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katrisims ([personal profile] katrisims) wrote2017-07-02 10:52 pm
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Weekly simming 26/2017

A bit of a quiet simming week this one, mostly because I had a stiff neck and a headache for three days straight. That was pretty painful, but thankfully I finally got rid of it.

So towards the end of the working week I didn't really do much anything at all, but I did manage a little bit of progress here and there. In the early week, I finished replicating the main house as far as I could and packaged it into a file. I just updated that into the rebuild todo, and while I was at it, remembered several other lots missing from there, so I added those too. The rebuild is going to be quite a lot of work.

Just today, I also played a little bit of the Curious household and wrote a little bit too. They're currently at Wednesday morning.

It also doesn't seem to be enough what happened with LJ, but it seems that Photobucket is doing nasty tricks as well. I haven't had issues yet but I suppose I will sooner or later. Probably the biggest problem expected is that Lakewood is hosted on there. I've been looking into an alternative image host but haven't made any decisions yet. I think if the situation stays as it is, I'll try out a new host when I post the next Lakewood update, and if it works nicely, then I'll continue using that and migrate the old chapters and stuff bit by bit. If it looks like my pictures go missing en masse, I may have to do the migration sooner.

Well, not sure how next week will be, but here's hoping that it'll be painless at least!