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So we have a three-day weekend here (it's midsummernight's eve today), and what do I do? Well I promptly fall ill, of course. Nice, I'm apparently such a good employee that I don't even get sick on the employer's time. *grumbles*

Oh well. I meant to be working on the update this weekend, but at least yet I haven't quite felt up to it - for some reason I feel I should have a working brain when I try to write the update. Suppose that's optional, though. So anyway, I've been thinking I should do this generation's who's who one of these times, so why not now. Generation C is so big already that I have to split it in parts. This time, we'll cover the main line and the first cousins, and I'll do the second cousins at a later time. I apologize in advance if there's anything braindead in the below, I blame the flu.

11 sims and plenty of pictures under the cut. (May also involve some spoilers if you haven't read the latest chapters.)

Who's who in Generation C first circle? )

So that's who's who in the first circle. As I said earlier, I'll do the second cousins at a later time. Now back to sneezing, coughing and pondering about sekrit projects.
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So, finally I've gotten all the pictures needed to introduce generation B. All members of the generation are currently at least teenagers, so I believe it is a good time to make the introductions. Possible spouses for the current teenagers will have to be added when I find out who they are, of course. Picture quality may vary, that is, earlier pictures might not be as good as more recent ones. You might also notice that while taking the most recent pictures, I've been playing around with my new pose hacks.

But, here they come, generation B - 19 sims and plenty of pictures under the cut!

Who is who in generation B )

Phew! That was quite some typing! But now it's done and I'm content. Later today I'm going to do a couple of small edits to my earlier who's whos, to account for secondaries assigned after the entries and whatnot. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!
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The next update seems to be taking pretty long, and I'm at times a little uninspired with the writing, so I figured I'd do this thing in between. This time it's time to introduce 12 sims, the six siblings of generation A and their respective spouses. I had a little bit of trouble finding solo pictures of everyone, so some pics have others in them, too.

So, without further ado:

Who is who in generation A? )

So phew, that's it. That was quite some picture searching and some typing! But, it was worth it. Now I think I will go on and pass out.
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So. First of all, happy 2009, all! I survived the New Year (barely, but I did have fun), and I'm still somewhat tired. So now it's a good time to do what I've been intending to do.

I figured that as I'm only in generation C (or generation B still in the story), it's somewhat early for a recap yet. So I thought I'd rather do "who's who" by the generation. And today is time to remind ourselves of the founding generation. This will be easy, only three sims to introduce.

So who founded the legacy? )

So, this was the founding generation of the Bookacy family. I'll be posting a similar thing on generation A some time. And I'm planning to do it for all generations when I get that far. I want to keep track of my sims anyway, so I thought I'd post these thing for you to see as well, just for fun.

Anyway, now I think I'm off to bed. I'm still sleep deprived from New Year, and I suppose I can't sleep all day tomorrow either. Just as a final note: I have an important deadline coming up at work, so I'll probably be pretty silent on the simming front for a while. So I'm (probably) not dead or anything, just working.

So good night, and happy this year once again!


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