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This week was a good simming week. :) During the week, I got some writing done; enough to publish that long unfinished Lakewood update on Friday. I also continued writing on the TS4 legacy, and I'm much closer to caught up there too.

In the weekend, I started the new, super-short college rotation (only three houses!) by playing a semester of Dirk and his placeholder roommate. Since it's only the two of them it was mostly pretty uneventful, except that Dirk is now seeing someone, and I'm excited. :) I've had a potential partner in mind for him for the longest of times, and it seems that they hit it right off. After all the drama last generation, I wouldn't mind a drama-free spouse setting this time, but I guess we'll see how things go.

All in all, one of my better simming weeks. Next week should be pretty normal for the most part, though it seems I'll be busy in the weekend. But, we'll see what I get done.
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Last week was alright simming-wise I would say. I managed to finish the main 'hood rotation in Alphabetia, so now the final old-form rotation is finally done and I'll officially be moving to the new system next. Pretty exciting! I also posted the picspams on those families, so for the next picspams I'll probably try queuing. And, I took a full backup of the simming machine files, so if 'hood corruption or such gets in the way, I'll be properly backed up.

As for Lakewood, I'll admit I'm dragging my feet a bit when it comes to writing, but I did get some progress there too. If I can get a couple pictures captioned most nights, then that will eventually mean there'll be an update. It would be nice to get this one done, so I could get forward with also playing Lakewood again.

Not sure how this week will go, but I guess I'll know in a week.
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Last week was surprisingly good when it comes to simming progress, I really didn't expect much. During the week, I played a little bit of TS4, as that's generally better for relaxation for me than TS2 is. So that legacy is still alive and kicking, and actually I managed to complete my first aspiration too. Nice.

I was actually able to get some progress during the weekend too. There was some traveling to be had, and to distract myself from the sad purpose of it, I packed my chapters with me on the laptop. I did some catching up on documenting the TS4 legacy, I'm so behind there. On the way back I was exhausted and didn't do anything, but that was to be expected.

Yet yesterday evening I did sim a bit, playing the second-to-last Alphabetia household forward. I'm starting to realize that I'm really really close to the end of the rotation, and once I get there, I can start going by the new rotation system and developing it to my liking, and that's pretty exciting. Of course, playing one of the households that I'm going to leave behind in the new system is slightly sad, but on the other hand, the idea feels liberating too.

I also did some writing for the next Lakewood update yesterday, and that's about fifty pictures in now or so. I'd say it's roughly halfway there, so not bad.

This week shouldn't be hugely busy, so maybe I'll actually get some stuff done. We'll see how that goes.
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I suppose I could consider the life rebuild complete now. I've moved, unpacked, worked in my new job for almost a month and rented out my old apartment. Currently, I'm quite content with how that all turned out. I also got a new laptop in the weekend and I'm in the process of setting that up.

As for simming, I did get a bit of progress last week. If I'm not mistaken, I should now be up to date with the updates that were posted while I was away. There may be still older ones lurking at least at Boolprop, I'll need to check up on that. I also caught up on things by typing up that post about basically overhauling how I play Alphabetia. The system isn't complete yet I'm sure, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. I want to get to practicing and tuning that.

I didn't actually play, but I did dare to dust off my picture folders and type a little bit of the next Lakewood update. Only a little bit, but it's all the little bits that'll get an update there eventually. I'm itching to play, but maybe I should catch up on writing first. Little by little.

I'm not sure about this week. I'd like to get some progress in during the week, but we'll see about that. The weekend is going to be sad (funeral) and I don't expect to do anything really. I'll think about next week when we get there.

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Still here, although not much simming progress. I did update my chapter links on Boolprop just today, plus do a little bit of catching up on reading. Otherwise, I've been occupied by real life.

On Saturday, I finalized the deal of getting the old apartment rented and handed over the keys, so that's now taken care of. A lot of last week was still spent working on the details of that, getting the documents ready and such.

