there's yet the typing up part.

So here we go )

That was all the kiddy spam this time. I've started working on the spare update, but progress, as usual, is slow. I'd blame it on real life, but I guess the real reason is that I can't keep myself from playing forward the rotation. Well, eventually.


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