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Slowly trying to get back on track when it comes to simming, so I thought I might as well type this out. Remember way back in March, before my life turned upside down, when I mentioned that I'd been thinking about Alphabetia's population and may now have a system in mind? No? Well, no wonder, I barely remember it myself. But anyway, I looked at my spreadsheet again, and I still like it.

What I did back in March was open up a spreadsheet and list each and every current sim in Alphabetia, arranged by family. Then, without thinking too much, I gave them a "priority class", simply based on how much I like them and want to play them. Again, without thinking too much, I decided I'd try to go with three classes. I gave each sim a number from 1 to 3, with 1 being top priority, 2 being in the middle and 3 being the lowest priority. I didn't yet think much about what the numbers would mean in practice. That way, assigning priorities was surprisingly easy.

I color coded the results: priority 1 is green, priority 2 is yellow and priority 3 is red. And at that point, I came to a realization. Here's a picture of the spreadsheet, so you can see for yourself:

Yes, that's a lot of red, a hugely surprising amount for me. I went ahead and counted the numbers. I have a total of 86 sims in Alphabetia, only counting the currently living ones. And 9 of them got priority 1, meaning that I adore them and absolutely want to keep playing them and their decendants. Yes, you got that right. 9. 18 sims got priority 2, and the grand majority, 59, got priority 3. And this division came naturally, without having to force it one bit. So really, it's high time that I did something.

Another observation is, the division happened quite naturally, and it also pretty much corresponds to family lines at the moment: the main line including the current spare and his family are priority 1, the first cousins and their families are priority 2 and the rest are priority 3. There are a couple of exceptions, but that's alright, that's why I did the whole thing, to see how it goes. And that's also what gave me an idea what to do.

My plan is to have a permanent priority system in the 'hood, with three classes like I fleshed out above. Each sim has a priority, and I can decide on the priority however I want. A priority can change if I feel strongly about a particular sim, but it's meant to be a fairly permanent thing. I like all my sims, and I like having them around, so I'm not going to axe the cousins entirely.

The priority 1 sims are super important to me, so I'm going to keep playing them and their lives will be progressing as normal. No change for them, that is. I like the priority 2 sims a lot too, and I like playing them. Plus, there aren't that many of them, so I can keep them in the rotation. But they aren't as super important as the first group, and they don't need to have offspring all around the place. So the priority 2 sims are going to be in the rotation, and they will age normally, but there will be a chance that a sim belonging to this class will be infertile, to keep this class from growing indefinitely. The priority 3 sims are also my sweeties, but they aren't important to the plot like 99.9% of the time, and I don't really feel so strongly about them, so this is where I can make a change. The sims in priority 3 will be taken out of the rotation, so they won't age, and they will all be infertile.

As I said, I'm free to choose a new sim's priority whichever way I want, it doesn't necessarily have to go along the family lines, although mostly I suspect it will. Also, I can make exceptions for partners. Say, a priority 2 sim really likes a priority 3 sim, so I want them to get together. If they do, and I like the priority 3 sim enough, they can get "promoted" back to priority 2. And the other way around too.

When I get back to actually playing Alphabetia, I think I'll finish the current rotation because I'm so close to the end. Then I'll probably start playing by the new priority system and see if I like it, tune it where necessary. And probably until the downgrade point after college, I'll have to pretend to go by the old system for the story, because only then I'm going to have an explanation of it for the plot. But I have plans for that plot, and I like them.

So yeah, maybe I've finally found something good? I hope so.

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Ok, so confession time: zero simming this week. I sort of forgot last weekend when writing the last weekly simming that this week was already vappu week. Vappu, as in May Day, a celebration on par with New Year's and Midsummer's here in Finland. It was this weekend, and I got to meet some friends and enjoy the great weather, so all in all a great time.

Another excuse, with possible overdose of nostalgy )

So yeah, excuses, but good ones at least in my opinion. ;) Maybe I'll have more time for simming next week.
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Alright, so first my weekly progress report. This week was a pretty nice one progress-wise. On Monday, I finished the third week for the Capps in Lakewood. I also posted picspam on them. And yesterday, I finished writing the related update. So not bad!