Real life has also taken one of its inevitable sad turns. There's been a death in the family, not unexpected but these things still somehow always tend to come as surprises. I'm alright; sad of course but altogether alright, and the rest of us are hanging on.

Not sure how things will go on from here. If real life doesn't taskmaster me around, I may be going into games and stories as distractions. Don't know if I have the concentration for actually simming, but we'll see.
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I may have been a bit optimistic about simming stuff in the end of last week. I did get to start catching up on stories a little bit, but otherwise real life has kept me busy.

I mentioned I was looking for someone to rent the old apartment, and that has kept me busy. Mind you, not because finding someone interested would have been difficult, quite the opposite really. Once I got the ad posted, I started getting a lot of contacts telling me they were interested, "a lot" to the extent that I spent most nights of the week emailing back and forth with the candidates, trying to settle a time to show the apartment. (I got over 20 interested people in total. With just one ad. I knew the apartment was nice of course, but didn't quite expect this.) Well, I did get some times settled and spent yesterday showing the apartment to people (and traveling back and forth of course).

Today, I managed to strike a deal with one of the people who were still interested after seeing the apartment. The papers will be signed next weekend, and so I'll become a landlady. Eek.

On top of this, just today or so it seems that my laptop is resigning: I'm unable to get it to charge the battery at the moment. The simming computer is fine, but it looks like the other one needs a replacement and sooner rather than later.

There's still paperwork and stuff to do to rent the apartment, and I may need to do some laptop-hunting. So we'll see if I have time for sims stuff this coming week. I do hope so, I miss simming!
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Well, in the end, it seems that I missed last week's weekly simming update, seeing that the life rebuild made me quite busy, even unexpectedly so. So, here's a weekly simming to cover both the end of last week and this week.

The end of last week wasn't really productive after all. I was just so preoccupied with the life rebuild, unpacking and stuff, that I didn't really have time for sims as I'd hoped. And towards the very end, the thing with LJ happened and I decided to make the move. So in the very end, I was actually waiting for the importer to finish and didn't want to mess things up.

As for this week, real life went on. I started in my new job (so far I'm really liking it) and continued unpacking. Just today, I think I can say I'm officially all unpacked, so that's all good. And I also dropped my change of address cards in the mailbox, so that's taken care of too. Now there's one more thing to arrange before I'm all set, and that's finding a tenant for my old apartment. Considering that it's a small apartment with a good location, that shouldn't hopefully be too hard, but fingers crossed!

Simming-wise, I've been mostly setting up this journal this week. It was slightly complicated, because as it happened, the username katrisims was already taken in Dreamwidth: taken by me, for my Bookacy chapter index, and that made me do a bit of headscratching. In the end, I decided that the easiest course of action would be to rename that journal, then quickly re-register this username (before someone else did) and then import the old LJ here. The other option would have been to set up a new, empty journal, then manually transfer each and every entry from the chapter archive to that journal and delete them from this username, then import the LJ, but that would have been way more work. Even this way, I had to do some manual work the fix the various links.

So in case anyone is confused: this journal is my main simming journal, the one that used to be on LJ. [personal profile] bookacy_legacy is the Bookacy legacy's chapter archive (also contains the download archive of sims and Villains or Heroes chapter archive, used to have this url) and [personal profile] lakewood_bacc  is the chapter archive for Lakewood, just as before. I've manually fixed the links on the various indexes on these blogs, plus old update posts here, but the older entries here may still point back to LJ.

Now that I'm pretty much settled in (both in the journal and in the apartment), my next step is to  catch up on story updates that were published while I was  busy, and then I'll have a look at where I was with my own stuff. Tomorrow's yet a day off, and maybe next week in general is already a bit less busy. We'll see how things go!

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Yet one more update consisting only of real life; no promises, but maybe, just maybe, I might get to play a bit in the weekend or so. We'll see.

