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Surprise update is surprising. :) I didn't even realize how close I was before yesterday.

So yeah, the Slowest Legacy on Earth is back again with an update! (Hey, it hasn't even been two years! *shifty*) I hope you enjoy the chapter, and if you feel inclined to comment, that is welcomed wherever it's most convenient for you.

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Slowly trying to get back on track when it comes to simming, so I thought I might as well type this out. Remember way back in March, before my life turned upside down, when I mentioned that I'd been thinking about Alphabetia's population and may now have a system in mind? No? Well, no wonder, I barely remember it myself. But anyway, I looked at my spreadsheet again, and I still like it.

What I did back in March was open up a spreadsheet and list each and every current sim in Alphabetia, arranged by family. Then, without thinking too much, I gave them a "priority class", simply based on how much I like them and want to play them. Again, without thinking too much, I decided I'd try to go with three classes. I gave each sim a number from 1 to 3, with 1 being top priority, 2 being in the middle and 3 being the lowest priority. I didn't yet think much about what the numbers would mean in practice. That way, assigning priorities was surprisingly easy.

I color coded the results: priority 1 is green, priority 2 is yellow and priority 3 is red. And at that point, I came to a realization. Here's a picture of the spreadsheet, so you can see for yourself:

Yes, that's a lot of red, a hugely surprising amount for me. I went ahead and counted the numbers. I have a total of 86 sims in Alphabetia, only counting the currently living ones. And 9 of them got priority 1, meaning that I adore them and absolutely want to keep playing them and their decendants. Yes, you got that right. 9. 18 sims got priority 2, and the grand majority, 59, got priority 3. And this division came naturally, without having to force it one bit. So really, it's high time that I did something.

Another observation is, the division happened quite naturally, and it also pretty much corresponds to family lines at the moment: the main line including the current spare and his family are priority 1, the first cousins and their families are priority 2 and the rest are priority 3. There are a couple of exceptions, but that's alright, that's why I did the whole thing, to see how it goes. And that's also what gave me an idea what to do.

My plan is to have a permanent priority system in the 'hood, with three classes like I fleshed out above. Each sim has a priority, and I can decide on the priority however I want. A priority can change if I feel strongly about a particular sim, but it's meant to be a fairly permanent thing. I like all my sims, and I like having them around, so I'm not going to axe the cousins entirely.

The priority 1 sims are super important to me, so I'm going to keep playing them and their lives will be progressing as normal. No change for them, that is. I like the priority 2 sims a lot too, and I like playing them. Plus, there aren't that many of them, so I can keep them in the rotation. But they aren't as super important as the first group, and they don't need to have offspring all around the place. So the priority 2 sims are going to be in the rotation, and they will age normally, but there will be a chance that a sim belonging to this class will be infertile, to keep this class from growing indefinitely. The priority 3 sims are also my sweeties, but they aren't important to the plot like 99.9% of the time, and I don't really feel so strongly about them, so this is where I can make a change. The sims in priority 3 will be taken out of the rotation, so they won't age, and they will all be infertile.

As I said, I'm free to choose a new sim's priority whichever way I want, it doesn't necessarily have to go along the family lines, although mostly I suspect it will. Also, I can make exceptions for partners. Say, a priority 2 sim really likes a priority 3 sim, so I want them to get together. If they do, and I like the priority 3 sim enough, they can get "promoted" back to priority 2. And the other way around too.

When I get back to actually playing Alphabetia, I think I'll finish the current rotation because I'm so close to the end. Then I'll probably start playing by the new priority system and see if I like it, tune it where necessary. And probably until the downgrade point after college, I'll have to pretend to go by the old system for the story, because only then I'm going to have an explanation of it for the plot. But I have plans for that plot, and I like them.

So yeah, maybe I've finally found something good? I hope so.

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So it's less than 30 minutes from midnight here, and here comes our last update of the year 2016! It's back to Lakewood and to the beginning of the fourth week. I hope you enjoy the update, and if you feel inclined to comment, that's welcome anywhere.

And while I'm at it: Happy New Year! Here's hoping it's a really good one. Have fun, and stay out of the way of the fireworks!
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Hey look, it's the Slowest Legacy on Earth! It's been less than a year (maybe days less, but less nevertheless...), and I've already posted a Lakewood update this week! What is this madness? Oh, right, it's called summer vacation.

I hope you enjoy the chapter, and as usual, comments are welcome wherever you might feel like commenting. :)
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After a long wait (and tonight's long battle with Photobucket) here's finally the first part of the third week in Lakewood. As usual, comments are welcome wherever you might be inclined to leave them. :) I hope you enjoy!
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Take that, real life, sickness, distraction and excuses! We're back with the first part of week 2. I hope you enjoy, and as always, comments are welcome wherever they're most convenient for you. :)
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This week concludes my summer vacation for this year, and although last week was better progress-wise, I did get stuff done and I'm happy with it.

Things that got done )

So tomorrow morning it's back to work for me. But, there's still evenings and weekends, so we'll keep trotting along.
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Can you believe it? After over a year's break, I finally managed another chapter! Kind of makes me wish it was always summer vacation.

