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Okay, so. As I'm currently back on track with my simming stuff, caught up with comments and replies or just about, playing the Alphabetia rotation and actually getting started with the sekrit project, I thought I should maybe post a bit of BTS. It's not a huge thing this go around, for the most part I used actual gameplay pictures and used most of what I took, but I hope you enjoy this mini-BTS anyway.

BTS this way, spoilery for chapter 37, plus a random piece of awesome at the end )

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled simming, and for me, back to working on the sekrit project!
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Happy this year, all!

I thought I'd start the year with the little funny story about what happened when Elias Terrano got married. Just for fun.

So, what happened when Elias Terrano got married? )

As for the Bookacies, I've now gone back to Alphabetia and started with the growing up and making over the oldest of generation C. Chip grew up yesterday with his girlfriend Sunny, and Sunny grew up in the most unfortunate outfit so far. With that, I also discovered that I should probably do a CC cull soonish. Apparently I've now got so much that my computer is starting to have a hard time with it. I managed to crash it twice by going shopping on a community lot and trying to buy clothes for two sims at a time. That was too much for the poor computer. But surely I can find stuff there that I don't really use.

Anyway, next up is the growing up of Corinna, I believe. And because I'm anxious to get going, I won't do a short rotation in the main hood but will go directly into growing up the main bunch of the generation after only giving the older ones a few days' head start. Then, there will be weddings and babies, hooray! (So far, two generation C sims are pregnant. Cho has been since before the hard drive switch, and yesterday Sunny and Chip got themselves riskied up on their first woohoo as adults. That makes my first risky.) So I believe the next picspam I need to do will be on some growing ups and makeovers. :)

Looking at the preview of this post, it looks like I need to do something about my pictures yet. It seems that the resized versions get a little unclear on the details, like the text. Sorry about that, I'll need to work on this.

Edit: It was the settings of my resize program, I turned up the quality option and now they're much clearer. Pictures are now replaced by better quality ones. Apparently the text is really so tiny that it's hard to read even if it's not blurry, I will have to try to remember this when doing future picspams.
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There hasn't been terribly much progress lately on the Bookacy front. After putting out the latest chapter, I've managed to play Cyrus and Bobby through graduation, but both are still on campus, Cyrus because he's needed for plot, and Bobby because he's not going anywhere before Cyrus is. But I've still got the rest of the college rotation in in front of me.

So, that's why I thought I'd show off some of my trials in the photoshoot hood (the name of which, incidentally, is Photoshoot Hood), as well as some (gasp!) non-Bookacy picspam.

Photoshooting and non-Bookacy pictures this way! )

So that's it for the picspam this time. I'll try to post some Bookacy picspam when I've gotten myself to play more of the rotation.


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