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As I wrote last week, I was still sick at the beginning of the week. To my satisfaction though, they found an explanation other than just "flu", namely I (also) had sinuitis. Once I got treated for that, things started getting better pretty quickly, and I apparently didn't even need antibiotics. I was still on sick leave for most of the week, and boy was I happy to finally go to work!

So most of the week I was still in sick mode and didn't feel up to simming, but as I got healthier, I got some progress in towards the end of the week. I started with TS4, which takes less concentration, and played my legacy forward. My 2nd gen. heiress is closing in on her young adult birthday, so soon I'll have played it for a full generation. It's way slow of course, as I only play occasionally, but hey, that's perfectly alright. I think I'll install one of my expnasions once that birthday is done with, probably GTW, so I can do a bit more exploring. I've also been continuing with the documentation, and while I'm behind, I'm not terribly behind.

Just today, I felt like playing TS2, so I did. I played a couple of days in the Riley household. Their teen son, Douglas, will go to college after this rotation, joining Dorian and others. Which reminds me, after I play the shortened rotation, I should calculate ages and do birthdays and college sendings for those kids and teens that are supposed to age. After all, the new system only gets its explanation after the downgrade, so I'll play some pretend. And actually, growing sims up and doing makeovers is pretty fun.

Anyway, that's still ways off but a couple of sim days closer now. I'm pretty happy with the progress this week, and man it feels good to be simming again!
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No progress this week, so have a bit of real life instead.

As it happens, I'm once again sick. Started feeling slightly off on Monday, thought it was nothing and Tuesday evening I had fever. Headed straight to occupational healthcare on Wednesday (my workplace allows up to three days' sick leave just by letting one's boss know), as this is the fifth time within the year and I wanted to know what's up. The doctor said it was a flu virus, and it's apparently still normal to have five to six of those in a year. (A horrifying thought: if this is still normal, then there are probably folks who get this every year. That must suck so hard.) Things like changing jobs and moving to a new town tend to affect this stuff too: new town, new viruses.

This one's a weird bug. I might feel fine for hours at the time, and then bam, I'm suddenly all stuffy and slimy. I haven't really been feeling tired at least in the daytime, so all the more guilt for not being at work, as unreasonable as it is. I'm still getting stuffy as evening comes, and at least earlier today I had a bit of temperature, so back to occupational health it is tomorrow. Sigh. I was hoping I'd be healthy and get to go to work but it doesn't look great on that front.

So to sit still and not get any more of an overdose of Agatha Christie, I've been playing Don't Starve Together (by myself). I kind of feel like I'm overdosed on that too after five days, but I do have probably my best game ever going on, albeit with easier settings than default. Simming stuff takes the kind of concentration that I don't have right now, so a game I can just play is what I need here. I'll return to simming once I'm healthy again, though I may have to unhook myself from DST first.

Here's hoping I'd be back up and running sometime next week, with simming and otherwise. I'm pretty sick of being sick!
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Well, this week wasn't productive in any sense. As it happened, I fell sick on Monday evening, and only now I'm starting to feel healthy enough to go to work tomorrow. Man, usually I'm sick maybe twice a year but in the past year... I've lost count. It seems all the bugs in the new town want to meet me.

So yeah, no simming as that seems to require a working brain. I've been alternating between sneezing, coughing, sleeping, playing Hearthstone (hey, losing doesn't require a brain and sometimes you get lucky :P ) and reading detective novels whose plots I already know. And slightly going nuts about not being able to do anything for reals.

Now I'm glueing my nose back on with lotion and hoping this is it for being sick for some time. Monsieur Poirot kept me entertained, but after a week I so need a break from missing keys, bloody knives and handkerchieves with the wrong initials.

As for next week, if I'm healthy then it's already better than this week for sure. I don't know about simming, but I hope I'll have a bit of time at some point. At least I don't want to go running around too much so soon after being sick, so if I'm feeling well then maybe that's an excuse to sit down. We'll see.
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I'll confess that there's been no progress this week. Mostly I've just been adjusting to being back to work, and playing Zelda in the evening. A bit of real life under the cut.

Not sure what to call this )

So with those things, I haven't been simming. I kind of miss it again already, we'll see if I can get myself back in gear sometime soon.
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Last week was surprisingly good when it comes to simming progress, I really didn't expect much. During the week, I played a little bit of TS4, as that's generally better for relaxation for me than TS2 is. So that legacy is still alive and kicking, and actually I managed to complete my first aspiration too. Nice.

I was actually able to get some progress during the weekend too. There was some traveling to be had, and to distract myself from the sad purpose of it, I packed my chapters with me on the laptop. I did some catching up on documenting the TS4 legacy, I'm so behind there. On the way back I was exhausted and didn't do anything, but that was to be expected.

