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Okay, so, here's the deal. I was talking in my new year's simming resolutions how I should find a way to post picspam without having to tear my hair out. Quite frankly, I have so many families at this point (I just counted and there are 18 houses in my rotation) that these huge picspam posts of the past aren't really feasible anymore. The whole picking out the pictures I want to show, resizing them, posting them on photobucket, copying codes to LJ, writing captions, moving captions when I accidentally place them between the wrong pictures, etc. can easily take me several hours, which is not really very nice, and I've been in picspam-avoidance mode for a while because of that. Sure, I can do it if it's a big behind the scenes post or meta or something that I await almost as eagerly as posting a new chapter. But for posting random pictures, mostly of those families that are no longer featured in the story? Not so much.

So, I needed an alternative way to do it. I've been hearing people say that Tumblr would be a much simpler way to post few pictures here and there than LJ is, so after a bit of pondering, I decided to try it out. I made an account a couple of days ago; here it is if you'd like to see. I just tried posting for the first time, and apparently, since you can just directly select the pictures from your hard drive and skip the whole resize-upload-and-paste-links-around phase, it does feel a lot simpler, and quicker. I suppose it also helps that there's a limit of 10 pictures per post: I have to pick and choose the most interesting ones and really be strict with it, instead of posting 50+ pictures per family (and then wondering why my picspam posts take forever to write...).

I think I'm gonna try this out. Rather than compose huge posts of general day to day picspam here, I may try to post a few pictures per family on there, whenever I feel like it. Hopefully that'd get me into the habit of picspamming again. *crosses fingers* I'll try to post reminders to say "hey, there's picspam for you here" occasionally here too, since I don't suppose my f-list has Tumblrs necessarily. (Feel free to shout if you do, I've likely missed it, then. :) )

Here's hoping that this works! If not, I'll then have to figure out something else. Now, back to my regularly scheduled simming.
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Just a quick note before bed that I've updated the download archive. It now includes all generation C adults (and Charlie, who WOULD be an adult if it wasn't for plot...), and a couple of younger generation Bs who didn't yet have secondary aspirations got those while I was at it. The rest of generation Cs will be growing up with generation D, and will be added when they're adults. I realized I won't be sending generation D to college by the end of the year as I was resolving, so I wanted to get something else done. It took me most of the weekend, but now it's done and all up to date. Yay!

So in case anyone would like to have some simmies, now you can! And in case my neighborhood goes kaboom, I can, too. And now I'm off to bed. G'night!


May. 21st, 2012 08:52 pm
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Sooo, guess who has a new computer? You know, one that stays on and all.

Excited computer babble here! )

After that I yet need to install all less urgent stuff before I get to sim, but that is already peanuts now that things are looking this good. *is excited*

Oh, and as I've been getting excited about the prospect of simming again, I got struck with an idea for a Bookacy spin-off just the other day. There are several ways in which it would be quite hard, and I'm not entirely sure I could do it, buuuuut... I've been saying that I need a side project, and the idea feels kind of awesome... I'll have to ponder on this some more.

*huggles new computer, simmies and f-list* It's great to have things moving again!
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Alright, time for me to share some sims!

I've now made public the new Bookacy download archive I've been working on. It's still in the works, though, it currently contains everyone up until generation B. I'll slowly continue with generation C whenever I have the time and motivation.

Further babble and downloadable Bookacies this way (on my DW)!

Also, I'll be now taking down my old downloads page on LJ, so that no one accidentally downloads the not-so-clean sims anymore now that there is a better alternative available. If you happen to want someone who's not in the new archive yet, just ask, I can at least get you the clean extracted sim, if not the cc-version right away.

Good to have LJ back again. :)
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So, one thing I've been working on got ready, or well, ready enough to be shared anyway: the new and shinier family tree. For a Bookacy experience on Family Echo, click here.

Let me babble on for a while )


Dec. 26th, 2010 11:09 pm
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Today, I've plodded knee-deep in snow with three heavy bags, and I'm back home after an hour-long walk from the bus stop (which usually takes 15 minutes tops). So one could say there's some snow here. That's not so much yay, but yay for making it back home anyway.

What's much more yay is... I have my disks back! I started the installation dance today, and will continue tomorrow. Then I yet need to get all these SimPEs and Gadwins and Clean Installers and... But soon(ish) I will be having my sims back, hooray!
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So, operation massive installation is over, and I can announce that all seems to have gone fine. After running a small test play, I went to see how my legacy sims were doing. And they seemed to be doing just fine. I know I should have started sorting the pictures for the spare update, but I couldn't resist starting a new rotation. Especially as it's the main house that is first in rotation. Anyway, the following is picspam from this weekend.

Behold the shiny )

So, that's my random picspam for today. I really should do the kiddy picspam, the gen. B who's who (except that not all gen Bs are adults yet), the next chapter... But well, I have shinies. I was distracted.

Now I think I'll need to un-distract myself and go to bed. Good night, again!


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