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Just thought I'd type up a little entry on what's up.

Well, as I wrote on Boolprop, I finished the rotation, or just about. I've got a couple of days left here and there, to be able to shoot plottiness. I've written I think 16 slides of the next update. So slowly but surely. I'd need to get better underway with that before I can start shooting the plottiness for real.

I've had the upcoming plot in my head somewhat formed for ages and ages. It should be the biggest piece of plottiness ever since the story of Rebecca. So I'm pretty excited. I've been on a downloading spree for a few days, discovering lots and lots of cool stuff on MTS, mostly clothes. And because of the plottiness, I downloaded these poseboxes, freezer clocks and whatnot. Today I wrote a little bit, and when I got bored of that, decided to try out the new stuff a little, and shoot some better photos of some of my gen B's. I knew I needed to do that anyway, for the who's who entry. It was quite fun. I especially love the freezer clock. Of course, in shooting photos of single sims it's not as useful as it would be for group scenes. But it keeps the others out of the way - plus the stopping of time is a very, very nice thing indeed.

So anyway. No promises, but I'm hoping to get the who's who posted soonish. (Dammit, Laura, did you have to get yourself pregnant just now? Only after you did start showing have I noticed that I don't have very good pics of you. Oh well. I suppose I'll settle for some old ones and maybe try to get a good facial shot with you pregnant then.)

So anyway, after this rambling, have some pretty random...

Teen picspam, including minor *headdesk*.

First off, have a sneak preview of my two newest teens, the twin girls of Aadam and Joy:

This is Beatrice, a romance sim.

And this is Barbara, she's popularity.

Both turned out pretty well, even if there's a little bit of oddness in both of them. That comes I guess directly from Aadam.

They both also randomized gay, which is pretty interesting, plotwise and so. I think I might have to break my rule of "if gay sims are to have kids, they'll adopt" here - I don't want Aadam's genes to disappear! Also, Beatrice being romance - with the LTW of 20 woohoos no less - is making me ponder. Can she find enough gay girls in the hood for the LTW? And even if she does, am I willing to give pretty much all of them to one romancer, no matter how much I like her? Well, I'll have to figure something out.

Here's another set of twins who recently teened:

They're Barry and Laura's. The one in the red shirt is Calista, who's popularity, and the one in the grey shirt is Chloe, who's knowledge. (Yes, I had to check my notes and I'm still not entirely sure which is which. =D )

Then for some more random pics I just posted because I like them. Bobby is always a sweetie, isn't he? (Aurora and Andrew's son.)

And this young lady is Corinna, also daughter of Barry and Laura. That is, she's the older sister of Chloe and Calista. She's a family sim, and as you can see, wanted a puppy. So the household now has two adults, three teens, a dog and a pregnant belly. How did this happen? =D

Now for my first, although pretty minor, experience of the phenomenon generally known as "teen headdesk". I was playing Barry and Laura's house, and had some of my teens over so the girls could make friends. Well, I guess this is a sign of trouble in the air:

No, don't you even think about it Clarissa! Ahem, I think it's time for you and Carl to leave. *Note to self: remember to friends zone these two.*

Let me just state that I'm not bothered by second cousin romance really. Where I live I would be allowed to marry a first cousin if I so wished, so I guess that's part of the reason why it's not a big deal for me. But, my plan at this stage is not to intermarry, as I want more diversity. Maybe next generation.

So I was playing Barry and Laura's house as I said, and had a bunch of uncontrollable teens over. Bad idea if all friends zonings are not in place. Even though I can well imagine letting second cousins have their way if they so insist, *this* was definately not the plan!

No, Chip, my poor, innocent Chip! Don't you realize that a) she's romance and you're knowledge and b) she's the heiress?! You can't have her, I'm sorry. Poor Chip, I'll find you a girl, I promise, but forget about Cho, okay?

Yeah, well, in all actuality I had a pretty good laugh out of it too. =D I do feel sorry for Chip though. I have to find him someone better to date. And I'll have to fix the situation the slappy way I guess.

"What are you looking at me for? You're the one who hasn't friends zoned us yet."

Anyway, that's my first experience of ACR induced *headdesk*, sort of. I don't think this will make the canon, so I just thought I'd share.

Finally, have a pic of Charlie as a teen. Just because he's the youngest and maybe doesn't get enough attention otherwise - and because he's cute. =)

So that's it for my ramblings and minor picspam for today. Now I think I should be off to bed. G'night!


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