Yet yesterday evening I did sim a bit, playing the second-to-last Alphabetia household forward. I'm starting to realize that I'm really really close to the end of the rotation, and once I get there, I can start going by the new rotation system and developing it to my liking, and that's pretty exciting. Of course, playing one of the households that I'm going to leave behind in the new system is slightly sad, but on the other hand, the idea feels liberating too.

I also did some writing for the next Lakewood update yesterday, and that's about fifty pictures in now or so. I'd say it's roughly halfway there, so not bad.

This week shouldn't be hugely busy, so maybe I'll actually get some stuff done. We'll see how that goes.
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I suppose I could consider the life rebuild complete now. I've moved, unpacked, worked in my new job for almost a month and rented out my old apartment. Currently, I'm quite content with how that all turned out. I also got a new laptop in the weekend and I'm in the process of setting that up.

As for simming, I did get a bit of progress last week. If I'm not mistaken, I should now be up to date with the updates that were posted while I was away. There may be still older ones lurking at least at Boolprop, I'll need to check up on that. I also caught up on things by typing up that post about basically overhauling how I play Alphabetia. The system isn't complete yet I'm sure, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. I want to get to practicing and tuning that.

I didn't actually play, but I did dare to dust off my picture folders and type a little bit of the next Lakewood update. Only a little bit, but it's all the little bits that'll get an update there eventually. I'm itching to play, but maybe I should catch up on writing first. Little by little.

I'm not sure about this week. I'd like to get some progress in during the week, but we'll see about that. The weekend is going to be sad (funeral) and I don't expect to do anything really. I'll think about next week when we get there.

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Still here, although not much simming progress. I did update my chapter links on Boolprop just today, plus do a little bit of catching up on reading. Otherwise, I've been occupied by real life.

On Saturday, I finalized the deal of getting the old apartment rented and handed over the keys, so that's now taken care of. A lot of last week was still spent working on the details of that, getting the documents ready and such.

Real life has also taken one of its inevitable sad turns. There's been a death in the family, not unexpected but these things still somehow always tend to come as surprises. I'm alright; sad of course but altogether alright, and the rest of us are hanging on.

Not sure how things will go on from here. If real life doesn't taskmaster me around, I may be going into games and stories as distractions. Don't know if I have the concentration for actually simming, but we'll see.
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I may have been a bit optimistic about simming stuff in the end of last week. I did get to start catching up on stories a little bit, but otherwise real life has kept me busy.

I mentioned I was looking for someone to rent the old apartment, and that has kept me busy. Mind you, not because finding someone interested would have been difficult, quite the opposite really. Once I got the ad posted, I started getting a lot of contacts telling me they were interested, "a lot" to the extent that I spent most nights of the week emailing back and forth with the candidates, trying to settle a time to show the apartment. (I got over 20 interested people in total. With just one ad. I knew the apartment was nice of course, but didn't quite expect this.) Well, I did get some times settled and spent yesterday showing the apartment to people (and traveling back and forth of course).

Today, I managed to strike a deal with one of the people who were still interested after seeing the apartment. The papers will be signed next weekend, and so I'll become a landlady. Eek.

On top of this, just today or so it seems that my laptop is resigning: I'm unable to get it to charge the battery at the moment. The simming computer is fine, but it looks like the other one needs a replacement and sooner rather than later.

There's still paperwork and stuff to do to rent the apartment, and I may need to do some laptop-hunting. So we'll see if I have time for sims stuff this coming week. I do hope so, I miss simming!
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Well, in the end, it seems that I missed last week's weekly simming update, seeing that the life rebuild made me quite busy, even unexpectedly so. So, here's a weekly simming to cover both the end of last week and this week.

The end of last week wasn't really productive after all. I was just so preoccupied with the life rebuild, unpacking and stuff, that I didn't really have time for sims as I'd hoped. And towards the very end, the thing with LJ happened and I decided to make the move. So in the very end, I was actually waiting for the importer to finish and didn't want to mess things up.

As for this week, real life went on. I started in my new job (so far I'm really liking it) and continued unpacking. Just today, I think I can say I'm officially all unpacked, so that's all good. And I also dropped my change of address cards in the mailbox, so that's taken care of too. Now there's one more thing to arrange before I'm all set, and that's finding a tenant for my old apartment. Considering that it's a small apartment with a good location, that shouldn't hopefully be too hard, but fingers crossed!

