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Ten years ago today, Author Bookacy walked out of CAS and founded her legacy. Can you believe it? I'm not sure I can. In a celebration of sorts, I made this silly thing. What can I say, I've always found it pretty amusing how my sims and characters end up completely different from their namesakes. It was fun making this and seeing my characters so very out of character for a change!

In case the "official" family font is hard to read, here are the texts:

Adso Melk:

Adson Bookacy:
Romance sim with number LTW

Beth March:
Painfully shy, sweet girl

Beth Bookacy:
1-Nice-Point Popularity sim

Cyrus Cama:
Full-blooded psychopath

Cyrus Bookacy:
Lovable goofball

Dirk Gently:
Care-free, penniless private eye

Dirk Bookacy:
Rich legacy heir, worrywart

The Bookacy family Alphabet Adventures:
Mismatching the Namesakes Since 2007

With that, I'd like to say thanks to anyone who's been reading, and especially to those lovely long-time readers. My simming may be erratic these days, but we're still here, still trotting along. Happy Legaversary to me, and many more!
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Six years ago today, Author Bookacy walked out of CAS. It's been a long time.

I sort of hoped to have something nice for today, but alas, it was not to be. Thankfully, I think I'm mostly better now, but real life is taking most of my energy. Maybe now that the flu is just about gone I can actually at least think about doing something about these things.

Anyway, I didn't have that much to say. Just basically: it's been a long time. Happy legaversary to me. *blows party horn*
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Yes, it's September 2nd again. Five years ago today, Author Bookacy walked out of CAS and started her alphabetacy. Can you believe it's been five years? I sure can't. I just calculated the other day that if I keep going at my current pace (about a generation per year on average, or actually a little less), I'll be close to retirement age by the time I finish this challenge. Umm... Well maybe I can then pick up a new hobby when I retire or something?

I was hoping I'd have something for you today, but alas, it turned out I wouldn't. I guess I could have posted the brief interlude, but since it's kind of tightly bound to the spinoff, I want to be absolutely sure I won't be miserably failing with it at least right away before I post that. And I can't be absolutely sure yet. So instead of an update, you get ramblings. Yay?

All in all, I suppose it's going okay on the sims front. I've been working on the side project (you never realize how much work something is before you actually start doing it, do you?) and playing the rotation forward in Alphabetia. I've got about 60 slides written and about 100 arranged for the prologue, so that's something. But there's a long way to go still, and I'm not terribly happy with what I've written so far, it needs work. As for Alphabetia, I've got five more houses to go before I'm done with the spring. In the summer, I'll get to my first teenings of gen. D, which makes me pretty excited. So, not bad progress, actually. Maybe I should post picspam or something, but I haven't felt up for it yet; I'm definitely not posting as many pictures as I have in the rotational picspam, it'd drive us all nuts.

As for real life, well, that's been okay too. Work's work, thankfully that hasn't been utterly crazy lately. And what I'm quite happy about is I've been able to stick to my excercise still. Actually, I took part in a sports event last weekend, a mini-triathlon (about half of the sprint distance competition distances, so nicely fit for a newbie), and didn't die, faint or throw up. So I quite think I deserved a medal - and in fact, I got one. Very nice thinking from the organizers on that one, you wouldn't think receiving a medal for crossing the finish line makes a difference for an adult person, but apparently it does. I was pretty pleased. Me and my sister are already pondering which similar event we'll partake next year, since this one was definitely a success. It was both fun and managed to keep us both motivated and make us stick to practising.

So such is going on here. Slow and steady.

Oh, before I forget: has anyone been having trouble with Boolprop lately? My antivirus has been blocking the site as "harmful" for the past week or so, and I haven't dared to go there despite the warning since I don't know what's up. Just wondering if anyone knows anything.
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So, it's the fifth and I have absolutely nothing, not even progress. I've been sick the whole time and haven't felt like even trying to write or photo-shoot. Nor play, actually. It's been quite enough just to sit like a zombie after work and then go to bed.


Well, anyhow, it's the fifth of September again, which means that today is the three-year legaversary of the Bookacies. Three years ago today I made Author and popped her on an empty lot did not make Author but posted my first update. I can't believe it's been that long, time sure flies. Happy legaversary, Bookacies! At this rate, there'll be many more to come.

EDIT: Hah. I just checked my last year's legaversary entry, and that was posted on September 2nd. After a moment of pondering, I realized I'd messed up the dates. September 2nd was when I created Author, September fifth was when I posted my first update. So my legaversary was technically three days ago. That didn't go too well.
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Today is kind of a special day for the Bookacies - it's their two-year legaversary. Two years ago today, on September 2nd, 2007, Author Bookacy walked out of CAS. I checked that at some time when I wanted to see how long I'd been playing already. (And the answer was "long".) So, happy legaversary to the Bookacies, and to me! As we're currently on gen. C, there should be plenty of those to come. And actually, at this rate finishing the legacy will be tough, as by that time there won't be computers that'd understand anything about my game. =D Oh well, we'll worry about that some other time.

Anyway. To celebrate this important occasion, I have something for you: a double update! It seemed I could make it on time, so I thought "why not" and went that last mile. Here they are, chapters 25 and 26, I hope you enjoy!


Edit 14th April 2017: in connection to moving to Dreamwidth, I fixed the links.


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