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Prompt: New cake flavors for the bakery (biglenny)
Words: 696
Universe: canon Alphabetia, during chapter 39
Warnings: none

Every prompt written is more than zero prompts, and I got another one done. This is kind of a "how it really happened". Well, to be honest, I didn't really think of it when writing the chapter, and I think the impression is that Cho and Nicholas came up with the makeover + new products for the bakery all by themselves. But how I now see it is more like this maybe, and I think it still fits in with the chapter. Anyway, here it is!

Not just the look )
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Prompt: Tomorrow is another day (esmeiolanthe)
Words: 273
Universe: canon Strangetown, during chapter 1
Warnings: none

Yet more Strangetown. And look, I managed not to write a novel, too. Yay?

Groundhog day )

And I'm quite surprised, this one makes it into a Myshuno for me - on time! Proof:

Proof of the card kind )
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Prompt: What's not to like? (esmeiolanthe)
Words: 636
Universe: canon Strangetown, shortly after Bim has moved in (so a little bit into the future, but not really spoilery)
Warnings: none

Nothing much to say about this one, more Strangetown. :) And cuteness too I'd say.

What else could I possibly want for? )
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Prompt: Betrayal by a close friend (fairphantom92)
Words: 380
Universe: canon Strangetown, after the first lift
Warnings: a few bad words here and there

Some Villains or Heroes for a change, and well, nothing too surprising considering the prompt. It's a bit more in depth about Sal's feelings than we saw in the chapter. Also, I'm not 100% happy with it, but isn't that more or less always the case? Anyway, here it is!

False information )
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Prompt: Captain Hero learning how to fly (penguingirl03)
Words: 1142
Universe: canon Alphabetia, during mid/late adulthood of generation B
Warnings: none

I've had a bit of trouble concentrating for longer than a few sentences at a time in the evenings. But apparently a few sentences at a time still eventually leads to a piece. So here's my second one. I considered cutting the beginning - I kind of started too early it feels - and if this was in a chapter I think I would. But since it's not and since I already wrote it, I figured I'd let it be.

It has its perks )
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Prompt: Trying to calm someone down (silverbelle1220, in Myshuno 2012)
Words: 967
Universe: canon Alphabetia, a takeout during chapter 36 (Chris and Cyrus' wedding)
Warnings: none

Okay, so, I haven't been terribly productive with this Myshuno thing, real life has been taking a lot of energy, so I've been distracted by Civ V mostly on my free time. If I don't step up with the writing, making a Myshuno on time will be hard... Well, we'll see. Here's the first one anyway, it's one of the old prompts from 2012.

What a wedding )
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Almost time for Myshuno! Here's my card for this year:

Card here! )

I don't know how much I get done, seeing that I'm quite busy with work and stuff, but it'd be good to stretch my mucles a bit when it comes to writing. My mantra is "every prompt written is more than zero prompts".

Thanks for prompting me and good luck to everyone participating!
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Myshuno is here again! I thought I'd give it a shot, maybe it would get me into writing mood again. And in the previous years it's been fun. I've tended to get a Myshuno but not get any further than that. Well, every prompt written is more than zero prompts!

Anyway, I was meaning to say, if you'd like to give it a try, go ahead, it's fun! Also, if you haven't already prompted me and would like to, you can do so here. :)
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Prompt: What goes around comes around (hcbirce)
Words: 939
Universe: could be canon, sometime after Cho and Nicholas' wedding
Warnings: Gloom

This one's a bit on the gloomier side, but I gotta do one of those every now and then, right? I'm not sure if I'm entirely happy with this, but I can't put a finger on why. Oh well, here's the piece anyway.

Do you ever feel sorry for him? )

And with that, I get to claim a Myshuno! Proof:

Card again )
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Prompt: "And that's how it happened." (superfr0g)
Words: 429
Universe: could be canon, during gen. D's childhood
Warnings: Silliness

Another kind of silly one. These two have not really appeared in chapters much, they are very much background characters at this point. But Clarissa is one of my gen. C second cousins, and Daniel is her son with boyfriend Glen (Author+Curty -> Arthur+Meadow -> Bonnie+Thomas -> Clarissa+Glen -> Daniel). And as a clarification to the short that follows: he's got to have quite a bunch by now.

