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So, finally I've gotten all the pictures needed to introduce generation B. All members of the generation are currently at least teenagers, so I believe it is a good time to make the introductions. Possible spouses for the current teenagers will have to be added when I find out who they are, of course. Picture quality may vary, that is, earlier pictures might not be as good as more recent ones. You might also notice that while taking the most recent pictures, I've been playing around with my new pose hacks.

But, here they come, generation B - 19 sims and plenty of pictures under the cut!

The main line

Baudolino Bookacy. Generation B heir.

Personality: 2/8/5/6/7 (Libra)
Aspiration: Fortune/Popularity
Turn ons: Blonde Hair, Hard Worker
Turn off: Fitness

Baudolino is the secondborn child of Adrian and Nicole Bookacy. He aspires wealth for his family, and his lifelong dream is to have five top ranked businesses. Currently Baudolino is working on his fourth. He has always enjoyed meeting new sims, making friends and throwing parties, and that is the reason why the Creator recently assigned him the secondary aspiration of popularity. Baudolino has always been very close to his extraterrestial "almost-twin" Bill, who also shares his lifetime want. Baudolino has reached the top of the Medical career together with his wife, the groceries delivery lady Marylena, with whom he has three children.

Marylena Bookacy (previously Hamilton). Generation B spouse. The Groceries Delivery Lady.

Personality: 4/10/6/4/4 (Gemini)
Aspiration: Fortune
Turn ons: Jewellery, Brown hair
Turn off: Fatness

Marylena, originally the groceries delivery lady, met her to be husband, Baudolino, while he was in college. She was already an adult at that point, but the constant presence of college students did not seem to bother her, and the two kept dating through college. After he graduated, she married Baudolino, and had three children with him. Marylena, just like Baudolino, aspires wealth for the family, and is working hard on earning them 100 000 simoleans, which is her lifelong dream. She has topped the Medical career together with her husband, and has since moved on to Oceanography.

Beth Cameron (previously Bookacy). Generation B spare.

Personality: 2/9/10/10/0 (Sagittarius)
Aspiration: Popularity
Turn ons: Blonde Hair, Great Cook
Turn off: Swimwear

Beth is the firstborn of Adrian and Nicole Bookacy. She has always aspired to be popular, and to become Mayor just like her grandfather. Now she has achieved that, and is considering moving on to the Law Enforcement track. Despite having numerous friends, Beth's best friend has always been Marsha Bruenig, whom she met when they were children. Beth met the love of her life, Sean, in college, where he was a dormie. The couple has one child.

Sean Cameron. Generation B spare spouse. Dormie.

Personality: 4/10/4/4/3 (Leo)
Aspiration: Popularity
Turn ons: Charismatic, Brown Hair
Turn off: Jewellery

Sean met his future wife, Beth, in college. They had a lot in common, including their shared aspiration for popularity. Sean wishes to become Captain Hero someday, and is working hard to achieve that goal. Sean and Beth have one child.

Bill Riley (previously Bookacy). Generation B spare.

Personality: 2/10/3/10/10 (Libra)
Aspiration: Popularity
Turn ons: Hats, Glasses
Turn off: Grey Hair

Bill is the extraterrestial child of Adrian Bookacy, who was born within a very short interval from his "almost-twin" Baudolino. Like his sister Beth, Bill aspires popularity, but his lifetime want he shares with his brother - he wants to own 5 top ranked businesses. Creator originally had plans for Bill, but in college he chose a different path on his own. He indicated that he was in fact, gay, and found love in the form of a dormie named Ira. After college the two got married and started working towards their respective goals together. Bill works as an Artist and he and Ira have adopted one child.

Ira Riley. Generation B spare spouse. Dormie.

Personality: 4/7/8/3/3 (Gemini)
Aspiration: Fortune
Turn ons: Black Hair, Creative
Turn off: Facial Hair

Ira was somewhat surprised by his fate. He met someone special in college as he had hoped to, but he had not expected that someone to be a green skinned guy who wants nothing more that to be friends with everybody. However, the two have a lot in common, and a fortune minded sim like Ira can understand Bill's desire to own businesses very well, and support his spouse in it, too. Ira married Bill after college, and they have adopted one child together. Ira's greatest wish had always been to earn 100 000 simoleans, and he got that wish somewhat earlier than he had expected, due to a correct chance card while working in the Criminal career. Ira currently wishes to have 6 pets top their respective careers, but is quite happy to be supporting his spouse in his ambitions and to raise his daughter instead.

The first cousins of the main line

Bonnie Thayer. Generation B first cousin.

