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Well, it seems my fourth week was a success: I published chapter 39 and thus made my primary goal. *toots party horn* It's here in case you missed it. I also started working on my bonus goal, chapter 40. That, too, has gone rather well, as I've got a full 20 slides written for it now. I already knew I wouldn't make the bonus goal in its entirety, it was much too much, but still, I've made good progress on it. And the writing seems to be going pretty smoothly, so hopefully I'll keep making good progress on it, even when SimStoCreMo is officially over.

Week 4 stats, as of 30th March:

Bookacy chapter 39: all done and published! (133 slides total)
Bookacy chapter 40: all shot, 20 slides written
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At long last, I bring you chapter 39 of the Bookacies! I did my round of editing and cover-making today, weeding out a bunch of repetition and inconsistencies. So it seems I've now made my CreMo goal, which is a first for me. :) Anyway, click on the cover to read, and both Slideshare and Scribd versions are available. As usual, comments are welcome here or on my Boolprop thread. I hope you enjoy!
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Not a bad week, this third one, when it comes to sims. I managed to get to my back up point in playing, take the back up and post picspam. And when it comes to CreMo, I'm almost there. I wrote the rest of the chapter, which turned out to be another 20 slides. Now all it needs is a re-read and a cover. So I should be well able to finish, and get a little bit done on my bonus goal too, which is nice.

Week 3 stats, as of March 23rd, 2014:

Bookacy chapter 39: all 135 slides shot and written (TO DO: re-read and make cover slide)
Bookacy chapter 40: all shot, 0 slides written
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My second week wasn't as good as the first week; I've been a little distracted and perhaps less motivated. In any case, I did write 16 slides worth of the next chapter, which is still progress. If I keep this up, or try to improve a bit, I should still be able to get to my primary goal. There isn't so hugely much left in terms of scenes, insofar as my current more observational style contains anything that can be described as such. (Actually, I'm not entirely happy with my writing for that, I'd want to focus on individual moments more to get to know the sims better, rather than just flowing through everything, but I'm not sure what to do about that. Oh well.) Possibly I can even get something done on the secondary goal.

I also played a little the other day. That's been slow going too, but at least it moved on a tiny bit. It was sort of fun too, which is nice. When I get through the Thayer household, it's time to send a couple of sims to college, post picspam and take a backup. We'll see how long that takes, with my current speed quite a long time probably...

Hopefully next week will be a bit more productive again.

Week 2 stats, as of March 16th, 2014:

Bookacy chapter 39: all shot, 115 slides written
Bookacy chapter 40: all shot, 0 slides written
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My first week was fairly productive. I got 29 slides written for chapter 39, which is much better than my usual weekly progress before the challenge (often even zero slides). So far so good, I suppose. I also did some digging in my picture archives for chapter 40, but for actual arranging and writing, I haven't yet done anything on chapter 40.

I think that if I keep going at this pace, I should be able to finish at least my primary goal. Which is nice.

Week 1 stats, as of March 9th:

Bookacy chapter 39: all shot, 99 slides written
Bookacy chapter 40: all shot, 0 slides written
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So I did decide to sign up for SimStoCreMo. It seems I'll be having some time in my hands, so I wanted to give it a shot. After all, all work I get done towards the goal is progress, and progress is good.

Quoted from my sign-up:

My goal is to finish chapter 39 of the Bookacies. It's currently 70 slides written, and *should* be all shot for all I know. I don't know how long it'll end up being, but knowing my writing style, I estimate it'll be at least 50 more slides, probably more than that.

Bonus goal: if I'm feeling super productive and finish my goal early (not that likely, but just in case), my bonus goal is chapter 40. It's a recap chapter, which has the few necessary glue scenes shot but nothing written. The main task is to dig through, like, 6,5 years worth of pictures and finding the relevant ones, plus writing. Likely somewhere between 100 and 200 slides.

So, starting stats as of today, March 1st:

Bookacy chapter 39: all shot, 70 slides written
Bookacy chapter 40: all shot, 0 slides written

Fingers crossed this'll be a productive month!

Oh, and if you feel like joining in, but haven't yet signed up, hurry up and do so! Good luck, everyone!
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Ummm... Yeah. I thought I'd peek in to note, I'm, you know, still alive and around.

I'm actually not as un-cheerful as my avatar there, but... )

So, that's what's going on. As a final note, I know I also haven't been commenting on LJ, I've been reading but haven't felt up to posting anything. When I get my butt in gear I'll have some catching up to do with story comments. Just to let you know, I have been reading and I have been enjoying, but I'll get to the commenting later. Promise. :)

Alright. Sorry about rambling so long and rather aimlessly, getting that off my chest sure felt good. Now I think I'll go try to write today's half a slide, and then I'd better head to bed. G'night!
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Late last night, me and the Bookacies reached an important milestone. The following might be considered a tiny bit spoilery, but I don't think I can resist posting it anyway...

There's someone who'd like to meet you )


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