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Aug. 12th, 2012 04:49 pm
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Anyone fancy a game of "guess the parents"?

Her name is Dani, and she was born and subsequently grown into a toddler yesterday evening. As hints, the eye color comes from her father, the hair color from both parents, and the skintone is between the parents'. I'm pretty excited about her, and about the fact I got a girl. The current situation for generation D stands at 19 boys and 7 girls.

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Slowly but surely stuff keeps happening. Now I've yet got this evening to work on my sims stuff before work again starts interfering with my hobbies. So better get back to that!
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Okay, so I got a slowish but working internet connection yesterday evening, and was going to post a couple of pics, but then it was so late I only caught up with my f-list. So here goes.

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The summer rotation in the main hood of Alphabetia is over (picspam of that some other time), and tonight it was time to add the new YAs on campus and give them their college makeovers. I've now edited the campus crew post and added there my ten new young adults.

Something cute and funny happened, too )
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I was going to be all organized about this. I was going to start by posting a "who's who" for the founding generation and generation A, as those two have no new members coming anymore and the members are all at least adults. But well, plans often don't work out.

Random cute mini-picspam )

Anyway, I know this isn't an update, a who's who, or even real picspam. But well, for the moment it's all I've got. And it's cute.


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