Personality: 7/10/8/6/3 (Aries)
Aspiration: Family/Popularity
Turn ons: Black Hair, Creative
Turn off: Cologne

Bonnie is the firstborn and only daughter of Arthur and Meadow Thayer. She has always aspired for a family, although Creator did get involved in her college years and brainwashed her to want to become Captain Hero instead of marrying off six children. She has now completed this goal, and next she would like to graduate 3 children from college. Bonnie's strong interest in other sims recently gained her a popularity secondary aspiration. She has been with her chosen spouse, Thomas, ever since high school, and even though Creator originally had doubts due to his pleasure aspiration and even made her search some other options, the two of them have been very happy together all that time. Bonnie and Thomas have two children, who are twins.

Thomas Thayer (previously Royce). Generation B cousin spouse. Downtownie.

Personality: 4/7/8/3/3 (Gemini)
Aspiration: Pleasure/Family
Turn ons: Brown Hair, Makeup
Turn off: Fatness

Thomas was originally a teenaged downtownie, and met his to be wife Bonnie while in high-school. He is a pleasure-oriented sim, but in deepest nature of the monogamous type. He is currently half-way through achieving his lifetime goal of 50 dream dates, all of which he wants to have with Bonnie. Thomas went to college with Bonnie as her roommate. Bonnie searched, as she was made to by Creator, other options in college, but Thomas patiently waited and finally got his reward. Thomas and Bonnie eventually got married, and they have two children, twins. Thomas has reached the top of the Slacker career, and is currently very content about his job. His devotion and affection towards Bonnie and the kids recently gained him a secondary aspiration of family.

Bill Thayer. Generation B first cousin.

Personality: 4/1/8/6/6 (Sagittarius)
Aspiration: Romance
Turn ons: Formalwear, Swimwear
Turn off: Hats

Bill, or "the other Bill" as he is commonly known, is the secondborn of Arthur and Meadow Thayer. One of his most notable features has always been shyness, which has lead him to always be somewhat overshadowed by his more outgoing siblings, and never complain about it. His aspiration choice of romance did not at first feel very fitting, but later on he realized that not all romance sims have to romance everything that moves. His lifetime goal was to become a Celebrity Chef, and that he has successfully managed. He is currently considering changing careers and becoming an Athlete. After college Bill was a little short on money, so he decided to move into an apartment to better afford comfortable life. In his apartment complex he also met his half-official girlfriend Sandy, who is also a relatively shy romancer. The two of them are currently living together in Bill's apartment. They recently had a baby together, but have no plans to get married.

Sandy Fairchild. Generation B cousin spouse. Clique member.

Personality: 5/5/3/8/4 (Taurus)
Aspiration: Romance
Turn ons: Black Hair, Good at Cleaning
Turn off: Formalwear

Sandy met her current half-official boyfriend, Bill, because he happened to live below her in the apartment complex. Sandy and Bill are a great match, because both are romance sims who think that not all romancers need to romance everything that moves. They even share a lifetime dream of becoming Celebrity Chefs. Sandy and Bill live together and have one child. Currently they don't intend to get married.

Bailey Bruenig (previously Thayer). Generation B first cousin.

Personality: 0/10/8/6/7 (Libra)
Aspiration: Knowledge
Turn ons: Brown Hair, Great Cook
Turn off: Vampirism

Bailey is the surprise extraterrestial spawn of Arthur Thayer. This makes his lineage pretty interesting, because considering that Arthur is brother to Adrian, he is Adrian's children's first cousin. However, one of Adrian's children, namely Bill, is also the result of alien abduction - which makes Bill and Bailey also half brothers. Bailey aspires knowledge above all things, and wishes to one day be Chief of Staff. He met his future wife, Marsha, in college, and the two have been very happy together ever since. They have two children together.

Marsha Bruenig. Generation B cousin spouse. Townie.

Personality: 9/2/6/3/5 (Virgo)
Aspiration: Popularity
Turn ons: Black hair, Fitness
Turn off: Cologne

Marsha was originally a little townie girl. She, however, aspired to grow up one day. She met a very nice man, Salahuddin Chamcha, who promised her to help her grow up and raise her as his own. While the bond between the two appears to be genuine, Marsha has never realized that perhaps the help Salahuddin has offered him was not just due to kindness. She has been working as an unsuspecting information source on the Legacy family for Salahuddin ever since she made friends with the generation B spare Beth. Marsha is considered Salahuddin's adopted daughter at least by herself, and hence brother to his son, Aadam. However, Marsha is fully unsuspecting of the connection between his adoptive father and her new family. Marsha met her husband to be, Bailey, in college, and after graduating the couple got married and had two children together. Marsha aspires popularity above all, just like her best friend Beth, and would want to be a Captain Hero one day.

Barry Custer. Generation B first cousin.

