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It's been a while since I've done one of these picspam gathering posts, but now that I'm about a quarter of the way through with the main 'hood rotation in Alphabetia, I figured it was about time.

If you follow my Tumblr, you've probably aready seen them, and if you start from the top of the blog, you'll get them in the reverse order (because I post them in the order they happen). In any case, here they are, family by family.

Phillips: 1 2 3
Riley: 1 2 3
Thayer: 1 2 3 4
Bruenig: 1 2 3 4

And finally, here are some college makeovers! Glad to have some progress in Alphabetia. :)

Still thinking hard about the rebuild, but since I seem to have sorted a couple of the issues that first looked like neighborhood corruption, I might yet wait and see. The 'hood probably has some corruption (after all, it's from 2007), but perhaps we can manage some time yet. In any case, it doesn't mean I can't plan for the rebuild, even start building the new 'hood on the side if I want. Maybe that'd be a good idea.
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Alright, here comes some picspam that has been posted along a rather long stretch of time. Slooowwly I'm making my way through the winter rotation.

Here it is, on my Tumblr. If you start from the top and go towards the bottom, you'll get the entries in a backwards order, as they were posted in the order I played them.

Entry by entry:

Phillips: 1 2
Riley: 1 2
Thayer 1 2

Finally, here are the college makeovers for the first sims to go to college: Dirk, Camilla and Donovan. Yay!

Alright, that's it for now. Back to working on my CreMo goal (it's so close but still so far...), and then to backing up everything, just to be safe.
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*peeks in* So I haven't posted for the past... over two months? Oops. Let me ramble about that a bit, but first, let's have some picspam. On my Tumblr as usual. Entry by entry:

Main house: Just one picture
Phillips: 1 2
Riley: 1 2
Thayer: 1 2

Oh, and I've again updated the teen crew post. We have four new teens, and the total is now 19.

So what's up? )
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I've been trying out this Tumblr thing for my picspams, and well, so far I like it. I've posted picspam on four families now, and instead of the usual 2-3 hours, it has taken me, like, 30 minutes in total, tops. So, there's picspam for you here.

Or, entry by entry:

Phillips 1 2
Riley 1
Thayer 1
Bruenig 1

It's not as much as I used to post, but that's probably for the best. Also, it's substantially more than I have been posting lately. I haven't yet caught up with my playing, but at this rate, I should be able to, and in a reasonable time too. I hope having picspams elsewhere is not terribly inconvienient for you; for me it seems pretty nice so far. The experiment continues.

Also, I've updated the teen crew post with a whopping two teens! Progress, we have some.
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Alright. So after the BTS, the next thing on my to-do would be to catch up on picspam. I'm more than halfway through the rotation, since I was able to play forward while I wrote the update, so I've got a bit of a backlog on that. I figured I'd skip the rest of the autumn picspam I started on, since that's really covered in the chapter anyway. So now onto new, uncovered events. I'll now try to comment somewhat less than earlier, because otherwise I'd spend the rest of the evening typing, and I do want to do some playing today, too. :)

3 houses, about 150 pics )

Alright, now I've done three houses, so catching up a little bit. Now back to playing and growing the backlog again!
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Okay, so now that I'm finally done with that huge double update I've been working on for ages, I thought I should maybe do some BTS/meta/outtakes picspam on the double update. There's some stuff I've been sitting on for... I don't even know how long and I'm anxious to get to talk about it. :) The following is veeeeery spoilery for chapters 35 & 36, so clicky on the cut at your own risk if you've not read the double update yet!

BTS/meta this way! )
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Okay, so, I believe I sort of promised some picspam from my rotation. Now, you shall receive, and receive a LOT. This picspam covers four houses: the Phillips, the Rileys, the Thayers and the Bruenigs, and altogether it has some 200+ pictures. Technically, the Camerons should be between the Thayers and the Bruenigs in rotation, but I've skipped playing them for now, as I'm not yet sure if I want to do some merging of households there this rotation.

Apparently, I even need to split the intended first part into two parts. So here's the first part, with 100+ pictures. But, here we go:

100+ pictures this way )

Part two coming soon!
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Alright, long time no post. So it's about time I showed some picspam - especially now that I'm done with the spring rotation, yay! Next I got to figure out what to do with the college rotation system, before I start either playing Cyrus and Bobby more, or adding new students to houses. And I suppose I should also slowly start putting the beginning of the next chapter together.

But anyway, here's some picspam from the past spring rotation. There's been some sadness when the elders have passed on, and there's been some main house stuff, and those I'm mainly skipping.

Spring picspam, lots of it! (Pixellated nekkidness inside, plus questionable behaviour) )

Phew. I think that's about it for what's going on in Alphabetia currently. So yeah, I've been playing some. :) Note to self: next time post picspam earlier to avoid a typing marathon... Anyway, next time I think it's time for some college makeovers!
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So, I thought it would be about time for some picspam. I've been playing a lot these past few days, as I'm having some time off from work and all. So I've been able to finish the autumn rotation and start the winter one. So I've got some stuff from the various Bookacies to show. But first...

Let's have a small behind the scenes for chapter 24 (maybe minor spoilage if you haven't read ch. 24) )
Miscellaneous picspam (including a few ackward situations and pixellated nekkidness) )

That's it for the picspam for now. The kids are closing in on college, or most of them anyway, and I'm having a blast playing.
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Nope, I'm not dead. Just thought I'd tell you that. I've just been pretty preoccupied lately. Last weekend, I threw a graduation party for my friends from school, and that has been taking up my time. All went well, we had a fun time and it was good to see everyone. I didn't even burn the kitchen when making the food, which I consider to be some kind of an achievement in itself. So we didn't need a fire truck, a police car or an ambulance. Which was nice.

So I haven't had time to play lately, really. The writing of the spare update was going nicely, but at the moment I don't even remember where I was at with it, it's been so long. In the rotation, I'm playing the Thayer's whose kids should teenify in the end of the rotation. So far I've played the main house, Aurora and Andrew, and Bill and Ira. It's going nicely, I should just get back to playing some time. I'm kind of excited, as there will be a lot of teenifyings this rotation.

At this point, I'm too lazy to even put up real picspam, so you get this lame excuse of one instead. Meet Suzi, Claire's puppy:

And yes, that is the teenaged Claire, Bill and Ira's daughter. She grew up quite nicely, and rolled romance. She and her cousin Cho are quite close, maybe because they've both got boys in the head. Once these two get to go, campus won't know what hit it!

Ahem. Anyway, the point was supposed to be that Suzi is the first dog I've ever had in the game. So far it's been quite fun to have one. Claire rolled the want for a puppy some time after her teen birthday, and as there were only three sims in the house, I thought "why not", and that's how Suzi joined the family. Of course, even though she's really Claire's dog, both Bill and Ira line up to pay attention to her. Especially Bill, which is no surprise, as he truly makes friends with everything that moves. He must be my most successful popularity sim ever.

So yeah. It seems I'm in an easily distracted mood today, seeing all kinds of tangents everywhere. But nevertheless, I'm alive still. *waves* And might even get to sim one of these days. Hooray for that.
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I was going to be all organized about this. I was going to start by posting a "who's who" for the founding generation and generation A, as those two have no new members coming anymore and the members are all at least adults. But well, plans often don't work out.

Random cute mini-picspam )

Anyway, I know this isn't an update, a who's who, or even real picspam. But well, for the moment it's all I've got. And it's cute.


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