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So, umm... Last night, I was playing, and had one of my newly teened sims, David, call the matchmaker for a date. He got the paper girl as his date drop, and they got along pretty well, except wants-wise, they both sort of lost interest pretty soon. Well that's not the problem. The problem is what I saw in the paper girl's want panel after she lost interest:

I thought I took a good picture, but apparently I ingeniously managed to cover the alarming part with the cursor. Well done, Katri. Anyway, yes, the paper girl wants to be friends with one of my cats. Only, the want doesn't have the usual paw icon on it, but the smiley face icon, as if the cat was a human sim. Oops. Also, she seems to have the fear of becoming enemies with the cat, and I suspect that's not entirely right either.

My feeling is that this is probably Not Good, but I don't know How Bad excactly this would be. I haven't seen other signs of doom, such as LTWs on kiddies and toddlers or missing sims or such. I googled a bit, found Mootilda's Hood checker and used it to check Alphabetia. It seems to find sims with no character files, relationships between non-existent sims (probably those same sims), invalid relationships with self, and "Incorrect subject instances" in memories. Especially the relationships issues list is kind of long. Some of those things could probably be fixed with SimPE, but unfortunately I don't think I'm proficient enough with it to try. I suppose I could take a backup and let the hood checker try to remove the things that are not right, to possibly at least delay the doom.

Anyway, there was a question hidden in here somewhere... If you've experienced something like this, how bad would you say this is? Am I in immediate trouble, or only in trouble in the long run? Any insights or advice would be appreciated. :)

Seeing that this is an alphabetacy, it's only expected that I'll need a rebuild at one point or another, quite possibly several. Actually, I've been wondering when the original hood will start to display signs of doom, seeing that I've been playing it since 2007. And I've been tossing around the idea of rebuilding "just in case" when gen. D graduates from college, that is, roughly the first downgrade point. Now I'm wondering if I should do it sooner... I suppose unless I get advice to rebuild Right Now or start seeing clear signs of DOOM, the plan would be to keep playing, and backup early and often, and see how far I get.

Tl;dr: we're DOOMED. Possibly.
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Alright, so I thought I'd start shooting on the epic wedding of Chris and Cyrus, and I did. My first observation was that no, shooting a wedding that's supposed to have basically the whole town invited in the method of having the whole town present is no longer feasible. Go figure. I'd show you a picture but apparently my machine was so stuck that Gadwin didn't even get one. Pity, the whole extended family crammed into Chris and Cyrus' tiny house was quite a sight.

Well, have a non-spoilery picture instead:

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Hey there, 's me again. I'm a bit worried for my game at the moment and thought I'd consult my f-list.

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So, I've got good news and bad news.

The good news is: my game is up, I've downloaded SimPE, Clean Installer and CEP, checked my hack situation, re-downloaded some floors and walls that were installed before I got Clean Installer, and placed empty neighborhood templates. The game runs, and my sims seem to be safe and happy, and so far I haven't even noticed CC oddities. So after all the installation and careful tuning, my game works. Hooray!

The bad news is, my picturetaking isn't doing so good. I don't seem to get Gadwin to work. Or more precisely, I can't get it to work with my sims. Here's the thing: if I press the PrintScreen button when I'm in Windows, possibly with different programs open and so on, I get a picture just fine. If I launch my game in full screen mode as I usually do, and while in the game, take a picture, that doesn't work. When I go back to Windows to see the picture, I find that Gadwin has taken a picture of my Desktop, and not TS2. Only the game icon shows in the toolbar, so the picture I get is as if I'd alt-tabbed out of the game and then gotten the screenshot.

I've tried tuning the Gadwin settings, tried different "source" options but with no luck. I've tried changing the in-game setting for "screen size" (a friend suggested it might have to do with resolution differences), and while some settings looked better than others, none of them helped Gadwin. The only way I found I could get Gadwin pictures from my game was to run it in windowed mode. And otherwise I might be fine with playing so, but apparently the game then opens itself in a window which is maybe one fourth of the size of my screen and the size of which I haven't been able to change.

Has anyone had the same problem with Gadwin? I'm suspecting that it might be that now, after the hard drive change, I got Windows 7 for this computer, while previously it was running Vista - and perhaps Gadwin somehow doesn't like that. Or maybe it's something simple that I'm overlooking? If anyone has an idea what I'm doing wrong, help would be much appreciated. Thanks. :)

If nothing else, I suppose I will just have to fall back on the in-game camera, as I didn't particularly like Fraps. It's a little disappointing after just having gotten used to the nicer picture quality and all, and not having finished the painting recolor project yet. (Well that's one eternity project anyhow.) On the other hand, I would not particularly miss having to edit out action queues from every other picture just because I'm forgetful. Oh well.
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So have I been procastrinating again? Yes, I have! And it has produced a result!

A couple of pics and more picture rambles inside! )

Oh, and the chapter? Well that's progressing too. I'm now on slide seventy-something, and have shot my Sal scenes for this chapter as well. This one has taken me way longer than it should have, but maybe I'll actually get it posted some time in this decade or so.
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My next chapter is going nicely. Or would be, if I didn't suck at shooting scenes and all the surrounding stuff. I've been trying to shoot the final scene of the next chapter for a couple of days now, and have pretty much nothing. Apart from the fact that the weather's been way too good for simming most of the time, why is that?

Lots of rambling ahead, stories of how I fail )

So that's what's up with my sims. Me making them stand around while I try to figure out how to shoot a scene. Poor things. If anyone had the patience to read through this long and boring ramble, thanks for listening. Oh and if you happen to know how to make over townies, I'd appreciate a tip. =)

Now I think I'll quit this rambling and go to bed, maybe I'll figure something out later. For now, g'night all!


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