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The TS4 project that I've been mentioning here is finally complete! MTS just approved my shiny new Sims 4 Random Sim Generator last night, so now you can go check it out! It's essentially the same tool as my old TS2 randomizer, but you know, for TS4. You run it in a web browser and tick some boxes, then you press a button and it tells you what kind of sims to make. Handier than rolling a dice 1,000,000 times. ;)

It feels so good to have something finished! (Now I'll be able to play my TS4 legacy and grow up my heiress too.)
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Look, I made a thing!

(Chapter, what chapter? *shifty*)

The Sim Randomizer, download at MTS

So this is the procastrination project I've been mentioning, now it's done and finished and up for grabs! If anyone feels like making any random sims or picking random hobbies or so, well, it's a tool for you. I know there are a few aspiration randomizers and such around (mine is based on Phaenoh's, uploaded with permission), but this should be a bit different and fairly versatile. Just thought to advertize in case anyone might find it useful. :)

Real life has been a bit exhausting lately, I haven't had much energy in the evenings, but at least I finally got this finished. Maybe one of these days I could actually have a look at that chapter of mine... Or something.
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Just a quick note before bed that I've updated the download archive. It now includes all generation C adults (and Charlie, who WOULD be an adult if it wasn't for plot...), and a couple of younger generation Bs who didn't yet have secondary aspirations got those while I was at it. The rest of generation Cs will be growing up with generation D, and will be added when they're adults. I realized I won't be sending generation D to college by the end of the year as I was resolving, so I wanted to get something else done. It took me most of the weekend, but now it's done and all up to date. Yay!

So in case anyone would like to have some simmies, now you can! And in case my neighborhood goes kaboom, I can, too. And now I'm off to bed. G'night!
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Alright, time for me to share some sims!

I've now made public the new Bookacy download archive I've been working on. It's still in the works, though, it currently contains everyone up until generation B. I'll slowly continue with generation C whenever I have the time and motivation.

Further babble and downloadable Bookacies this way (on my DW)!

Also, I'll be now taking down my old downloads page on LJ, so that no one accidentally downloads the not-so-clean sims anymore now that there is a better alternative available. If you happen to want someone who's not in the new archive yet, just ask, I can at least get you the clean extracted sim, if not the cc-version right away.

Good to have LJ back again. :)
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This download post is obsolete. Try my new downloads archive instead. Thanks!


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