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No, your eyes are not deceiving you: it's really picspam! I finally got to finish the main 'hood rotation that has been going for... never mind, let's not think about that. But anyway, at my Tumblr as usual, and if you strart from the top, you'll get the entries in the reverse order.

Entry by entry:

Mendoza/GilsGarbo: 1 2
Hamilton: 1 2 3
Thayer/Fuchs: 1 2

Finally, two more sims were ready to go to college.

Now it's time for a backup. After that, it'll be a tough choice between the first college rotation of generation D and some of Sal's apocalypse. It's been ages since I've played that and I think I'll run out of pictures for the next chapter. Though I'm also a bit scared always to play it, since every time I do, there's a chance I screw it up... Well, in any case, now for a backup!
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Everything is still nice in here, except for the fact that someone washed their laundry on my turn. I thought I got out of that world when I left student housing. :P

Anyway, I'm done with another quarter-rotation, and it's time to collect picspam. It's on my Tumblr as usual, be warned that as I post the entries as I go, starting from the top will get you them in the reverse order. Entry by entry:

Patch: 1 2 3
Lillard: 1 2
Ruben: 1 2 3
Mendoza: 1 2

And finally, four more sims went to college and got makeovers. I've got only three houses left in the main 'hood rotation and then it's time for the first college rotation of generation D. And I should also do some writing as usual and that latest BTS is still undone and I should continue the cc redownload project and... Lots to do!
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First of all:

Happy whichever holiday you may be celebrating, and if none, have a good time regardless! I'm going to be silent for a bit myself, spending time with my parents. But after that, I'll have a bit time off, perhaps for simming.

Picspams this way )
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Yes, I'm still alive. It's been over a month, whoops. There are kind of several reasons.

Real life ramblings and picspam pointers under the cut )
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While my big machine crunches a full backup of everything for me, I'll go ahead and post the fifth and final part of the Winter picspam. Which means I'm done with the main hood rotation - progress, yay! Next, after a little bit of maintenance and stuff, I get to play college, with graduations, and then start over from the main household. Good, good. But now, for the picspam!

The final three houses of the rotation, about 110 pics )

So, right now it's time for backups and some maintenance. Then I think I might post some hood babbles some time soon, and then, it's time for college graduations.
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Time for another installment of picspam. Three more houses can be found under the cut, with slightly less pictures than in the previous installments.

Three houses, 120+ pictures )
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Alright, I believe I promised some grow-up spam a while ago. In fact, these pics have been sitting on my computer for about a week, as I've put off putting up the picspam, because it's so HUGE. Meanwhile, I've been busy extracting, re-dressing and re-extracting sims, and now I should have a no-cc version of everyone who is at least an adult at this point. Missing are some supporting characters, like count Pao, whom I'll need to first de-vamp, then extract and then re-vamp. (I'm not sure if I can get Lauren, apparently I'd need to de-witch, extract and re-witch to get rid of the poison green skin, but I'd like her to stay the grand witch still.) There's still a long way to go for the download archive, but at least I've gotten started.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, on with the picspam!

The Mendoza twins appear to think I've gone crazy for posting so much picspam.

Click here for a crazy amount of picspam! )

Phew, that sure was a loooong picpam! But, now those growings up are done for a while, and I get to look forward to some weddings and babies in Alphabetia. Yay! :)
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Hi all, I'm back! Or in fact, have been a couple of days, doing mostly nothing, resting and reading. My trip was very enjoyable and relaxing, and now I'm happy to be back home. Finally, I got myself to look into my picture folders and post a bunch of college picspam. I'll skip the main household, as most of those pictures will most likely be in the next update anyway. But, with the rest of the college hood, here goes!

Picspam, part one of two, this way please! )

Okay, I think that's enough for one post, otherwise it'll be way long and take me all night to type. So, there's more picspam to come later, from the Custer-Patch household, and the Custer-Patch-Fairchild household. But that'll be a task for another day. Now, good night!
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So, I was tagged by [livejournal.com profile] ndainye for Cyrus and by [livejournal.com profile] leaths for Aadam for the ten facts character meme, so I thought I'd give it a go. Here we go! =)

Cyrus )

Aadam )

At this point everyone has I think been tagged and retagged so much that I'll just say the usual "if you'd like to do this for a character, consider yourself tagged". =)
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Now that I'm finished with the college rotation, I thought it's about time to share some college picspam. I'll try not to share too much from the main house, to keep from spoiling plottiness or anything. Let's just say that plot bunnies are running in my head and yes, they breed like mad. I don't know what I'm going to do yet, but some sims have given me food for thought...

