Jan. 2nd, 2019

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First of all, Happy 2019! May it be a good year for us all. I'm combining my last uneventful weekly simmings with my traditional Year in Review, so here goes.

I was right a couple weeks ago when I estimated that I might not have much, if any, progress during the last couple of weeks of the year. I traveled with the family for Christmas and spent a couple weeks in the warm. I also managed to get sick (because of course I did), as did all of the family at some point during the vacation. So yeah, I didn't even open the writing I had with me, or the TS4 randomizer. We got back yesterday afternoon and today was my first day back at work. At the moment I'm still recovering from jetlag. Probably not huge progress during the week (I keep forgetting it's already Wednesday, too), but on the other hand, I have a free weekend coming up with no plans, so maybe I'll get some simming time in then.

Alright, that just about covers the last couple of weeks of 2018. But how about the goals for last year, did I make them?

2018 )

Alright, so not bad. What about 2019?

2019 )

Alright, it seems like ambition is creeping back into these goals, and maybe that's a good thing, but I'll stop here so maybe I won't completely overdo it. Anyway, Happy New Year once again, I'll get back to you in less than a week for the first weekly simming of the year!


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