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*peeks in* So yeah, I've been slightly absent lately. Nothing too much up with that, just real life interfering a bit. And there was Easter, and with that, my only chance to keep a bit of vacation this Spring, so I did, and went to visit my parents. After that, I of course needed to catch up with work and stuff again. Right about now I think I'm starting to be somewhat back on schedule again. I've even been able to sim a bit, and I've gotten to the point where Dirk is a child. So that's all good.

Computer woes and stuff under the cut )

Well, I suppose I can't but fiddle around and hope I can get things fixed. Fingers crossed.


Mar. 19th, 2012 08:11 pm
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Good thing I just took a backup. I played last night to the point where Nicholas graduated and moved in to the main house. There was an odd flash on my screen (actually, the game screen disappeared for a few moments and I was afraid the game had crashed) during my final save before I left the Greek House and went to the main house, but since the save did eventually finish and I got to the neighborhood screen okay, I didn't think much of it at that time.

Longish rant this way )

So yeah, I'm just a tiny little bit pissed at my game right now. Good thing I just took a backup, I shudder at the thought of what everything I would have needed to redo otherwise. Sorry about the whining, and thanks for listening. Needed to vent.

Well, fuck

Nov. 14th, 2010 11:30 pm
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Now this was going to be a happy post about how I had a good, long play session today and how my heiress is permaplat and on top of it pregnant. How interesting plotzy things happened. How I only have one small scene to shoot before I have everything I need for the next chapter. Until I found out that I don't have a single picture of any of it.

Yeah, apparently Gadwin turned itself off without warning (or possibly I forgot to check that it's on before I started playing), and I didn't get a single picture of today's play session. And that only included my heiress getting permaplat and a major event related to plot. Excuse my French but this fucking sucks.

I suppose the upside is that since I've been fearing a blowup of the computer, I've been making frequent backups, so I can go back to backup taken before today's play and replay the events to get the pictures. I'm not going to leave a gap of this size and this much importance in the story because of lost pictures, dammit! But it does mean more work, in principle futile work, and it's not going to feel authentic because it's not really how it happened. I do, all the time, shoot scenes that actually then never happened, but having to fake major legacy events like these just sucks.

And I thought I only had one more scene to shoot before I can just back everything up and ask my friend to come over and switch the sucky hard drive with a properly functioning one. And tomorrow, instead of shooting that one final scene and backing up the computer, I'm going to be replaying today's work. I accomplished a lot, several sims reached careertops and all these minor things happened too, I can't even remember what everything happened without the pictures. Great.

Man, I was going to go to bed so happy for a little while.


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