Today, I've been playing the Bruenig house in Alphabetia. I'm a couple of days into the rotation, which is nice progress-wise. And I've written a little on the next Bookacy update, currently on 47 slides. So a little bit of progress there too.

But with the glitches that I'm facing, I'm now really starting to think about the upcoming rebuild. I think it may be upon us sooner than I've thought. So to clear my own head, I'll go into more detail below. Follow the cut if interested!

Rebuild babble )

Ok, I think that was most of what I currently have in mind about the rebuild. Feel free to say if you have opinions or advice on it - much appreciated. :) I think I'll tune the to-do list on the rebuild a bit and post it some time soonish.
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So, as I said last time, this week was kind of busy when it comes to real life. I was on a business trip from Monday to Tuesday, and kind of recovering from that the rest of the week. When it comes to free time, I had my first French class on Thursday and I thoroughly enjoyed it. (I studied French in high school, but have since then just about forgotten everything, and want to brush up my skills.)

I've also been a bit distracted by other games (especially since I've been tired in the evenings), but I did manage some progress today. I allllmost finished the rotation for the Davidsons, and wrote a little bit too. I'll have some catching up to do with writing afterwards, but thankfully just a rotation worth. Once I get to it, it goes pretty quickly, at least has so far.

But goodness, I didn't even remember how hard the toddler training is without smart milk! I'm not sure if I regret choosing the no aspiration rewards handicap or not. On the one hand, it feels like so much work, on the other, it feels like an actual challenge, too. I think out of all the aspiration rewards, I really miss two the most: elixir and smart milk. Not that surprising I suppose. Anyway, by my usual playstyle, the Davidsons' oldest child should be a kid now, but there's still the nursery rhyme to go! Well, we'll see how that goes.

I'm not sure about next week, but hopefully it isn't as busy as this week. I've been a little distracted lately, but again, playing was fun when I did actually play. So maybe more progress next week? Maybe.
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This week concludes my summer vacation for this year, and although last week was better progress-wise, I did get stuff done and I'm happy with it.

Things that got done )

So tomorrow morning it's back to work for me. But, there's still evenings and weekends, so we'll keep trotting along.
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Well. I haven't really played or written this week, but I have done something: finished my downloads project! And that's something. I've mostly spent my simming time this week going through my hacks, downloading yet a few odds and ends, alphabetizing my content list, bulk-renaming my files so as to reduce load time and such.

In which I babble on about my fancy new downloads and my not so fancy hack conflicts )

Edit: The hack problem turned out to be Argon's Townie brick. I don't know if it was conflicting with something or otherwise broken, but when in downloads, it made my game misbehave, so it got tossed. It seems I'm looking at a few other problems, but more on the level "missing clothes mesh", or so it seems. Some tidying up remains to be done, but overall I'm very happy. So much choice!

So it'll probably be a while yet before I'm confident enough to open Alphabetia with the new Downloads folder. And then I'll probably have to give my sims back their clothes and stuff that the game can't find because it's organized differently. But, one step at a time, plus if I get this done now, I won't have to when I do the rebuild! We'll see how far I've gotten next week.
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Well, there's one thing I haven't done this week: played. The week was on the busy side, I had a couple of things I needed to attend, one party, plus headache problems on the days I wasn't occupied with any of those... But, I've still managed a bit of progress.

Progress! )

Next week should be less busy than this week, I hope so anyway. We'll see!
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Time for the weekly report!

Weekly simming this way )

Picspam links this way )

Next week I have some pre-agreed things to do, so slightly on the busier side again. Plus I foresee continuing distraction of the game kind. But, whatever progress I have (and I do intend to have some), I'll report next week!
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Again it's Sunday, and I decided I'll get this posted yet before bed, so I can start a new week fresh tomorrow.

Weekly simming! )

Next week is supposed to be quieter than this one, and Thursday is a public holiday. Maybe I'll get more done than I did this week!
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I'm suddenly a lot more active, hmm?

Yesterday's post made me think about the future of Alphabetia, in earnest. I realized that by journaling my progress, I can calculate my speed at playing the Bookacies. And I already have an estimate of my current playing speed: roughly 1.5 households with 5/6 days each per week. That leads to some interesting calculations.

