Mar. 13th, 2016

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Very good progress this week. I managed to sit down and type up the next Lakewood update. I posted it yesterday, despite the fact that Photobucket tried its best to prevent me from doing so. I had to upload the pictures a few at a time, because about half of them weren't going through any given time so I needed to know which were the ones failing. That was a pain, but in the end I got my pictures there. I hope whatever that was passes by the time it's time for the next update.

Now that the next Bookacy update is all arranged with all the pictures I have (so far, I haven't yet decided where to end it), I also wrote a bit there. The update is currently at 40 slides written, and story-wise at the end of Dirk's first year in college. So not bad.

I also started playing the next house in the Bookacy rotation, the Thayers. And here comes the confession: I'm kind of bored. It's a big household, so the life there is kind of a mess, and it's not the most interesting one. I suppose if I can't go right back to the main house or my other favorites, I'd rather be playing the BaCC forward. I feel a bit guilty about that. Again, it gets me to ponder about what to do about the huge extended family in the long run.

Well, in any case, this week's progress was good. Hopefully next week's will be, too!


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