Mystery newspapers )
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Prompt: Inappropriate flirting (docnerd)
Words: 860
Universe: not official canon, but this basically did happen in my game, shortly after Cho returned from college
Warnings: Silliness

Okay, this one's just plain silly. You might remember something like this happening at some point. That'd be because it did, I just didn't include it in a chapter. I talked about it towards the end of this picspam. Anyway, silliness ahoy!

You're one to talk )
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Prompt: Chris trying to subtly convey her feelings for Cyrus (docnerd)
Words: 730
Universe: could be considered canon, during generation C's college years
Warnings: overdose of obliviousness

My second prompt already, yay! Had to think about this one a bit. The obliviousness is sort of hard to write, even though I tend to be the same way myself. Maybe that's why.

Four letter word )
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Prompt: Dirk and Eric (biglenny)
Words: 795
Universe: could be considered canon Alphabetia I guess, for example while Cho and Nicholas were on their Twikkii trip
Warnings: Other than a slight cuteness attack, none that I can think of

This was surprisingly easy. It just came out of my head in just about one go. At least this year I'm not starting on a gloomy note!

All kinds of families )
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Since people seem to be posting their Myshuno! cards, I finally remembered to make mine.

Card! )
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I went ahead and signed up for the Myshuno! challenge over at [livejournal.com profile] sim_spiration again. Last year, I managed to score a Myshuno! though not a blackout. We'll see how well I do this year.

If you feel like prompting me, my thread is here. :) Thanks! Also, while you're at it, you can also join yourself!

Now to get some shuteye, and maybe to think of more prompts tomorrow. G'night!
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Prompt: Why taking revenge on the descendants of your enemy makes total sense (by mzyra)
Words: 919
Universe: canon Alphabetia, some time around chapter 33 or 34
Warnings: twisted villain-logic

Fourth prompt already, yay! This is canon-ish, although I don't think it'll be included in a chapter.

In other news, I decided I'm allowed to play through the mini-rotation at college before I start shooting the massive plottiness that is Cyrus and Chris' wedding. So I started on that, and it feels good to get to play Alphabetia a bit. :) I also realize I should continue with the autumn picspam I was doing before, although now the pictures are a little old.

Anyway, for now, have some Sal & Komei:

Deep Thoughts )
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Prompt: "Here it goes again", song by OK GO (by esmeiolanthe)
Words: 447
Universe: canon Alphabetia/Sim State University somewhere fairly early in gen. C's college years
Warnings: umm... fairly unsurprising piece, considering the prompt?

I got myself unstuck on the prompt. Sorry, it's another one about Nicholas, but you like Nicholas, right? And really, looking at the prompt, who else could it be about?

This is the last time )
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Prompt: Nicholas at the Bookacy Greek House Greek House after Cho has left for Alphabetia (by docnerd)
Words: 929
Universe: canon Alphabetia (or Sim State University) a little bit after the end of chapter 33, but there's nothing that you wouldn't already know
Warnings: curse word here and there, excessive gloom, very slight implications

So my second prompt already? Wow, this is going better than I expected. I might even score a Myshuno some time this century. In other news: only a week left of my renovation unless anything disastrous happens, yay! Also, I'm still working on chapter 34 and it's going a lot smoother than any of my recent chapters, which is nice. Currently 46 slides written. Also, not to be too distractionless (it'd probably be horrible if I had no distractions and could concentrate on what I'm trying to do, right?), I started an undocumented, just-for-fun apocalypse on my laptop. But fear not, apocalypses are so hard that I tend to give up in the first generation anyway.

But yeah, lot's of gloom this way. May I present: "Emptiness", starring Nicholas Charvat.

Emptiness )
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Prompt: How Komei Tellerman got into his current line of work (by esmeiolanthe)
Words: 4134
Universe: I suppose this could be canon Alphabetia, I'm not sure about the details but along these lines
Warnings: an occasional bad word, perhaps a cliché here and there, super long

Okay, so I guess I got inspired. What was supposed to be just a drabble, became a kind of a longer story. I'm not entirely happy with it, it's a little rough around the edges and could use some cutting probably, but I fear that if I edit it more, I'll end up writing more, and I already needed several days to write this so... Here goes:

Lots of words here )
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Alright, as I said, no promises and no deadlines, I get enough of the latter at work. But, I've made my Myshuno card:

Myshuno card here )

Alright, so I'm looking forward to October when this starts. :) For now, I'll try to get back to my chapter writing - which is actually going kinda nice this time *is surprised*. All pictures are pre-arranged and I've got *checks* 21 slides written. Yay! Fingers crossed it keeps going well.


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