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Finally time for that Lakewood update that I promised ages ago!

Now that all the kids are teenagers, it's time to do the first heir poll of the OWBC - and actually, my first heir poll ever. It's open for the next three weeks, remember to vote for your favorite! I hope you enjoy the update.
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Ha! So I finally got my act together and finished typing the Curious update. It's a little long (and that's partly why it took me so long), but what can I say, it was an eventful week too!

Anyway, as always, comments are welcome wherever you might feel inclined to leave them. I hope you enjoy!
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Update time! I got the Curious household update typed up, so here it is:

As always, comments are welcome wherever. I hope you enjoy!
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Here comes the third part! I'm on a roll. :) I would have posted this earlier today, but my computer gave me a bit of a scare and I took a backup just in case. Everything seems just fine now, so I hope it was just a random hiccup and not anything serious... *knocks on wood*

As always, comments welcome here, there, anywhere.


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