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It's that time again. I've played a few households forward, so I'll give you some picspam links. Over at my Tumblr again, and as usual, if you start from the top of the page, you'll get the entries in the reverse order.

Entry by entry:

Bruenig 1 2 3
Chun 1 2
Mellon 1 2 3
Fairchild 1 2 3

We had 3 new teens, making a total of 31 who are teens or older. Whee! :)

Other than playing the rotation forward, I've been slowly writing the recap chapter, and I'm currently on 65 slides. The hardest part seems to be remembering what happened in which order. So I suppose a recap is really in order! And I'm still working on that new, shiny Downloads folder for when I'm ready to rebuild. I think I'm just about done with hairs, and I'm downloading clothes currently. It's a longish project, but I think the well-ordered shinies will be worth it.
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I suppose it's time to gather together some picspam again. On my Tumblr as usual. Entry by entry:

Bruenig: 1 2
Chun: 1 2
Mellon: 1 2
Fairchild: 1 2

So three new teens, added to the teen crew post here. The current total of teens is 22.

In other news, I'm trying to alternate between my procastrination project and writing. Progress is slow on the latter, but I'm starting to get irritated by my own lazy bum. Katri, I want some serious progress this weekend, no buts!
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Another collective picspams post!

The teen crew post has been updated again, with three new teens (Carl's pseudo-triplets grew up).

Other picspam on my tumblr again. Entry by entry:

Chun 1
Mellon 1
Fairchild 1
Custer 1

That means I'm allllmost caught up with my playing here. Not bad, I know that would have taken way longer with my traditional picspam approach.

In other news, I'm also writing the next Bookacy chapter, and seem to be at exactly 30 slides written currently. Slow progress is slow, but we'll get there eventually. My plan is to write one chapter for the Bookacies, then one for the apocalypse (I think I just about have the pictures for that too, except few staged ones), then probably the Bookacies again. The one I'm writing now is chapter 38, and I think either 39 or 40 will be a recap chapter, depending on how a certain event occurs game-wise. I think it's about time.

Anyway, it's good to have a road map. Of course, knowing me, traveling according to that road map will take quite a while, but hey, one needs to have goals.
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Okay, so. Thought I'd again try to catch up on the picspam a bit, since I have yet some backlog. So, three more houses, and kinda exciting houses too. For me at least. :)

Exciting? How so? 160+ pics )
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And now for something completely different! I felt a bit tired to be opening my game tonight to shoot the mega!wedding (I did get the formal outfix thing fixed, though), nor do I really feel like writing much, so I thought I could pick up where we last left with the autumn picspam. Ahem. In August. *innocent*

I'm starting to realize that I can't possibly do commented picspam for every rotation, every house anymore. A) It'd drive me nuts and B) I'd never have time to actually *play* if I did. But, I'll try to finish this rotation of picspam that I started, and for the winter rotation I'll figure out something different, maybe.

Anywho, onwards to spam!

2 more houses, 60+ pictures )

Right. That was two more houses for you. More whenever the mood strikes; hopefully sooner than in *ahem* three months, though. :P
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Last time when I posted, it was quite late in the evening, so I decided to split my picspam into two, in order not to stay up all night. So, this is the second part of the picspam, covering two more houses.

Pics pics pics )

So, that's it for my picspam this time around. I think that now makes the first three things on my recent todo, so next up is the quickie rotation and maybe some photoshooting in various hoods.
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So it was some time ago that I posted the first part of my summer picspam. The summer rotation has now been done with for a while, so I suppose it's about time I posted MOAR picspam. I've lately been playing college, and it has been a blast, but that's again something for another time.

Without further ado, time for some main hood picspam! )

Phew. I think that's about it for the rest of the rotation. Fun has been had again, and college means even more fun. I'll need to share pics some other time, promise. =)
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I've been meaning to post some behind the scenes material and other picspam for a while, but haven't felt up for it. Now, rather than start up my game, I felt like I could type up some behind the scenes. I finally get to talk about some of these things. (In the end find some regular picspam, too.) So here we go, be forewarned, this picspam is going to be huge!

Let's start with the spoilery stuff - if you haven't read 25 and 26, spoiler alarms will sound! )

So, I think that's about it for today's behind the scenes & picspam. I'm sorry if the order of things was a little confusing, my train of thought seems to be difficult to follow right now, even for me. =D Must be the tiredness.
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I've been meaning to post some picspam for a while, but you know, real life. It gets in the way sometimes. As does laziness. Today I've finally been able to achieve a goal: Cyrus, the eldest of generation C, jumped on a cab just this evening and drove off to college, yay! A lot of other stuff has been happening lately, too, but the problem is, I can't show most of it yet! Spoilery, you see. But anyway, let's see...

...what I can show you (includes some pixellated nekkidness) )
So that's it for my picspam today. That's just about all I can show whithout giving anything away... Now I think I'll need to head to bed, so nighty night!


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