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Here comes another progress report!

Lots of progress this week! )

Such has been my week in simming, more next week!
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And again another week gone!

Progress! )

So this has been the weekly update. More next week!
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Another week over, they're passing by like mad!

Weekly report )

So, progress keeps happening, at its own, slow pace. Same old, same old. :)
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This week wasn't quite as productive as last week. I suppose that's understandable, seeing that last week was one of my better weeks, and this weekend was Midsummer, so I was traveling and away from my game the whole weekend. (Midsummer is fairly big for us Finns. The traditional way to celebrate is to go to a summer cottage, then persistently sit among the mosquitoes and complain about how it's cold and rainy. ;) I spent a nice one in a city rowhouse instead, no one in my family is into cottages thank goodness. A barbeque in the back yard worked much better for us.)

Another week of simming )

It's been refreshing to do something quite else simming-wise, and so far the new challenge has been fun. I hope it continues to hold my interest, too. Of course, I also hope it doesn't hold my interest too much, so that I don't forget the Bookacies for too long. ;) We'll see how things progress next week.
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Time for another one of these weekly simming things!

Progress report under the cut )

So, back to CAS I suppose, the Smiths are apparently next on my list. I'm pretty happy with this week, I hope next week continues to be good!
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This week I've mostly still been doing stuff related to my new downloads.

More downloads babble and other babble )

So yeah. This has been my simming this week, I'll be back with more next week!
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So, as my downloading project is complete, I thought I'd post the resource list I've been compiling. It's mostly for my own reference, but I've found other people's resource lists fun and useful in the past, so why not. My stuff is probably mostly pretty basic, the kind of stuff that other people already know about, but you never know when you'll stumble into a new, awesome creator, right?

List below the cut. It's arranged by section and (mostly) listed on the creator level (listing single items would have driven my nuts). I'll try to remember to update if/when I download more. :)

Resources )
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Well. I haven't really played or written this week, but I have done something: finished my downloads project! And that's something. I've mostly spent my simming time this week going through my hacks, downloading yet a few odds and ends, alphabetizing my content list, bulk-renaming my files so as to reduce load time and such.

In which I babble on about my fancy new downloads and my not so fancy hack conflicts )

Edit: The hack problem turned out to be Argon's Townie brick. I don't know if it was conflicting with something or otherwise broken, but when in downloads, it made my game misbehave, so it got tossed. It seems I'm looking at a few other problems, but more on the level "missing clothes mesh", or so it seems. Some tidying up remains to be done, but overall I'm very happy. So much choice!

So it'll probably be a while yet before I'm confident enough to open Alphabetia with the new Downloads folder. And then I'll probably have to give my sims back their clothes and stuff that the game can't find because it's organized differently. But, one step at a time, plus if I get this done now, I won't have to when I do the rebuild! We'll see how far I've gotten next week.
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Well, there's one thing I haven't done this week: played. The week was on the busy side, I had a couple of things I needed to attend, one party, plus headache problems on the days I wasn't occupied with any of those... But, I've still managed a bit of progress.

Progress! )

Next week should be less busy than this week, I hope so anyway. We'll see!
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Time for the weekly report!

Weekly simming this way )

Picspam links this way )

Next week I have some pre-agreed things to do, so slightly on the busier side again. Plus I foresee continuing distraction of the game kind. But, whatever progress I have (and I do intend to have some), I'll report next week!
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I'm suddenly a lot more active, hmm?

Yesterday's post made me think about the future of Alphabetia, in earnest. I realized that by journaling my progress, I can calculate my speed at playing the Bookacies. And I already have an estimate of my current playing speed: roughly 1.5 households with 5/6 days each per week. That leads to some interesting calculations.

This is gonna get long, and I apologize. Feel free to skip, I fully understand. I just need to write this down to process it myself.

Calculations and ramblings )

It's a kind of a simming epiphany, really, and a long time coming. I think I'm going to finish the rotation the usual way, since I'm so close, but after that, I'm not sure yet how I'll proceed. But at the moment, I'm feeling kind of... radical. Perhaps slightly sad, but mostly I'm thinking something good can come out of this.
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Alright, so here goes my first actual entry on my weekly simming. I decided to go for LJ, since I think these will mostly be text, and posting a couple of pictures here or there is no big deal.

