Aug. 28th, 2017

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Last week was actually surprisingly productive simming-wise. I didn't do much in the beginning of the week, though. Towards the weekend I got some kind of a mild flu (I'm still sniffling), and while I took some time to just recover, in the actual weekend it was good excuse to do something sitting down in one place and drinking tea.

So I got some sims stuff done. I finished playing the second half-rotation in the college main house; Dirk is now officially halfway through college. I also started a little bit of the rotation in the only cousins household left, though not very much. But I have the beginnings of a picspam queue waiting to be queued now.

I also did some writing for the Lakewood update I've been sitting on. It's way long but it's getting there little by little. In the end of it, it's time for me to do the first heir poll of the OWBC. I'm not sure how I'll do it, but I'll figure something out.

Last but not least, I worked on this silly thing for the legaversary on Saturday. I might yet fine tune it, but I think I have it pretty much set. It's a silly idea that's been bouncing in my head and I'm pleased that I got it done. For several years I've forgotten about the legaversary, but 10 years is just too big to let pass completely unnoticed.


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