This is gonna get long, and I apologize. Feel free to skip, I fully understand. I just need to write this down to process it myself.

Calculations and ramblings )

It's a kind of a simming epiphany, really, and a long time coming. I think I'm going to finish the rotation the usual way, since I'm so close, but after that, I'm not sure yet how I'll proceed. But at the moment, I'm feeling kind of... radical. Perhaps slightly sad, but mostly I'm thinking something good can come out of this.
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Today is a good day for sims stuff. First, because it's Sunday, and second, because I went to the gym yesterday and... let's say I kind of feel like sitting still. :P So, since I feel like I don't post enough these days, I'll start off by making a to-do for myself, and babbling.

Sparing the f-list )

So! Let's see if I can keep this up, but the intentions are good, in any case.
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... well, technically, I don't think I've downloaded a single deer. So far. But anyway. Since I've been a bit quiet lately, I thought I'd write something about what I've been doing, sims-wise and otherwise.

Some sims, some real life )

So yeah. I think that was the long-winded way of saying what's up with me. I'm alright, and I hope you're doing alright, too!
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I've gotten past Chris and Cyrus' wedding in the recap, so not much more left. Woo! Also, I'm on, like, 230 slides now. Maybe 240 or so will be the count after I add the rest. Whoops? I'm going to have to try and cut it down a little bit, it's pretty insane. But I suspect I won't be able to do that much, there's just so. much. plot. So I guess in the end I'll have to apologize for the length and let it be. (And try to do a recap sooner next time. :P ) At least it should cover everything important and get people thoroughly reminded/caught up.

There may be a bit of a delay yet, though. You see, my thesis finally came back from review (both reviewers recommending that it be granted printing permission, yay!), so I need to do the final fixes for it and wade through a lot of red tape and whatnot. At least it's a happy reason. :) And at this point, I'm so close with the update (well the thesis too) that I can't not make it eventually. :P
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I thought it'd maybe be about time I said something, and decided it would be a good time to do a progress report of sorts.

There's been progress! )

So such has been on my mind/desk simming-wise lately. Sorry about the babbling, I hope I didn't talk your ear off. Next, I think some more writing is in order. :)
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So, about time to have some picspam and BTS for chapter 39, don't you think? I don't have all that much actually, now that we're back to a more observational style, I'm using most gameplay pictures. But I'll babble on for a bit.

Picspam! )

I think that just about covers my BTS for this chapter. As a progress update otherwise, I'm sort of alternating between several things according to what I feel like at each moment. I'm writing the recap chapter, and I'm on 46 slides written currently, and storywise in generation A college years. I'm playing the winter rotation in Alphabetia (and noticing how much faster small households are to play than big ones). I'm also slowly building a new downloads folder, for when it's time to rebuild Alphabetia.

I'm noticing that I'm sort of running out of unique stuff for all new sims, especially hairstyles, but wouldn't want to download terribly much for the old 'hood anymore. And I'm noticing that it's going to take a long time to completely rebuild a downloads folder. But, it's going to be better organized, have less useless stuff, and I'll get to have lots of pretty things. So I think it'll be worth it.

It's a good thing I'm not in a hurry.

Still here

Feb. 16th, 2014 02:56 pm
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I thought maybe it was time to actually say something. So... "something"? As you may have noticed, I haven't been around much. Or, I have been following what's going on and commenting with my usual delay, but I haven't posted anything myself.

I haven't really done any simming recently either, or writing. Basically, I haven't felt like it. Taking care of real life has been a priority, and although there has been a certain amount of waiting around (maybe I'll get around writing something about it f-locked one of these days), I've found myself preferring simple relaxation and entertainment over project-type hobbies. So I've played Civ 5, or some game on my Wii, or done some other such thing.

Today was actually the first time I've opened my simming computer for... maybe a month or so. It was getting dusty. :P I miss my simmies, and today I'm actually feeling like maybe doing something with them. We'll see how far I get with that. I'm also contemplating maybe joining SimStoCremo next month. I may have a lot of time in my hands then, so maybe. Of course, last time I tried it, I ended up having an extended writer's block, so I'm a bit wary too. I suppose by the end of the month I'll be ready to decide.

