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katrisims ([personal profile] katrisims) wrote2017-05-28 10:29 pm
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Weekly simming 21/2017

This week was a good simming week. :) During the week, I got some writing done; enough to publish that long unfinished Lakewood update on Friday. I also continued writing on the TS4 legacy, and I'm much closer to caught up there too.

In the weekend, I started the new, super-short college rotation (only three houses!) by playing a semester of Dirk and his placeholder roommate. Since it's only the two of them it was mostly pretty uneventful, except that Dirk is now seeing someone, and I'm excited. :) I've had a potential partner in mind for him for the longest of times, and it seems that they hit it right off. After all the drama last generation, I wouldn't mind a drama-free spouse setting this time, but I guess we'll see how things go.

All in all, one of my better simming weeks. Next week should be pretty normal for the most part, though it seems I'll be busy in the weekend. But, we'll see what I get done.