First weekly simming entry! )

Next week is looking like a fairly busy one when it comes to real life, so we'll see how much progress I can make then. Also, I'm trying to make Sunday my reporting day for this weekly simming thing, but of course that may not always work out. Next week may possibly be one of those times. But in that case, I'll try to do it on a day which is not Sunday!
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Today is a good day for sims stuff. First, because it's Sunday, and second, because I went to the gym yesterday and... let's say I kind of feel like sitting still. :P So, since I feel like I don't post enough these days, I'll start off by making a to-do for myself, and babbling.

Sparing the f-list )

So! Let's see if I can keep this up, but the intentions are good, in any case.
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I've gotten to play some lately, which feels pretty nice! :) So I thought I'd babble on for a bit, just for the sake of it.

This way for babble )
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... well, technically, I don't think I've downloaded a single deer. So far. But anyway. Since I've been a bit quiet lately, I thought I'd write something about what I've been doing, sims-wise and otherwise.

Some sims, some real life )

So yeah. I think that was the long-winded way of saying what's up with me. I'm alright, and I hope you're doing alright, too!

All set up

Aug. 4th, 2014 09:11 pm
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I'm now all settled in my temp place, and so far, I'm liking everything: the place, the work, all of it. It's been a while since I've been this content.

And I did decide to take the simming computer with me, my parents brought it with the car last week. It took a while to set things up (I left my screen at home and use the tv here), and for some reason I still don't have sound, but I can live with that. Just today I got internet set up on this machine, so I suppose I'm all good to go.

I don't necessarily have that much of time, especially in the nearest future, since some things about the defence still require my attention, but at least now I can make a bit of progress here and there in the evenings. So at least my sporadic picspams will continue. :) And I really should do that BTS some time... (Bad Katri!)

Slowly but surely, things will move on.


Jul. 28th, 2014 11:05 pm
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Just in case you haven't heard yet and might be interested: http://help.ea.com/en/article/how-to-get-the-sims-2-ultimate-collection/ . That is, The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection is free on Origin until the end of the month, so for a couple of more days.

Got it myself, as a backup in case something were to happen to my discs or so.

This has been today's public service announcement. Now it's bedtime for me. Nighty night!
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I thought it'd maybe be about time I said something, and decided it would be a good time to do a progress report of sorts.

There's been progress! )

So such has been on my mind/desk simming-wise lately. Sorry about the babbling, I hope I didn't talk your ear off. Next, I think some more writing is in order. :)
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So, about time to have some picspam and BTS for chapter 39, don't you think? I don't have all that much actually, now that we're back to a more observational style, I'm using most gameplay pictures. But I'll babble on for a bit.

Picspam! )

I think that just about covers my BTS for this chapter. As a progress update otherwise, I'm sort of alternating between several things according to what I feel like at each moment. I'm writing the recap chapter, and I'm on 46 slides written currently, and storywise in generation A college years. I'm playing the winter rotation in Alphabetia (and noticing how much faster small households are to play than big ones). I'm also slowly building a new downloads folder, for when it's time to rebuild Alphabetia.

I'm noticing that I'm sort of running out of unique stuff for all new sims, especially hairstyles, but wouldn't want to download terribly much for the old 'hood anymore. And I'm noticing that it's going to take a long time to completely rebuild a downloads folder. But, it's going to be better organized, have less useless stuff, and I'll get to have lots of pretty things. So I think it'll be worth it.

It's a good thing I'm not in a hurry.
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Well, it seems my fourth week was a success: I published chapter 39 and thus made my primary goal. *toots party horn* It's here in case you missed it. I also started working on my bonus goal, chapter 40. That, too, has gone rather well, as I've got a full 20 slides written for it now. I already knew I wouldn't make the bonus goal in its entirety, it was much too much, but still, I've made good progress on it. And the writing seems to be going pretty smoothly, so hopefully I'll keep making good progress on it, even when SimStoCreMo is officially over.

Week 4 stats, as of 30th March:

Bookacy chapter 39: all done and published! (133 slides total)
Bookacy chapter 40: all shot, 20 slides written


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