Personality: 7/9/2/10/3 (Taurus)
Aspiration: Family
Turn ons: Red hair, Athletic
Turn off: Full Face Makeup

Barry is the only child of Adson Bookacy and Rebecca Custer. Born child of two romance sims, he himself chose the opposite route and became a family sim. He met his future wife in college, where she was working as a placeholder for the Legacy family Greek House. After some initial awkwardness the two hit it off very well. They consider themselves complementing each other - whereas Laura likes to splash water while in the shower, Barry loves to mop it up. After college Barry and Laura got married, and currently have three children and a fourth on the way. Barry is very happy about that, as he would love to see three of his children graduate from college. Barry currently works in the Business career.

Laura Custer (previously Carlson). Generation B cousin spouse. The Cheerleader.

Personality: 1/5/6/2/8 (Cancer)
Aspiration: Family
Turn ons: Logical, Glasses
Turn off: Red Hair

Laura was originally a college cheerleader, who then agreed to placehold the Greek House of the Bookacies between the generations A and B. When generation B hit college, she was quite eager to find a sweetheart of her own already. The legacy kids decided to play some matchmaker, and that's how Laura met Barry. After college they got married, and their fourth child is currently on its way. Laura became the first of her generation to become permanent platinum, by becoming Captain Hero. She currently wishes to marry off 6 children, but Creator thinks this is something that will not happen for her.

Bianca Patch. Generation B first cousin.

Personality: 4/9/7/5/3 (Leo)
Aspiration: Popularity (was Romance)
Turn ons: Underwear, Fitness
Turn off: Makeup

Bianca is the only child of Abraham and Kendra Patch. Like several of her cousins as well as her husband, Bianca aspires popularity. In fact, she originally aspired romance like her beloved Uncle Adson, but in college Creator interfered and changed her to popularity instead. She had the lifetime want to woohoo 20 sims, and having just done that for Adson, Creator did not feel like doing that, at all. So Bianca became popularity and decided that she would like to have 20 best friends instead of the woohoos. She completed that goal after graduating college and marrying her college sweetheart, Ramin. In fact, Bianca's 20th best friend was their daughter and only child. Bianca is currently working in the Show Business Career.

Ramin Patch (previously Stratton). Generation B cousin spouse. Dormie.

Personality: 4/10/4/4/4 (Leo)
Aspiration: Popularity
Turn ons: Fitness, Makeup
Turn off: Red Hair

Ramin was originally a dormie who aspired friends. Lots of them. In fact twenty. Then, he met a girl who aspired the exact same thing! So after college Ramin married his dream girl, and they had a child together as well. In addition to making lots and lots of contacts, Ramin's time is also occupied by his job in the Business career.

Bobby Phillips. Generation B first cousin.

Personality: 9/2/10/8/6 (Cancer)
Aspiration: Fortune
Turn ons: Makeup, Brown Hair
Turn off: Full Face Makeup

Bobby is the only child of Aurora and Andrew Phillips. He was a late life child who his parents decided to have after spending most of their adult lives just happily enjoying life's simple pleasures. Due to this, and also to the fact that his parents are quite a bit younger than the rest of their generation, Bobby is currently only a teenager, and will join the college crew together with the generation C kids. Bobby aspires fortune, and his greatest wish is to become Business Tycoon.

Beatrice Mendoza. Generation B first cousin.

Personality: 6/9/6/3/7 (Aries)
Aspiration: Romance
Turn ons: Swimwear, Mechanical
Turn off: Cologne

Beatrice is one of Aadam Bookacy and Joy Mendoza's surprise twins. Joy unexpectedly became pregnant, and for her and her children's safety, she escaped the Chamcha household where she was living, before her pregnancy started showing. Since then, Joy has been hiding from her fiancé's father, who believes she is on a work command and does not know he has two grandchildren. Therefore, Beatrice and her sister have lived in hiding all of their life and their father visiting whenever he could do so. However, she has met some of her relatives, as Joy agreed that the girls can't live in fear forever. Beatrice aspires romance, and she'd be very interested in woohooing 20 different sims. Due to the age difference between Aadam and the rest of his siblings, Beatrice is currently only a teenager, and will go to college together with generation C.

Barbara Mendoza. Generation B first cousin.

Personality: 6/9/6/3/4 (Aries)
Aspiration: Popularity
Turn ons: Swimwear, Red Hair
Turn off: Blonde Hair

Barbara is the other of Aadam Bookacy and Joy Mendoza's surprise twins, and like her sister and her cousin Bobby, only a teenager at this point. Having lived her life in hiding, Barbara has decided that not all of her life will be like that. Instead, she wants to be popular and know her relatives. Her greatest wish is to have 5 top ranked businesses, just like her two older cousins who she so far has not met. Barbara, too, will be joining the college crew of generation C.

Phew! That was quite some typing! But now it's done and I'm content. Later today I'm going to do a couple of small edits to my earlier who's whos, to account for secondaries assigned after the entries and whatnot. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!


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