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Finally! I went to exchange the graphics card today. The store was very friendly, they only asked me for five euros more when I exchanged the card that was not broken in any way into a different one, for basically it was all my fault I didn't get it right the first time. Well, my friend plugged the card in, we downloaded the driver, restarted the computer and tried the game - it works! And this time, no blockiness, no grayed out smooth edges, no nothing. And it is pretty and fast, yay!

So, now unless anything else breaks (*knocks on wood* Some bad luck I've had with it, but now it finally looks to be fine. *knocks again*), I should be all set. I think I know what I'm doing this weekend. :)
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You must be sick of these computer updates by now, sorry about that.

Smooth edges, graphics cards, blah blah )

So the downside is, we're not quite there yet, there's been a further complication. But the upside is, my old card is now in, and it works, so I can play again, hooray! It's slower than it was with the newer card, of course, but still faster than it was before the old computer broke. I think I'll wait for the new card before I start shooting pictures again, since my resolutions and stuff can yet change, and I don't want to get pictures inconsistent twice within a chapter. So right now, I'm building a set I realized I'm going to need anyway. At least some progress can happen already.

This will get fixed. I'm determined.
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Another one of these computer updates. My friend checked up the hard drive, and apparently, I didn't have a virus, but rather it was a false alarm from Windows Defender. So then, I was all set to get my stuff from the external hard drive and start installing stuff. So that's what I've been doing and am still doing. Late last night I did the install dance on TS2 and all my EPs and SPs. Today I checked that it starts and runs, and it does.

Also, it runs quite beautifully, it's never been this fast. (Granted, my cc and families aren't in yet, but even so, I'm totally grinning.) I was a little worried when I checked the graphics settings and saw the game had checked all the lowest ones on its own, and the "smooth edges" option was greyed out entirely, I thought maybe something was wrong and it'd look terrible. But I manually changed all the settings to the highest and entered a lot. Apparently, I needn't have worried. It looks beautiful. I tried to look carefully and with a critical eye, but to me it looks clearly better than it used to, so yay.

So now I still have to get bits and pieces like the Clean Installer and a camera hack and whatnot, and then carefully check that everything seems to be okay also with my cc in and that my hoods look intact and stuff. But again, I'm that much closer to actually getting to play. :)

So that's all good and moving and progressing, though not quite there yet. Meanwhile, have a picture of Dirk kiddified. (I meant to share this much earlier, but then my computer decided not to work and I only had my pictures on a hard drive I didn't dare to plug in, fearing viruses.)


May. 21st, 2012 08:52 pm
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Sooo, guess who has a new computer? You know, one that stays on and all.

Excited computer babble here! )

After that I yet need to install all less urgent stuff before I get to sim, but that is already peanuts now that things are looking this good. *is excited*

Oh, and as I've been getting excited about the prospect of simming again, I got struck with an idea for a Bookacy spin-off just the other day. There are several ways in which it would be quite hard, and I'm not entirely sure I could do it, buuuuut... I've been saying that I need a side project, and the idea feels kind of awesome... I'll have to ponder on this some more.

*huggles new computer, simmies and f-list* It's great to have things moving again!
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Apparently it's been nearly a month. Oops. Well, since it has, I thought I could sit down and do a real life update since there is no simming update to be had.

There's this thing called real life... )

So such is going on. Nothing too dramatic, really. Now just to hope that the computer thing sorts out soon. *crosses fingers again*

It's dead

Apr. 25th, 2012 08:56 pm
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Okay, another quick update. Apparently the motherboard my friend has isn't compatible with my computer, which means basically that I'll be getting a new machine. At times like this I'm quite content I've been saving some money for these situations: in case something breaks. So now I'm not in panic over the computer. It'll cost some, but I can afford it without too much stress, gladly.

My friend said he could put a computer together from pieces if I give him a budget, which I then did. We'll then see what suggestions he makes. Supposedly by putting it together from pieces I can get better quality with the same money - though I suspect the real motivation is that he gets to play around with computer parts. :)

Well, anyway. Things are slowly moving along, so that's good. I believe at the end of this I'll owe my buddy a beer. Or possibly home-baked cookies.
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Cut to save f-lists )

So yeah, it seems it's a hardware problem after all. But now I have a diagnosis, so heading towards a solution too, which is good.
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*peeks in* So yeah, I've been slightly absent lately. Nothing too much up with that, just real life interfering a bit. And there was Easter, and with that, my only chance to keep a bit of vacation this Spring, so I did, and went to visit my parents. After that, I of course needed to catch up with work and stuff again. Right about now I think I'm starting to be somewhat back on schedule again. I've even been able to sim a bit, and I've gotten to the point where Dirk is a child. So that's all good.

Computer woes and stuff under the cut )

Well, I suppose I can't but fiddle around and hope I can get things fixed. Fingers crossed.


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