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It's been a while since I've done one of these picspam gathering posts, but now that I'm about a quarter of the way through with the main 'hood rotation in Alphabetia, I figured it was about time.

If you follow my Tumblr, you've probably aready seen them, and if you start from the top of the blog, you'll get them in the reverse order (because I post them in the order they happen). In any case, here they are, family by family.

Phillips: 1 2 3
Riley: 1 2 3
Thayer: 1 2 3 4
Bruenig: 1 2 3 4

And finally, here are some college makeovers! Glad to have some progress in Alphabetia. :)

Still thinking hard about the rebuild, but since I seem to have sorted a couple of the issues that first looked like neighborhood corruption, I might yet wait and see. The 'hood probably has some corruption (after all, it's from 2007), but perhaps we can manage some time yet. In any case, it doesn't mean I can't plan for the rebuild, even start building the new 'hood on the side if I want. Maybe that'd be a good idea.
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Everything is still nice in here, except for the fact that someone washed their laundry on my turn. I thought I got out of that world when I left student housing. :P

Anyway, I'm done with another quarter-rotation, and it's time to collect picspam. It's on my Tumblr as usual, be warned that as I post the entries as I go, starting from the top will get you them in the reverse order. Entry by entry:

Patch: 1 2 3
Lillard: 1 2
Ruben: 1 2 3
Mendoza: 1 2

And finally, four more sims went to college and got makeovers. I've got only three houses left in the main 'hood rotation and then it's time for the first college rotation of generation D. And I should also do some writing as usual and that latest BTS is still undone and I should continue the cc redownload project and... Lots to do!
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I should probably post a little bit of BTS on the last chapter some time, but in the meanwhile, you can have some rotational picspam. On my Tumblr as usual, and if you start from the top of that page, you'll get them in the reverse order they were posted.

Entry by entry:

Custer: 1 2 3 4
Jalowitz: 1 2
An interruption to admire some pretty hair
Cameron: 1 2 3

And finally, five more college makeovers. No more teens this time, but instead, we get young adults. :)

I already realize now that this year my gameplay resolution (have at least one sim graduate) will be nowhere near reachable, even if I don't take into account the fact that I may be away from my simming computer for the majority of the autumn. Oh well, at least there's progress, and this kind of progress where sims reach new life stages, feels especially rewarding.
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Alright, here comes some picspam that has been posted along a rather long stretch of time. Slooowwly I'm making my way through the winter rotation.

Here it is, on my Tumblr. If you start from the top and go towards the bottom, you'll get the entries in a backwards order, as they were posted in the order I played them.

Entry by entry:

Phillips: 1 2
Riley: 1 2
Thayer 1 2

Finally, here are the college makeovers for the first sims to go to college: Dirk, Camilla and Donovan. Yay!

Alright, that's it for now. Back to working on my CreMo goal (it's so close but still so far...), and then to backing up everything, just to be safe.
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*runs by*

I should already get going, but just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! May it be great in all ways.

And also: I made it. I'm pretty proud.

Have fun, and watch out for the rockets. See you next year!
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... or technically, one of the last engagements of last generation. But anyway, the first one in this college round, yay!

Meet the future mr. and mrs. ... )

So this is what I've been up to. I'm still working on uploading the rest of my chapters to Dreamwidth. The process is kinda slow, that's what you get for being a perfectionist and fixing things by hand. It's been also pretty draining, especially seeing how discouragingly bad the earlier chapters are... There are many in the later ones I'm not happy with in retrospect, but what's done is done I guess. At least it shows I've (hopefully) learned something.

So anyway, that's what I've been doing in the simming side of things. Today I needed a break from the chapter converting, so this is why we have engagements.
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Yesterday was a day off, so I played a half a rotation in the Greek House. Lots of (ACR) chaos and fun stuff happened, Cho is now up to 3 loves and several potential ones in the works, and Charlie's got 31 first dates. Possibly both would have more hadn't some other stuff kept me busy...

Vampire headdesk behind the cut (with a couple of pictures)! )

In other news, I'm working on the migration project. I've already converted my old chapters with the script by [livejournal.com profile] wtsims and with an invite code from [livejournal.com profile] docnerd, I've opened a dreamwidth account. A big thank you to both! I'm planning to dreamwidth use as a repository for my stories, so they're all in one place. Also the next chapter is in the works, but it's slow, as usual.
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Now that I'm finished with the college rotation, I thought it's about time to share some college picspam. I'll try not to share too much from the main house, to keep from spoiling plottiness or anything. Let's just say that plot bunnies are running in my head and yes, they breed like mad. I don't know what I'm going to do yet, but some sims have given me food for thought...

Luckily there's been stuff going on in the extended family too, and that's what the picspam will mostly be about. So, let's dive right in shall we?

College picspam - including demented purple hearts and such )
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Doc, I hope this makes you feel better...

... yours isn't the only simself who behaves badly! )


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