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This week concludes my summer vacation for this year, and although last week was better progress-wise, I did get stuff done and I'm happy with it.

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So tomorrow morning it's back to work for me. But, there's still evenings and weekends, so we'll keep trotting along.
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So I'm a bit behind on these, but here comes another one. Again for Villains or Heroes?, and again a bit into the future. This may be considered slightly spoilery, though I don't think there's too much that you can tell from it. Canonish, things are not set in stone but I think we're on fairly solid ground in this one. And I'm not completely happy with it, but oh well.


Prompt: Diary/journal
Title: Diary in a diary
Words: 397
Universe: Villains or Heroes Strangetown, canonish
Warnings: mildly spoilerish for chapter 1, or perhaps rather just cryptic

The dream continued again today, as I knew it would. I have some time before the lights are out, so I will attempt to describe the odd turns of events that took place in it.

As I wrote yesterday, I was not quite sure what it was that was happening in the city council of Strangetown. I was positive that I had heard the voice of Rodney Jalowitz on the radio. If that was the case, he was likely a high official in the city council. Possibly even the Mayor. And if Jalowitz was involved with the city council, I knew three others who would be involved with the city council. All this had something to do with their former plans. The plans that had very likely been foiled by the disaster. But what exactly did they want? That I did not know.

For the time being, I had very little chance of discovering the truth. It would be unwise to attempt to wander very far from my shelter, due to all kinds of suspicious characters wandering the streets these days. I had no internet access, and the phone lines only functioned sporadically. In addition, I had realized that I was indeed aging. I had been able to change some things through my position at work, but it would take a group effort and several lifetimes to change all the things that needed changing. I had to accept the fact that quite possibly both myself and Bim would be long dead by the time we would be able to uncover the truth.

All of this in mind, I sat at my chessboard at night. I played through the moves, but my mind was elsewhere. There simply had to be something I would be able to do, even with my limited knowledge and vague suspicions. Had to, but my mind was completely empty. I played more and more moves, almost completely disconnected from the outside world. And then it struck me.

I put away the chess pieces and stood up. This plan would work. I would need to discuss it with Bim, but I was sure that she would approve. I climbed the stairs into the apartment, and sat at the typewriter. I would have plenty of time to complete it, but it was still best to start. I thought for a moment and begun typing.

Dear diary...

As for the chapter, that's coming along. I've got the gameplay material just about settled, and am writing the plotty bits and trying to figure out what pictures I need for it. I'm slightly stuck about motivations and stuff right now, but hopefully it'll sort itself out.
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... I have black on white that I have a rough idea of how I think the apocalypse will end. And *cough* actually, the legacy, at that.

Kind of crazy, but I've had these ideas in my head for probably a better part of a year. I had an idea for the legacy earlier, but since I started the apocalypse, I got a new one, and I think in at least some respects better. Today, I sat down and sketched it all in an OO text document. It'll be interesting to see in what ways it'll change along the way.

Currently I especially like the way the apocalypse would end. There's a couple things that kind of bother me about the potential legacy ending, but as a general idea, I like that too.

So now I know the guidelines for what I will be doing from the retirement home then. Perhaps I should get back to what I think I should be doing now, writing and shooting for the apocalypse chapter. :P To be fair, though, I needed to sketch out the direction I want the apocalypse to take before I could know what to put in the chapter. Now we'll see if that helps.
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I've taken a bit of a break from my procastrination, and was able to finish another piece for Poker Face, so here it is. For Villains or Heroes? this time, a tiny bit into the future but I wouldn't call it spoilery. It's canon-ish, don't bite me if I change a detail. A part of this may make it into the next chapter.

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Vaddi bobo! Time to finally talk about the Sekrit Project, because it's no longer sekrit! Beware of spoilers under the cut if you haven't read the Bookacy interlude or the Prologue to Villains or Heroes? yet.

Picspam and BTS, ~70 pictures )
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Okay, first of all, sorry about the radio silence. Work has been pretty busy lately, and on my free time I've been in Thesis Proofread Mode again. Hence very little time to sim. At least the thesis is now proofread, so my part on that is over, so hopefully I'll be able to do more sims related stuff now.

Also, I come bearing gifts! First off, we have a brief interlude for the Bookacies:

And secondly, something quite different! May I present, the first part of my Sekrit Project I've been mentioning for a pretty long time:

When it comes to the latter, I'd like to thank (in alphabetical order) [livejournal.com profile] dicreasy, [livejournal.com profile] docnerd and [livejournal.com profile] mzyra for the use of their characters. And I'd like to apologize, in advance, about not always getting them right. Also, thanks for their house go to Orikes.

Both parts are available both on Slideshare and on Scribd. I personally recommend the Scribd versions, apparently the Slideshare ones are rather bad these days...

EDIT: I also recommend reading them in this order if you follow the Bookacies. :) Villains or Heroes? can also be read independently. Warning: Bad guys use bad words occasionally, but nothing too extreme.

I hope you enjoy!


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