Jan. 10th, 2016

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The first weekly simming of the year! (Resolutions: so far so good!)

I'd say that I made quite good progress this week. During the week, I had some real life stuff going on, such as my parents being over, plus work, but especially in the weekend I got some stuff done.

I posted some New Year's simming resolutions as I had planned. Last year's resolutions went well, so I'm keeping this year's simplistic as well.

Yesterday, I managed to finish writing the final Lakewood update of week 2, so that alone is good. And now I'm completely caught up with my playing in that 'hood, which means I'm again allowed to play a new household.

I do think there'll be a break in my Lakewood updates, though. After finishing the update, I've been playing the Bookacies, and other than Marylena's death :( , it's been fun again. Desdemona is a teenager! There's about a day and a half left in the main house rotation, and after that I think I'll at least get started with the other households before going back to Lakewood. The current plan is to mix a Lakewood house into the Alphabetia rotation every now and then, so that I hopefully keep myself from being bored, and at least in the best case scenario, update a little more regularly than I otherwise would.

So, a pretty nice start for the year I'd say, hopefully the trend continues!


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