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No, your eyes are not deceiving you: it's really picspam! I finally got to finish the main 'hood rotation that has been going for... never mind, let's not think about that. But anyway, at my Tumblr as usual, and if you strart from the top, you'll get the entries in the reverse order.

Entry by entry:

Mendoza/GilsGarbo: 1 2
Hamilton: 1 2 3
Thayer/Fuchs: 1 2

Finally, two more sims were ready to go to college.

Now it's time for a backup. After that, it'll be a tough choice between the first college rotation of generation D and some of Sal's apocalypse. It's been ages since I've played that and I think I'll run out of pictures for the next chapter. Though I'm also a bit scared always to play it, since every time I do, there's a chance I screw it up... Well, in any case, now for a backup!
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First of all:

Happy whichever holiday you may be celebrating, and if none, have a good time regardless! I'm going to be silent for a bit myself, spending time with my parents. But after that, I'll have a bit time off, perhaps for simming.

Picspams this way )
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Yes, I'm still alive. It's been over a month, whoops. There are kind of several reasons.

Real life ramblings and picspam pointers under the cut )
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While my big machine crunches a full backup of everything for me, I'll go ahead and post the fifth and final part of the Winter picspam. Which means I'm done with the main hood rotation - progress, yay! Next, after a little bit of maintenance and stuff, I get to play college, with graduations, and then start over from the main household. Good, good. But now, for the picspam!

The final three houses of the rotation, about 110 pics )

So, right now it's time for backups and some maintenance. Then I think I might post some hood babbles some time soon, and then, it's time for college graduations.


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