Simming-wise, I've been mostly setting up this journal this week. It was slightly complicated, because as it happened, the username katrisims was already taken in Dreamwidth: taken by me, for my Bookacy chapter index, and that made me do a bit of headscratching. In the end, I decided that the easiest course of action would be to rename that journal, then quickly re-register this username (before someone else did) and then import the old LJ here. The other option would have been to set up a new, empty journal, then manually transfer each and every entry from the chapter archive to that journal and delete them from this username, then import the LJ, but that would have been way more work. Even this way, I had to do some manual work the fix the various links.

So in case anyone is confused: this journal is my main simming journal, the one that used to be on LJ. [personal profile] bookacy_legacy is the Bookacy legacy's chapter archive (also contains the download archive of sims and Villains or Heroes chapter archive, used to have this url) and [personal profile] lakewood_bacc  is the chapter archive for Lakewood, just as before. I've manually fixed the links on the various indexes on these blogs, plus old update posts here, but the older entries here may still point back to LJ.

Now that I'm pretty much settled in (both in the journal and in the apartment), my next step is to  catch up on story updates that were published while I was  busy, and then I'll have a look at where I was with my own stuff. Tomorrow's yet a day off, and maybe next week in general is already a bit less busy. We'll see how things go!

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Yet one more update consisting only of real life; no promises, but maybe, just maybe, I might get to play a bit in the weekend or so. We'll see.

Anyway, this update is exceptionally on a Wednesday, because yesterday was Moving Day. I had just enough time to get everything packed, and with professionals doing the actual moving, everything went smoothly. Thank goodness I didn't have to do any of the carrying or try to recruit any of my equally out of shape office worker friends to do it either.

So all my stuff is the new apartment, and I'm currently climbing over piles of stuff, trying to empty boxes and put things in their places. I've successfully located where the trash is taken out and where the closest supermarket is, plus figured out how to use the dishwasher. I have this week to get things sorted out and relax a bit, and on Monday I start in my new job.

So far, so good.
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I need to sit down and rest my back for a bit, so here goes my weekly update.

No simming progress, and I suppose that's no surprise to anyone. Lots of other progress though. I've kept going through my stuff, getting rid of unnecessary things. I've also washed some blankets and stuff, and in the weekend, Mom helped me get rid of a couple of old pieces of furniture plus wash a couple of mats that don't fit in my machine. I also managed to get rid of my old mini-fridge that was in the attic gathering dust. I found someone to give it to, so it found a new home.

Just today, the moving boxes were delivered to me, so tonight I've been putting stuff in boxes and putting destination tags on them. I usually always say that I love my books but while moving, I don't really like them that much. You know, I can only pack a box about half full with books if I still want to be able to lift and pile it, which always leads to there not being enough boxes in the world for the damn books. This time, though, I've got a moving company and I rent the boxes. So I don't have to run through all the local shops for cardboard boxes, and won't be constantly running out of them. So maybe even the books will be okay.

Anyway, enough babbling, back to work! A week and a day to go, including four work days!
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Well, no simming news this week. Unless you count the bit where everyone else seems to be on an update spree while I'm away. :P Well, lots of stuff for me to catch up on then.

As for real life, things are progressing. The move is in two weeks, and I have a moving company. I'm getting the boxes in a week. I've made the official change of address, picked up change-of-address cards from the mail, made an electricity contract, ended my web contract for this address, dusted and piled a lot of books and un-built most of my bookshelf, gone through some drawers and shredded a lot of old papers, rummaged through my storage space, brought some useful stuff to the apartment and tried to sell some of the stuff that I don't need anymore, thrown some away.

So yeah, a lot has been done, and a lot is still to be done in the coming two weeks. But at least on the paperwork side I'm already doing quite well, and I'm not panicking about the packing either, at least not yet. I can do this! *\o/*
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Well, as you can probably guess by the previous post, there hasn't really been any simming progress. I wasn't expecting any, either.

Otherwise, there has been nice progress, however. As of yesterday, I have an apartment based on oral agreement. As of today, I've officially got it: I've signed the lease, gotten an insurance for the new apartment (and terminated my old insurance) and paid the deposit. I've also sent a request for offers to moving companies via a handy web service. (The new place is 200 kilometres away, so there's no way I'm doing it with a rented van and a couple of friends.)

So, truly not bad for a couple of days' progress. At the moment my outlook on the move is quite positive. Let's see if the desperation sets in when I have to actually pack... Well, that's a worry for another day!
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I suppose I could sit down and type this since it's too late to actually do anything useful tonight.

So I've been mentioning that there's some real life stuff going on, some positive stuff. Well, it's now official and I've made the announcement IRL, so it should be increasingly unlikely that anyone would accidentally find out by reading my sims blog. So here goes.

This is the news: I'm changing jobs, and while I'm at it, moving to the capital. It's a change I've been contemplating for a longish while for several reasons, some of them professional, some personal. It sort of felt like my life's been glitching pretty heavily in the recent years, so in the end I ended up doing a rebuild. (You know, at some point the carpool refused to let me return home, so I needed to forcefully delete myself, later there's been a lack of walkbys, the like. Yeah, I kinda like the metaphor.)

