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Well, first things first, we have an update! That was closer to done than I thought. As always, comments are welcome wherever you might feel inclined to leave them. I hope you enjoy!

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Again, I'll combine the two posts of the day into one, as they'd otherwise come in pretty close succession.

This week, despite the approaching Christmas, I managed to get some time to sim, mostly in the weekend. Yesterday I finished playing the Fortunato household, and today I finished typing the update. I like how the type as I play thing works for this challenge! Oh, and again I wrote a little bit for the Bookacies too. Chapter 42 is now on 33 slides. I'm now excited for two things: next, I get to play Brandi's challenge, and after that, I think I'll play the Bookacies! It's been ages.

I again think I may have the hack thing cornered, as I didn't manage to reproduce it a single time while playing the Fortunatos, and with two sims able to dazzle. We'll see, but even if it turns out that it's not in my current quarantine folder, it might be that I'll then just live with it. It's been way too long since I played Alphabetia.

But, in any case, there was an update to be had!

As always, comments are welcome anywhere if you feel inclined to leave them. :) I hope you enjoy the update!
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Here comes the final part of week 1! I hope you enjoy, and as always, comments are welcome wherever it best suits you.


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