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Everything is still nice in here, except for the fact that someone washed their laundry on my turn. I thought I got out of that world when I left student housing. :P

Anyway, I'm done with another quarter-rotation, and it's time to collect picspam. It's on my Tumblr as usual, be warned that as I post the entries as I go, starting from the top will get you them in the reverse order. Entry by entry:

Patch: 1 2 3
Lillard: 1 2
Ruben: 1 2 3
Mendoza: 1 2

And finally, four more sims went to college and got makeovers. I've got only three houses left in the main 'hood rotation and then it's time for the first college rotation of generation D. And I should also do some writing as usual and that latest BTS is still undone and I should continue the cc redownload project and... Lots to do!
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I've been playing the rotation forward, meaning that there's some picspam at my Tumblr again.

Entry by entry:

Custer: 1 2
Jalowitz: 1 2
Cameron: 1 2
Patch: 1 2
Lillard: 1 2

(And an older Villains or Heroes picspam here if you missed it.)

I've also updated the teen crew post with four new teens, meaning we're currently at 26 teens. That's quite a few, and there's more to come.

Five more houses left in the autumn rotation, after that we're back at the main house again. And at that point, I should stop for a bit and make a list: the list of who's going to college when, since after/during the winter rotation the first batch of gen. Ds should be ready to go. Yay!

Depending on real life, that may or may not happen during what's left of this year, we'll see. I'd kind of want to get there since I did make it a simming resolution to send at least one sim to college this year, but well, if not, I blame real life. It hasn't exactly been the best ever this year, but hopefully it'll be better next year. As for chapters, I'm arranging the Bookacy chapter 39 at the moment. With those, I'm going to fail to meet my goals quite clearly (I resolved to get four chapters out and am currently at two), but well, that happens. (More often than I'd care to admit. :P )
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Okay, first of all, as a reference to my latest post, so far nothing has exploded, and I've seen no signs of impending doom. *knocks on wood* That doesn't necessarily mean it won't happen, but at least I'm on my guard now.

Other than that, I've played forward again, and have more pics for you. Four new teens have been added to the teen crew post, and otherwise there is picspam on my Tumblr, here.

Entry by entry:

Jalowitz 1
Cameron 1 2
Patch 1
Lillard 1
Ruben 1

And with that, I'm completely caught up with my playing! *throws confetti* Now, time for a backup, and then, four more houses until the end of the rotation. The chapter is slowly getting into shape as well, I'm now past 50 slides. I'm a sloooow and lazy writer, but it'll get there eventually.
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Okay, so. Thought I'd again try to catch up on the picspam a bit, since I have yet some backlog. So, three more houses, and kinda exciting houses too. For me at least. :)

Exciting? How so? 160+ pics )
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Alright, despite excuses such as having gone back to work and other such things that come in the way of simming, it's time for another part of my autumn picspam. Two houses again, because that's apparently just about what I can manage at one time. I'm a bit behind with these but oh well, when aren't I?

Onwards! 90+ pictures )

So such this time. Again I'll post more rotation picspam when I find the time. :)
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Alright, I believe I promised some grow-up spam a while ago. In fact, these pics have been sitting on my computer for about a week, as I've put off putting up the picspam, because it's so HUGE. Meanwhile, I've been busy extracting, re-dressing and re-extracting sims, and now I should have a no-cc version of everyone who is at least an adult at this point. Missing are some supporting characters, like count Pao, whom I'll need to first de-vamp, then extract and then re-vamp. (I'm not sure if I can get Lauren, apparently I'd need to de-witch, extract and re-witch to get rid of the poison green skin, but I'd like her to stay the grand witch still.) There's still a long way to go for the download archive, but at least I've gotten started.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, on with the picspam!

The Mendoza twins appear to think I've gone crazy for posting so much picspam.

Click here for a crazy amount of picspam! )

Phew, that sure was a loooong picpam! But, now those growings up are done for a while, and I get to look forward to some weddings and babies in Alphabetia. Yay! :)
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Last time when I posted, it was quite late in the evening, so I decided to split my picspam into two, in order not to stay up all night. So, this is the second part of the picspam, covering two more houses.

Pics pics pics )

So, that's it for my picspam this time around. I think that now makes the first three things on my recent todo, so next up is the quickie rotation and maybe some photoshooting in various hoods.
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Alright, so this time I decided not to post a full rotation of picspam at once. I learn from my mistakes. So, now you get a couple of houses worth, up to where I've played. Not all houses are even included in this rotation, since the kids are in college and the nest is empty. But first, before that, let's...

... start with some slightly spoilery Sal stuff! )

So that's what's up in Alphabetia recently. Maybe I should post some college picspam too, but that'll have to wait for another time, I'm not up for that right now. Anyway, things are progressing, little by little. Next in line to be played are Bill and Sandy, I suppose I'll get to them today. More picspam after I've played more!
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Alright, long time no post. So it's about time I showed some picspam - especially now that I'm done with the spring rotation, yay! Next I got to figure out what to do with the college rotation system, before I start either playing Cyrus and Bobby more, or adding new students to houses. And I suppose I should also slowly start putting the beginning of the next chapter together.

But anyway, here's some picspam from the past spring rotation. There's been some sadness when the elders have passed on, and there's been some main house stuff, and those I'm mainly skipping.

Spring picspam, lots of it! (Pixellated nekkidness inside, plus questionable behaviour) )

Phew. I think that's about it for what's going on in Alphabetia currently. So yeah, I've been playing some. :) Note to self: next time post picspam earlier to avoid a typing marathon... Anyway, next time I think it's time for some college makeovers!
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I've been shooting some plottiness lately, but that's not what I'll show you today - no spoilers. =) I've also played a little bit of rotation here and there when I've felt more like just playing. The plottiness has kinda messed up my rotation order a bit.

The last family I've played are the Patches. And well, I would have thought two popularity sims would be perfectly happy with one child.

It seems I was wrong )

So that's what's up with that line of the family. Only a mini-picspam this time. As said, I'm working on the next chapter, but it's not very close yet. Anyway, every now and then I just need to play. =)
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It was kinda long ago when I promised you some kiddy pictures from my hood. Finally I've come around to uploading pictures - now there's yet the typing up part.

So here we go )

That was all the kiddy spam this time. I've started working on the spare update, but progress, as usual, is slow. I'd blame it on real life, but I guess the real reason is that I can't keep myself from playing forward the rotation. Well, eventually.


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