Right now the situation is that I have a job, and as of today, it seems I also have an apartment. There's a billion things to be taken care of, but my biggest worry, finding a place, should be history now. I'm stressed, but at the same time content that things are finally moving on.

So probably there'll be very little time for simming activities in the immediate future I would predict. Still, I'll try to pop by at least once a week to check up on things. If I've nothing to report simming-wise, I could babble a bit about real life.

Anyway, that's what's going on, so if I'm quieter than usual, I'm not dead, just busy!
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This week, I've been taking a break. I haven't really felt like simming, so I haven't as much as opened my simming computer. Early in the week my new Harry Potter arrived in the mail, so I obviously had to read it (it was quite enjoyable). Afterwards, I didn't really feel like simming, so I sort of half-consiously decided I would take a break this week. Besides, I've been pretty busy too. Now in the weekend, my sister and my brother-in-law were visiting, and I went to watch them take part in a sports competition. That was fun, and made me think I should maybe try jogging again. We'll see how that goes.

So I do think I maybe overdid it a bit during the vacation. But that's okay, as is taking a break. I'm not sure how I will feel next week, but I'll be sure to return to simming sooner or later. I always do, so I'm positive.
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For the sake of completeness, have a non-progress report for the past week. There was no simming, because I spent the first week of my summer holiday in Rome. It was a very hot week (around 35 degrees centigrade and sunny), but being careful to take a siesta every day, a very enjoyable one. I just returned this evening, so unpacking and laundry are ongoing.

I've still got a few weeks of vacation time left for the summer, so I'd expect some progress in the coming weeks. :) I plan to start by catching up on replies, reading and commenting in the next few days.
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Ok, so confession time: zero simming this week. I sort of forgot last weekend when writing the last weekly simming that this week was already vappu week. Vappu, as in May Day, a celebration on par with New Year's and Midsummer's here in Finland. It was this weekend, and I got to meet some friends and enjoy the great weather, so all in all a great time.

Another excuse, with possible overdose of nostalgy )

So yeah, excuses, but good ones at least in my opinion. ;) Maybe I'll have more time for simming next week.
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After the flu, I got a... whatever that might be called in English... a stuck nerve, maybe? Anyway, I had a really stiff neck and a consequent headache, which took several days to go away. So again, during the week I didn't do much, just went to work and spent the evenings trying to get better. Finally, around Thursday or so, I was painless.

It's been a rough couple of weeks, so I took it really easy this weekend. I didn't do much anything, slept a lot. Well I did clean so I wouldn't drown in dust bunnies. But not much else. I have been writing some yesterday and today, so maybe I'll actually post a Lakewood update some time again. I really should keep up with the habit of writing as I play, seeing how lazy I am when it comes to just writing. Oh well.

Still a bit uninspired, too, but maybe it's getting better. At least I think I've written more this weekend than the last. I suppose these inactive seasons are something that happens with me, but I do wish this one was over already. But trotting along, still.
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Excuses, excuses... Guess what happened in the beginning of the week, just as I thought I'd get back into the swing of things? Well, I promptly got sick. Not the kind of sick that gives you fever and puts you into bedrest, just the kind of sick that makes you tired and annoyed and trying to do the normal things anyway. If I didn't go to work, I'd feel guilty because I'm not "sick enough", and when I do, I feel guilty because that may make someone else sick. *sigh* Anyway, that has left me pretty useless in the evenings this week, not having the energy to do anything simming-related. Or much anything, really.

Now in the weekend I've been better, even managing to go to the yearly book fair today, as I planned. (Yay!) Yesterday I managed to write a little bit for the next Lakewood update. I don't like how the gap between updates is growing here, too, but on the other hand, I've been feeling a bit uninspired and lazy, too.

Well, really only one thing to do: try again. I think I'll see if I can write a little bit more yet tonight. And then there's always next week.
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Well, this isn't much of a weekly simming really. This week was even busier than I expected, so I didn't really sim.

I theoretically had time to do sim stuff on one evening, and I did get maybe two pictures captioned before finding I was spacing out and staring at a wall more than I was writing. So I came to the conclusion that I was too tired and gave up. So that's all.

The reason why I was so busy is my sister's wedding was this weekend, and there were still a lot of last minute things to do, and of course the actual wedding. But in the end everything went beautifully, and it was a pretty awesome day. :)

Well, I suppose I'll wrap up here since there isn't much to report. With the wedding done with, maybe I'll actually find time for simming once I'm out of recovery mode. :P I hope so. :)


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