Anyway, this update is exceptionally on a Wednesday, because yesterday was Moving Day. I had just enough time to get everything packed, and with professionals doing the actual moving, everything went smoothly. Thank goodness I didn't have to do any of the carrying or try to recruit any of my equally out of shape office worker friends to do it either.

So all my stuff is the new apartment, and I'm currently climbing over piles of stuff, trying to empty boxes and put things in their places. I've successfully located where the trash is taken out and where the closest supermarket is, plus figured out how to use the dishwasher. I have this week to get things sorted out and relax a bit, and on Monday I start in my new job.

So far, so good.
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I need to sit down and rest my back for a bit, so here goes my weekly update.

No simming progress, and I suppose that's no surprise to anyone. Lots of other progress though. I've kept going through my stuff, getting rid of unnecessary things. I've also washed some blankets and stuff, and in the weekend, Mom helped me get rid of a couple of old pieces of furniture plus wash a couple of mats that don't fit in my machine. I also managed to get rid of my old mini-fridge that was in the attic gathering dust. I found someone to give it to, so it found a new home.

Just today, the moving boxes were delivered to me, so tonight I've been putting stuff in boxes and putting destination tags on them. I usually always say that I love my books but while moving, I don't really like them that much. You know, I can only pack a box about half full with books if I still want to be able to lift and pile it, which always leads to there not being enough boxes in the world for the damn books. This time, though, I've got a moving company and I rent the boxes. So I don't have to run through all the local shops for cardboard boxes, and won't be constantly running out of them. So maybe even the books will be okay.

Anyway, enough babbling, back to work! A week and a day to go, including four work days!
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Well, no simming news this week. Unless you count the bit where everyone else seems to be on an update spree while I'm away. :P Well, lots of stuff for me to catch up on then.

As for real life, things are progressing. The move is in two weeks, and I have a moving company. I'm getting the boxes in a week. I've made the official change of address, picked up change-of-address cards from the mail, made an electricity contract, ended my web contract for this address, dusted and piled a lot of books and un-built most of my bookshelf, gone through some drawers and shredded a lot of old papers, rummaged through my storage space, brought some useful stuff to the apartment and tried to sell some of the stuff that I don't need anymore, thrown some away.

So yeah, a lot has been done, and a lot is still to be done in the coming two weeks. But at least on the paperwork side I'm already doing quite well, and I'm not panicking about the packing either, at least not yet. I can do this! *\o/*
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Well, as you can probably guess by the previous post, there hasn't really been any simming progress. I wasn't expecting any, either.

Otherwise, there has been nice progress, however. As of yesterday, I have an apartment based on oral agreement. As of today, I've officially got it: I've signed the lease, gotten an insurance for the new apartment (and terminated my old insurance) and paid the deposit. I've also sent a request for offers to moving companies via a handy web service. (The new place is 200 kilometres away, so there's no way I'm doing it with a rented van and a couple of friends.)

So, truly not bad for a couple of days' progress. At the moment my outlook on the move is quite positive. Let's see if the desperation sets in when I have to actually pack... Well, that's a worry for another day!
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This week was pretty busy in real life, plus there was a surprise in the middle of it, which will affect also weeks to come. So there's stuff going on in real life (good stuff, fortunately), which I'll probably talk about in a bit more detail a bit later.

Anyway, I didn't actually sim this week, but early in the week I sat down a thought about the population issues in Alphabetia in earnest. I did a listing of the current sims and added some markup. Based on that, I came to a realization, and I think I have a system that I like, for getting things back on track. And not only that, but also hopefully keeping them on track.

I think I'll post about that too later on, but right now I'm not going to make promises on that either. Real life promises to be busy next week too. But maybe I get a little bit done, and in any case, I'll report again.
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So, it's again time to check out the simming of the past week. It was still rather heavily TS4-centric, as I played the legacy attempt forward and did some documentation too. Still fun, so still all good.

I did write a little bit for the Capps along the week, so that's moving forward, if a bit slowly. And just today, I played a bit over a day of the next Alphabetia household, the Hamiltons.

