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Okay, so now that I'm finally done with that huge double update I've been working on for ages, I thought I should maybe do some BTS/meta/outtakes picspam on the double update. There's some stuff I've been sitting on for... I don't even know how long and I'm anxious to get to talk about it. :) The following is veeeeery spoilery for chapters 35 & 36, so clicky on the cut at your own risk if you've not read the double update yet!

BTS/meta this way! )
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So, now that the chapter is done with, I've been planning and promising to post some meta on Cyrus and Chris, and now I've finally got the time and the energy for that, so hooray!

Long meta behind the cut, spoilerish for chapter 30 )

Phew. I think that just about covers the meta for Cyrus and Chris. Now I think it's time for me to shut up, and maybe go advance the rotation a little bit!
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Alright, I'll jump the bandwagon then! I have to admit that I haven't given heights much thought at all. But when thinking about it, I realized I could actually give some kinds of relative estimates for quite many sims, especially those currently running around. Not really any numbers, I haven't thought of it that far, plus even if I had, the numbers would be centimeters anyway. Anywho, here goes.

Some height babble on some (not all) Bookacies )

I suppose that covers most characters in spotlight, plus a few I happen to have some thoughts on. Fun height-meta is fun!


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