So yeah. Nothing hugely much to say still. But I'm still here, and not intending to go anywhere. And I'm glad you're still there too. ^^
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So... It's 2014, then. Happy this year, all! I hope it's started well for you.

For me, 2013 didn't turn out to be all that great, here's hoping that 2014 will be better. In real life matters, I don't tend to make resolutions really, since I'd feel bad if they were something serious and I ended up breaking them. If that makes any sense. But, in sims, I like to state a few goals, so I have something to aim for. So, what were my goals for 2013?

2013 )

So, all in all, not terrible considering real life being what it's been. But enough about last year, how about this year?

2014 )

I think that's enough for this year, we'll see how well I will fare. Now, maybe I should go and get a head start. :) Once again, happy this year!
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I've been kinda quiet lately again. There's real life and job hunting; I've mentioned I'm expected to graduate this year and basically, that will bring my current employment to an end. So I just have to hope I find something. I keep telling myself that in this sense it's a good thing I studied CS, even if I don't always love it at least there are jobs. I try not to panic too much.

Anyway, the latest real life development seems to be that I caught the fresher's flu. Great. And I'm no longer much in direct contact with the new students, but the week they show up, bang, Katri gets the flu. So here I am, sitting at home half-bored, half-too-sleepy-to-do-much, when I should be fixing my thesis and would want to work on my sims projects. Oh well.

Also, my *counts* 6th legaversary is next week. I knew all along that having a Bookacy update ready then would not be feasible, but I was thinking maybe an apocalypse update would be nice. But if things keep going the way they have lately, that doesn't look too good either. Actually, I'm almost done with the writing, I just need to set some motivations straight in my head and write maybe one scene or so, and then I'm missing the plotty pictures. But getting those seems to be a bit of a longer process this time. *sigh* Eventually, eventually...

So such. I'm not dead, just apparently having the flu - I blame that for the incoherent post. Now maybe for another nap? Naps are good.
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... I have black on white that I have a rough idea of how I think the apocalypse will end. And *cough* actually, the legacy, at that.

Kind of crazy, but I've had these ideas in my head for probably a better part of a year. I had an idea for the legacy earlier, but since I started the apocalypse, I got a new one, and I think in at least some respects better. Today, I sat down and sketched it all in an OO text document. It'll be interesting to see in what ways it'll change along the way.

Currently I especially like the way the apocalypse would end. There's a couple things that kind of bother me about the potential legacy ending, but as a general idea, I like that too.

So now I know the guidelines for what I will be doing from the retirement home then. Perhaps I should get back to what I think I should be doing now, writing and shooting for the apocalypse chapter. :P To be fair, though, I needed to sketch out the direction I want the apocalypse to take before I could know what to put in the chapter. Now we'll see if that helps.
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I signed up for the Poker Face summer event over at Simspiration, and now that the challenge is officially starting, I thought I could post my hand of cards. I have been given five randomized restrictions, "cards" and my task is to write five pieces each according to one of them, and if I get all five done before Aug. 15, well then I win.

My hand of cards is as follows:

Future tense
1000 words or less

So I hope you'll be seeing some of these soonish. :)

I'm also playing Alphabetia and posting picspam again, and slowly writing the apocalypse chapter. Progress has been slower than I had hoped (isn't it always?) but it's progress anyway. I'm currently on a little under 60 slides. New text comes out fairly easily, but I'm not sure if I'm happy with it; the beginning of an apocalypse is actually pretty booooring to write/read. Go to work, cross fingers for promotion, eat once a day, wash hands like a maniac, greet everyone who comes over (and try to explain to the reader why there's a horde of sims marching on the lawn, it's supposed to be the end of the world and it's supposed to be dangerous to move about), rinse and repeat. And then again, I don't want to squeeze it onto one slide with "and then he got five more promotions on successive days, washed his hands some more, met some more townies who weren't supposed to be there, and lifted the restriction, the end". And I'm a bit unsure on how the plot, insofar as there is one, should go, too. Oh well, I guess I'll figure it out as I go. The way I always do.

I've got a week of vacation left, and I doubt the apocalypse chapter will be out before it ends. I try to stick to remembering that I've made progress, and stick to trying to make a bit of progress every day. I'll get it done eventually.


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