Glitches galore )

So such was this week's weekly simming. A little bit happening here and there, we'll see how things go next week!
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Again, this week's simming mostly consisted of TS4. The legacy attempt is still fun and relaxing, so I'm sticking to it, for now anyway. The family has one kid currently, a toddler, and they're expecting their second now. I'm having fun exploring the toddler features. The little ones are such a handful! But fun, for me anyway. :) To be honest, this is the most excited that I've been about a challenge in a while. Feels nice.

I did play a bit of TS2 in the weekend, too, and finally finished the Capps in the Lakewood rotation and posted picspam on them. I also wrote a little bit of them (as well as the TS4 legacy), but I'm still behind there. Well, I'll get there, and simming has been fun, so all's good.

Not sure how next week turns out, but hopefully there's some time for sims there too.
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Last week's simming, let's see. Well, I didn't actually open TS2 once during last week. Real life has been sort of tiring, but I have played some TS4 to relax. I've been having fun with that second legacy attempt, and I think it's going pretty well too, so it's all good.

Real life may continue to be tiring this week, so no big promises there. I know I'm behind on commenting on some fun updates posted in the past week or so, I hope to get to those some time this week. We'll see, that bugger called real life takes priority, and it's a demanding thing sometimes.
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There was a little bit of simming this week, actually in two games.

During the week, I felt like playing just for relaxing, and TS4 felt like the game for that. I sort of messed up my previous legacy attempt and got bored, so I started a new one. I confess that I was partially tempted into it by the addition of toddlers: I'm curious. Again, I'm documenting for myself, but don't know if I'll publish it. Maybe if it looks like I'll stick to it. For now, I'm enjoying not thinking about having a new chapter to finish and all that.

Today, after first playing some more of that legacy, I even felt like playing TS2. I actually had a longish play session with the Capps, although I still didn't finish their week. I played some business, plus there was a birthday and a subsequent makeover.

So, a bit of progress there. Oh, and I also did a bit of writing, so that counts too. Winter is slow, but I think this week has been more productive than the few before it.
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Almost forgot to do weekly simming! Well, still not much to report. I did manage to post that picspam I've been sitting on, and on Saturday, I even played the Capps for a tiny bit. Probably a half a day or something such. They're quite close to the end of the rotation. So close... Mustering the energy and concentration is kind of hard at the moment. Buuut... Well, bit by bit. No promises, but maybe we're moving towards a more productive time. I hope so anyway.
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Quickly before bed. Again, not a huge amount of progress this week, but a little bit in the weekend. I played the Capps forward, they're at Saturday evening currently. It's a busy and fun week I find. :) I also wrote them a little bit, but as almost always, I'm behind there. Shamefully, that Alphabetia picspam is still unposted.

I'm guessing it's this time of the year. It's kaamos time, so just dragging oneself to work and back is enough of a task. Well, in that respect things are getting better little by little, there's a little bit more of light every day. Well, we'll see how next week goes.
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As I suspected, last week was a bit quiet in the simming department. I had a pretty rough week at work and needed to just get my head to relax in the evenings.

But I made it through, and simmed a little bit in the weekend; the Capp family are now at Thursday morning I think, and there was a teen birthday too. I wrote a little bit of them, but admittedly not that much. The previous set of picspam from Alphabetia is still unposted.

This week should be a bit more on the normal side with work, so maybe I'll have a bit more energy this time. But I suppose that remains to be seen.
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Welcome to the first weekly simming of the year!

The first week of 2017 was pretty good for simming matters. I managed to do the things on my to-do from last week: post picspam on the Mendozas as well as write some simming goals for the year.

It was a long weekend, so just in the end of the week I also got some actual playing done. I managed to finish the next Alphabetia household, though the picspam is still unposted. Now this evening I played a little bit of the Capp household in Lakewood, they're at Wednesday morning currently.

So not a bad first week of simming this year I'd say. Next week is supposed to be pretty busy at least work-wise, but maybe in the weekend I could have some time. We'll see.


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