Luckily there's been stuff going on in the extended family too, and that's what the picspam will mostly be about. So, let's dive right in shall we?

College picspam - including demented purple hearts and such )
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So it was some time ago that I posted the first part of my summer picspam. The summer rotation has now been done with for a while, so I suppose it's about time I posted MOAR picspam. I've lately been playing college, and it has been a blast, but that's again something for another time.

Without further ado, time for some main hood picspam! )

Phew. I think that's about it for the rest of the rotation. Fun has been had again, and college means even more fun. I'll need to share pics some other time, promise. =)
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Alright, long time no post. So it's about time I showed some picspam - especially now that I'm done with the spring rotation, yay! Next I got to figure out what to do with the college rotation system, before I start either playing Cyrus and Bobby more, or adding new students to houses. And I suppose I should also slowly start putting the beginning of the next chapter together.

But anyway, here's some picspam from the past spring rotation. There's been some sadness when the elders have passed on, and there's been some main house stuff, and those I'm mainly skipping.

Spring picspam, lots of it! (Pixellated nekkidness inside, plus questionable behaviour) )

Phew. I think that's about it for what's going on in Alphabetia currently. So yeah, I've been playing some. :) Note to self: next time post picspam earlier to avoid a typing marathon... Anyway, next time I think it's time for some college makeovers!
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I've been meaning to post some behind the scenes material and other picspam for a while, but haven't felt up for it. Now, rather than start up my game, I felt like I could type up some behind the scenes. I finally get to talk about some of these things. (In the end find some regular picspam, too.) So here we go, be forewarned, this picspam is going to be huge!

Let's start with the spoilery stuff - if you haven't read 25 and 26, spoiler alarms will sound! )

So, I think that's about it for today's behind the scenes & picspam. I'm sorry if the order of things was a little confusing, my train of thought seems to be difficult to follow right now, even for me. =D Must be the tiredness.
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Just thought I'd type up a little entry on what's up.

Well, as I wrote on Boolprop, I finished the rotation, or just about. I've got a couple of days left here and there, to be able to shoot plottiness. I've written I think 16 slides of the next update. So slowly but surely. I'd need to get better underway with that before I can start shooting the plottiness for real.

I've had the upcoming plot in my head somewhat formed for ages and ages. It should be the biggest piece of plottiness ever since the story of Rebecca. So I'm pretty excited. I've been on a downloading spree for a few days, discovering lots and lots of cool stuff on MTS, mostly clothes. And because of the plottiness, I downloaded these poseboxes, freezer clocks and whatnot. Today I wrote a little bit, and when I got bored of that, decided to try out the new stuff a little, and shoot some better photos of some of my gen B's. I knew I needed to do that anyway, for the who's who entry. It was quite fun. I especially love the freezer clock. Of course, in shooting photos of single sims it's not as useful as it would be for group scenes. But it keeps the others out of the way - plus the stopping of time is a very, very nice thing indeed.

So anyway. No promises, but I'm hoping to get the who's who posted soonish. (Dammit, Laura, did you have to get yourself pregnant just now? Only after you did start showing have I noticed that I don't have very good pics of you. Oh well. I suppose I'll settle for some old ones and maybe try to get a good facial shot with you pregnant then.)

So anyway, after this rambling, have some pretty random...

Teen picspam, including minor *headdesk* )

So that's it for my ramblings and minor picspam for today. Now I think I should be off to bed. G'night!
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It was kinda long ago when I promised you some kiddy pictures from my hood. Finally I've come around to uploading pictures - now there's yet the typing up part.

So here we go )

That was all the kiddy spam this time. I've started working on the spare update, but progress, as usual, is slow. I'd blame it on real life, but I guess the real reason is that I can't keep myself from playing forward the rotation. Well, eventually.


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