Anyway, both Slideshare and Scribd versions available for your convenience, and as always, comments are welcome anywhere: here, at Boolprop, at Dreamwidth... Whatever best suits you. I hope you enjoy the chapter!
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 photo Chapter37_2469-600x375_zpsdwoiuizw.jpg
Surprise, something Bookacy-related for a change! This is a quite brief behind the scenes entry for chapter 40. Brief, because a) it was a recap chapter so most topics have been covered already and b) this is a year overdue (literally a year...), so I may have forgotten things that I would otherwise have said. I just want this done for completeness' sake, so I can cross it off my to-do and move on to other things. Such as hopefully updating again in the near future!

This way for the BTS )
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Hey look! I got something finished! May I present: the first update of that BaCC I've been babbling about. Click on the picture to read. :)

As I've been saying, this is supposed to be a lot more relaxed than my other challenges. To the point of not being a story at all, but rather just documentation. So I won't take any pressure on the writing - or picture-taking, for that matter. Just doing this for the fun of it. :)
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Well, there's one thing I haven't done this week: played. The week was on the busy side, I had a couple of things I needed to attend, one party, plus headache problems on the days I wasn't occupied with any of those... But, I've still managed a bit of progress.

Progress! )

Next week should be less busy than this week, I hope so anyway. We'll see!
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Time for the weekly report!

Weekly simming this way )

Picspam links this way )

Next week I have some pre-agreed things to do, so slightly on the busier side again. Plus I foresee continuing distraction of the game kind. But, whatever progress I have (and I do intend to have some), I'll report next week!
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Again it's Sunday, and I decided I'll get this posted yet before bed, so I can start a new week fresh tomorrow.

Weekly simming! )

Next week is supposed to be quieter than this one, and Thursday is a public holiday. Maybe I'll get more done than I did this week!
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I'm suddenly a lot more active, hmm?

Yesterday's post made me think about the future of Alphabetia, in earnest. I realized that by journaling my progress, I can calculate my speed at playing the Bookacies. And I already have an estimate of my current playing speed: roughly 1.5 households with 5/6 days each per week. That leads to some interesting calculations.

This is gonna get long, and I apologize. Feel free to skip, I fully understand. I just need to write this down to process it myself.

Calculations and ramblings )

It's a kind of a simming epiphany, really, and a long time coming. I think I'm going to finish the rotation the usual way, since I'm so close, but after that, I'm not sure yet how I'll proceed. But at the moment, I'm feeling kind of... radical. Perhaps slightly sad, but mostly I'm thinking something good can come out of this.
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Today is a good day for sims stuff. First, because it's Sunday, and second, because I went to the gym yesterday and... let's say I kind of feel like sitting still. :P So, since I feel like I don't post enough these days, I'll start off by making a to-do for myself, and babbling.

Sparing the f-list )

So! Let's see if I can keep this up, but the intentions are good, in any case.
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I've gotten to play some lately, which feels pretty nice! :) So I thought I'd babble on for a bit, just for the sake of it.

This way for babble )
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So, finally I'm done with the recap, as narrated by our very own Aadam. I was able to cut a little bit from the length, but as I suspected, it's still quite massive, since I had to cover a long stretch of time and a load of plot. Sorry about that. In any case, after this chapter, you should be thoroughly reminded/caught up!

Also, be warned that I'm using my original pictures for this recap, so in the beginning the quality is quite bad. It gets better along the way, and at least the writing should be better and/or more consistent this time around. :)

I hope you enjoy!
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I've gotten past Chris and Cyrus' wedding in the recap, so not much more left. Woo! Also, I'm on, like, 230 slides now. Maybe 240 or so will be the count after I add the rest. Whoops? I'm going to have to try and cut it down a little bit, it's pretty insane. But I suspect I won't be able to do that much, there's just so. much. plot. So I guess in the end I'll have to apologize for the length and let it be. (And try to do a recap sooner next time. :P ) At least it should cover everything important and get people thoroughly reminded/caught up.

There may be a bit of a delay yet, though. You see, my thesis finally came back from review (both reviewers recommending that it be granted printing permission, yay!), so I need to do the final fixes for it and wade through a lot of red tape and whatnot. At least it's a happy reason. :) And at this point, I'm so close with the update (well the thesis too) that I can't not make it eventually. :P
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I thought it'd maybe be about time I said something, and decided it would be a good time to do a progress report of sorts.

There's been progress! )

So such has been on my mind/desk simming-wise lately. Sorry about the babbling, I hope I didn't talk your ear off. Next, I think some more writing is in order. :)
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So, about time to have some picspam and BTS for chapter 39, don't you think? I don't have all that much actually, now that we're back to a more observational style, I'm using most gameplay pictures. But I'll babble on for a bit.

Picspam! )

I think that just about covers my BTS for this chapter. As a progress update otherwise, I'm sort of alternating between several things according to what I feel like at each moment. I'm writing the recap chapter, and I'm on 46 slides written currently, and storywise in generation A college years. I'm playing the winter rotation in Alphabetia (and noticing how much faster small households are to play than big ones). I'm also slowly building a new downloads folder, for when it's time to rebuild Alphabetia.

I'm noticing that I'm sort of running out of unique stuff for all new sims, especially hairstyles, but wouldn't want to download terribly much for the old 'hood anymore. And I'm noticing that it's going to take a long time to completely rebuild a downloads folder. But, it's going to be better organized, have less useless stuff, and I'll get to have lots of pretty things. So I think it'll be worth it.

It's a good thing I'm not in a hurry.


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