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Finally, after a long time of real life getting in the way, I bring you a Lakewood update! I sure have been sitting on it long enough. As always, comments are welcome wherever you might feel inclined to leave them. I hope you enjoy!
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So, here I come, bearing an update! It's time for the third week with the Capps.

As usual, if you feel like leaving a comment, they are welcome anywhere it suits you. I hope you enjoy!
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Well, it felt silly to post basically twice in a row, so I decided to combine the posts, especially since they would essentially say the same thing.

Again, in the beginning of the week I've been a bit absent, lazy, distracted, tired, one of these things. But in the weekend I managed pretty good progress. Yesterday I finished playing Regan and Jenny's second week, and today I finished writing it. So all in all, I'm really happy with the progress. To tell the truth, I don't think I've been able to push updates out this fast, like, ever, at least in the time I've been full time employed!

Of course, it all has to do with two things. 1) This is an observational challenge, and I'm not worrying about text quality, at all. And not staging, and planning, and... And the typing as I play really seems to work here. And 2) it's still a new challenge, so I'm perhaps more excited than I am for something that I've been working on, well, frankly, the better part of a decade now. (Wow, that's a scary thought!) Well, in any case, I suppose I'll just enjoy it while it lasts!

As for the presumed hack issue with dazzling, I'm currently tossing the thought of just leaving it be and playing around it. It's rare enough, and seems to be recoverable, so I don't actually have to quit without saving if it happens. Sure, a kind of an annoyance in a BaCC, and an annoying one at that. But frankly, since it's so rare, it's also a pest to find, and I've sort of run out of ideas on what it could be. So maybe I'll be able to just live with it. In any case, I'll probably try and finish the Lakewood rotation before I consider going back to the Bookacies.

Anyway, so, I think that covers my simming this week, just about. Oh wait, you were waiting for that update, right? Well, here you go!

As always, comments welcome here, there or anywhere. I hope you enjoy! :)
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It's been a while since I've updated this fast, hasn't it? Well, I suppose that may change when the challenge moves forward, but for now, I'm enjoying it while I can. Without further ado: Week 1, Part 2!

As always, comments are welcome here, there, anywhere! (This even has a Boolprop thread for those so inclined. I'll probably post my other challenges there again, too, when I have the time and motivation.)


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