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Weekly simming 31/2017

Again I'm a bit late with this, but here comes the progress report. Being on vacation, keeping track of days is kinda harder. Which is a good thing, means the vacation is as it should be.

Anyway, there's been some progress. I've been writing the next Lakewood update, I'd say I'm more than halfway done. And I've been playing the main college house in Alphabetia, Dirk's second year is a day or so from completion. Fairly uneventful I'd say, I think mostly because the kids are so far apart in age this time. I mean Dirk's halfway done with college and Dorian is STILL a teen. Well, maybe I'll gloss over some of it in the chapter, I guess not having a billion college chapters this time is just a good thing. Plus, the upcoming Komei plot will hopefully keep things interesting. It's become fairly clear that I can't do long without plot.

Oh and I also started working on a silly little thing to celebrate the 10th legaversary. We'll see if I can get anything out of it, just for fun.

This is the last week of my vacation, and I continue to be distracted by Zelda (I just got my neck all tense by fighting and beating my first Lynel, ow) plus other activities. But I hope to get a little simming progress in too.