Culpepper Pals: Summer 1: Bell

Apr. 23rd, 2019 10:01 pm
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Welcome back to San Myshuno and the Culpepper Pals! We’re hanging out with Adora Bell!

Last time, we saw Adora settle into her new historical apartment with the help of the other Culpepper Pals. Her City Native aspiration had her introducing herself to people, eating food stand cuisine, trying bubbles and handing out apartment keys. Adora took a job in the Gardening career, and planted some things inside with her fingers crossed. She also spent a lot of time with Akira, at the park, at dinner and in the Fashion District. Despite him standing her up once, the pair were a couple by the end of the last rotation.

You’ll find links to all the previous updates on the boolprop thread.

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Culpepper Pals: Summer 1: Brows

Apr. 14th, 2019 08:45 pm
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Time for summer to continue for the Culpepper Pals, and this time we’re joining Dusty Brows and her girlfriend, Candy Behr!

Last time, Dusty started an official club for the Culpepper Pals (although Kirby is still not a member). She then met Candy Behr at the Flea Market, who later invited her out for ice cream in Newcrest. As if that wasn’t enough, she then bumped into Candy at Geek Con the following day. That night, Dusty was bitten by a vampire but luckily nothing came from it. The following day was Love Day, and Candy invited Dusty out on a date to the Ancient Ruins in Windenburg, which went really, really well. At the end of the date, Candy moved in with Dusty.

Quite a bit happened last time! Links to all the previous updates, for Dusty and the other families, are available here, in the Boolprop thread.

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