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Surprise, something Bookacy-related for a change! This is a quite brief behind the scenes entry for chapter 40. Brief, because a) it was a recap chapter so most topics have been covered already and b) this is a year overdue (literally a year...), so I may have forgotten things that I would otherwise have said. I just want this done for completeness' sake, so I can cross it off my to-do and move on to other things. Such as hopefully updating again in the near future!

This way for the BTS )
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So, about time to have some picspam and BTS for chapter 39, don't you think? I don't have all that much actually, now that we're back to a more observational style, I'm using most gameplay pictures. But I'll babble on for a bit.

Picspam! )

I think that just about covers my BTS for this chapter. As a progress update otherwise, I'm sort of alternating between several things according to what I feel like at each moment. I'm writing the recap chapter, and I'm on 46 slides written currently, and storywise in generation A college years. I'm playing the winter rotation in Alphabetia (and noticing how much faster small households are to play than big ones). I'm also slowly building a new downloads folder, for when it's time to rebuild Alphabetia.

I'm noticing that I'm sort of running out of unique stuff for all new sims, especially hairstyles, but wouldn't want to download terribly much for the old 'hood anymore. And I'm noticing that it's going to take a long time to completely rebuild a downloads folder. But, it's going to be better organized, have less useless stuff, and I'll get to have lots of pretty things. So I think it'll be worth it.

It's a good thing I'm not in a hurry.
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So maybe I should show some outtakes and babble on about the first actual chapter of the apocalypse. Alright, here goes. Obviously, spoilery if you haven't read chapter 1.

Pictures and babble under the cut )
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Time for the traditional outtakes and BTS post! Not terribly much to talk about, as this chapter has been more towards observational, but I figured we could still have some fun outtakes and babble a bit.

About 30 pictures )

Alright, I think that's about it for today's BTS. Now it's back to playing the main house and arranging the first actual apocalypse chapter. Happy simming!
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Vaddi bobo! Time to finally talk about the Sekrit Project, because it's no longer sekrit! Beware of spoilers under the cut if you haven't read the Bookacy interlude or the Prologue to Villains or Heroes? yet.

Picspam and BTS, ~70 pictures )
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Okay, so. As I'm currently back on track with my simming stuff, caught up with comments and replies or just about, playing the Alphabetia rotation and actually getting started with the sekrit project, I thought I should maybe post a bit of BTS. It's not a huge thing this go around, for the most part I used actual gameplay pictures and used most of what I took, but I hope you enjoy this mini-BTS anyway.

BTS this way, spoilery for chapter 37, plus a random piece of awesome at the end )

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled simming, and for me, back to working on the sekrit project!
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Okay, so now that I'm finally done with that huge double update I've been working on for ages, I thought I should maybe do some BTS/meta/outtakes picspam on the double update. There's some stuff I've been sitting on for... I don't even know how long and I'm anxious to get to talk about it. :) The following is veeeeery spoilery for chapters 35 & 36, so clicky on the cut at your own risk if you've not read the double update yet!

BTS/meta this way! )
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Alright, I believe I promised you some BTS for chapter 33, so here goes. The following is, naturally, spoilery for chapter 33.

What happened behind the scenes? )

Alright. I suppose that's just about all I had for today's BTS. When I wasn't being blocked (and for a loooooong time I was, and it was terrible), this was a really interesting chapter to write, one I'd been looking forward to a long time. But so should be the next one. I'm currently working on a the autumn rotation in Alphabetia, getting started on the wedding and baby paloozas - I think I've earned it. But sometime during the (sim) autumn or winter, plottiness will be happening, too... Eventually, there'll be chapter 34. But before then, there's playing to be done, and I think picspam to be posted too, when I have some. :)
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Well, I may not have my simmies back yet, but I finally got my butt in gear and decided I'd do some BTS and picspam for chapter 32. After all, I do have the pictures and there's stuff I've been wanting to talk about for a while (and there's stuff I can't talk about yet, too, but let's not talk about that :) ). So...

(A rather big) BTS and picspam this way, SPOILERY for chapter 32 )

Alright, I think that's about all I can show you without giving away too much. I'm still waiting to get my disks back, I've reminded my sister to pack those with her for X-mas, so it shouldn't be too long until I get to do the installation dance. Yay! Until then, I hope you enjoy the picspam. :)
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So, now that the chapter is done with, I've been planning and promising to post some meta on Cyrus and Chris, and now I've finally got the time and the energy for that, so hooray!

Long meta behind the cut, spoilerish for chapter 30 )

Phew. I think that just about covers the meta for Cyrus and Chris. Now I think it's time for me to shut up, and maybe go advance the rotation a little bit!
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Lots has been happening lately. First of all, I found out what was wrong with my pictures in my updates, and that would have been my reading comprehension. When Doc said "lossless compression" she must have meant lossless compression. In other words, I found out that I had a jpg compression on when making my pdfs in Impress, and once I turned that off and reuploaded, the result looked much better. This means I've been re-making pdfs and re-uploading them to Dreamwidth. Luckily that wasn't as big of a project as converting the chapters in the first place. So now I have nicer looking chapters, yay!

Second of all, I finished my main hood mini-rotation, and sent the final three teens of the generation, Connor, Cliff and Christa, to college. Hooray! I've given them makeovers and updated the cast list. That should be the final version, at this point I'd be very, very surprised if someone threw me a pregnancy. The gen. Bs should be too old for that at this point I believe.

Third of all, I thought that now that the chapter's done with, we could use some picspam too. So here you go, have a rather random picspam!

Mini-rotation random picspam, plus slight spoilers for chapter 29! )

So, that's all for my picspam this time. Next up for the Bookacies is another college rotation, starting with the Greek House. If I'm not mistaken, Cyrus will be graduating this rotation, as will Bobby. Yay! But before that, I need to do some plotting and planning...
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I've been meaning to post some behind the scenes material and other picspam for a while, but haven't felt up for it. Now, rather than start up my game, I felt like I could type up some behind the scenes. I finally get to talk about some of these things. (In the end find some regular picspam, too.) So here we go, be forewarned, this picspam is going to be huge!

Let's start with the spoilery stuff - if you haven't read 25 and 26, spoiler alarms will sound! )

So, I think that's about it for today's behind the scenes & picspam. I'm sorry if the order of things was a little confusing, my train of thought seems to be difficult to follow right now, even for me. =D Must be the tiredness.
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So, I thought it would be about time for some picspam. I've been playing a lot these past few days, as I'm having some time off from work and all. So I've been able to finish the autumn rotation and start the winter one. So I've got some stuff from the various Bookacies to show. But first...

Let's have a small behind the scenes for chapter 24 (maybe minor spoilage if you haven't read ch. 24) )
Miscellaneous picspam (including a few ackward situations and pixellated nekkidness) )

That's it for the picspam for now. The kids are closing in on college, or most of them anyway, and I'm having a blast playing.


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